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Metropolis, restored version on Turner Classic


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Had the chance to see it on the big screen with a live Orchestra playing a new score, quite an experience.

With so many existing scores for this movie, the only thing missing is a jazz edition :)

1975 - The BBC version of Metropolis features an electronic score, composed by William Fitzwater and Hugh Davies.

1984 – Giorgio Moroder restored and produced the 80-minute 1984 re-release, which had a pop soundtrack written by Moroder and performed by Moroder, Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, Jon Anderson, Adam Ant, Cycle V, Loverboy, Billy Squier, and Freddie Mercury.

1991 – The Alloy Orchestra formed to create a new original score to Giorgio Moroder's version of Metropolis.

1994 – Rambo Amadeus, Serbia-based Montenegrin composer. Music was played by Belgrade Philharmonic. The material was released as Metropolis B (Tour de Force).

1995 - Martin Matalon composed a score for 16 instruments and electronics, commissioned and produced by IRCAM. Premiered at Théâtre du Châtelet 30 and 31 May. Over 30 performances worldwide since then.

1998 – Peter Osborne. Synth orchestral / electronic. For JEF/Eureka 139-minute B&W DVD version, released only in UK.[citation needed]

2001 – Jeff Mills. Electronic artist released a new techno score.

2001 – Bernd Schultheis and Sofia's Radio Orchestra. Accompaniment for film festivals in 2001 and shown on German television.[citation needed]

2002 - Art Zoyd, a French avant-garde/electronic band released a new score on CD.

2004 – Abel Korzeniowski - released a 40-minute preview of a new score he composed.

2005 – The New Pollutants (Benjamin Speed and Tyson Hopprich) released Metropolis Rescore. Performed live for festivals since 2005.

2008 - Avant-garde music project Sinfonia Electronique released Music from the Big Machines as an alternate soundtrack to the film.[citation needed]

2009 - London electronic group Serum Electronique. Performing in various south London venues.[citation needed]

2010 - Canadian silent film composer Gabriel Thibaudeau composed a score for a screening of the film at Fantasia Film Festival.[34]


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Don't have cable, so I didn't see this,

but I think that the ultimate version

would be the one with the extra footage

running at 18 fps using the Fitzwater/Davies

soundtrack in 5.1 and released on Blu-Ray.

I made a soundtrack for this in the spring of '76

for a school project, but never released it.

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Given whenit was made wouldn't 18 frames a second be too slow?

Kevin Brownlow suggests that by 1925 most American films were

being filmed at closer to 24 frames a second.

Metropolis is not an American film.

Silent films around this time varied from 16 to 20 fps

and since it's not clear what Lang wished,

there's been some healthy debate on the subject.

My favorite version was screened at 18 fps.

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