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Making a Blindfold Test


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How do I make a blindfold test using iTunes if all my songs are already properly coded with all the appropriate metadata? Can I strip tracks of their info and then regain the info after making the CD?

Is it best not to use iTunes to make a BFT? I only have a Mac. I thought about assembling an audio file by importing stuff into Audacity but half the stuff I am trying to import to Audacity does not transfer over (common message is something along the lines of 'file not recognized'; try importing as raw data). Then sometimes the data is imported but when I try the track out it whizzes by in 1 or 2 seconds (i.e. speeds up the song ridiculously so that I can't use it). Why is this happening?

Generally how do you all recommend making a BFT with a Mac? What software is best and easiest?


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I know nothing about Macs and Ipods but I can tell you that if you are not careful when burning from Itunes, you can end up with completely different songs than what you intended, and that would really screw up a BFT. I know cuz I was the recipient of a custom made comp in which, despite the best efforts of the compiler, the tunes I wanted off of disc 2 came off of disc 3 and vice versa, and that wasn't what I expected.

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There's software that removes metadata,

but I'll have to get back with you on what it is.

I downloaded it a few months ago, played with it,

then realized that I really didn't have a use for it

and dumped it.

As for Audacity, I can't really get a full grip on

the problem without knowing how your tunes are encoded

in your iTunes library. Maybe you need to do something simple

like take the tunes you want and transfer them to a folder on your desktop first.

It's possible that Audacity doesn't take to tunes directly carried from your iTunes

window or even directly from the Library.

I just now tried it directly from the window into Audacity and that doesn't work.

I don't know what happened in Dan's case,

but it just could've been some kind of easily overlooked human error...

kinda like what Brad's talking about: iTunes only rearranges the song order

if you have some option highlighted (top of the window)

that you didn't mean to have highlighted such as "artist", 'title", "time", etc.

As for the best idea for BFT, I don't know, 'cause I've never had to hide the info.

Maybe something like dragging your tunes over to Toast or Jam may do the trick.

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I just checked an older disc that I burned thru iTunes

and it confirmed what I thought, which is:

If you burn an audio disc with tunes from your iTunes,

yes, you will see what the tunes are but when other folks get it,

they'll just show up as "Track 1", 'Track 2", etc...

You'll see them because the tunes will be in your computer's cache.

If you want other folks to see the tune titles, artists, (and artwork, etc),

then you have to burn the disc as a "data" disc.

...but keep it burned as a standard audio disc (maximum just under 80 minutes)

and the info doesn't get transferred.

On a disc compilation that I made last year

(before I "x"ed out my machine - and thus it's cache),

the tunes are listed as "Track 1", et al.

To be on the safe side...take 3 tunes from iTunes

and burn a disc, then take it over to a friend's house and see

if the titles turn up. I'm thinking that they won't but let us know.

You may not have to get any other kind of fancy software.

Good question. I've wondered whether I should try doing one of these BFTs.

I definitely am interested in someday owning/listening to everyone else's!

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