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Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis


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In addition to those...

(you beat me to the post) :rolleyes:

Battle Stations (the first album they did together)

Blues Up And Down (twofer contains Griff & Lock and Blues Up And Down)

Lookin' At Monk (all Monk compositions)

there's also Tough Tenors Again & Again on MPS (1970) and Tough Tenors Back Again on Storyville (1985?). Plus look for Two Originals by the Clarke/Boland Big Band. I also recommend the Dizzy Gillespie Big 7 at Montreaux (1975).

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are these all the griffin / davis cds on ojc?

tough tenors favorites

live at mintons

tenor scene

tough tenors



This is what Fantasy issued on CD


The Tenor Scene - OJCCD-940 (Prestige 7191)

Battle Stations - OJCCD-1085 (Prestige 7282)

Tough Tenors - OJCCD-1094 (Jazzland 931)

Pisces - OJCCD-1104

Tough Tenor Favorites - OJCCD-1861 (Jazzland 976)

Lookin’ at Monk - OJC-1911 (Jazzland 939)


Blues Up and Down - Milestone MCD-47084 (Jzld 960 + “Griff & Lock” Jzld 942)

Live at Minton's - Prestige PRCD-24206 (all tracks but 1 from PR7309 (which is on OJCCD940), 1 (short) from PR7330 & 1 (long) from PR7357)

I think it's all still available.


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all great (as in great). Buy'em all and love'em forever (and I do mean forever)


When Desert Island Time comes, this is the one I'm taking with me, and unhesitatingly so.


I'm even extracting it out of the OJC tw-fer w/the same cover just to have it all by itself.

Because it is that good.

If "Hey Lock" isn't the greatest recorded example of TenorTandemOrgasm in the history of the this or any other world, then I'm a ring-tailed monkey with the cobbity chop.

And I'm not.

You are so right Jim.

Yesterday I had a tune from Blues Up and Down (the 2fer) going through my head all day. When I got home I clicked through the CD to find out which one it was. Sure enough, it was "Hey Lock."

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Listened to "Live at Minton's" and it is a "fun record".

The things I liked:

# Both tenors are approaching bebop but from different directions. Davis is a bit before and Griffin is a bit after. This contrast is interesting.

# I like when they play together the tunes, their double-voice interaction on arrangements is very original.

The things I didn't like:

# Junior Mance sounds "allright", since I haven't heard a really bad solo for a long time I think that being "allright" is not enough. I nead something special.

# They always solo in the same order and that's boring.

# Wish they did more "trades". Their main interaction is on the tunes, not in improvisations.

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