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  1. The place we go to regularly has handled the pandemic incredibly well. The county has had a total of only about 1800 cases (pop: 100,000) since the beginning, but it's the whole travel process that you have to go thru - airports if we fly or a long road trip with a stay in-between if we drive - that compounds the uncertainty of it all. You'd like to think that if we just had a solid month of everyone doing the right thing that we could be damn well near over this and we could get back to something almost sane. At this constant rate of utter stupidity that we're living thru, I'm now wondering whether we'll have to cancel all of the arrangements we've made for Big Ears in late March. All we can do is just keep looking at the numbers and monitoring the situation and hope we don't deplete our Greek-letter options. It's been fun number of years, but the reality of our times sets in. Joyce will be always be there at a later time. If you're interested, here's six minutes of a reading (with light electronics) at the bottom of the page.
  2. Like usual, clicking on the cover(s) will give you that info.
  3. Here’s a short comparison for you. Basically, if you want faster speed, then yes a powered one will be the better one, but I think the difference between the two is negligible. That’s why I’m really leaning toward the more portable one these days. That 5TB one sends stuff to our bedroom speaker right now and works great, so… Yes, here we send music all through the house using iTunes and a number of other sources too using all kinds of hard drives of various types at differing times - including having 2 of that exact “My Book” that you have pictured above and the 5TB portable drive I mentioned before. External, portable, and internal (inside and well as outside the machine in a docking station) have existed here, but I’ve been trying to clean that up especially in the last few days (I’m looking at almost 118TB of drives in front of me to sift thru - anyone interested in buying some? 😜). Plus, I use a wonderful unlimited storage service called “Backblaze” that currently holds about 20TB of my stuff now (I got those 2 “My Book”s from them). So, if you are really serious about keeping your cherished music, it’s definitely best to have backups in a couple of separate locations as well as in the cloud and your tunes will be there for you when a drive goes bad (and it’s pretty guaranteed to do so sometime).
  4. Wow. What timing. I think a lot of this is based on such things as how much physical room you have to store drives and how much music you plan on storing, etc. I’ve been in that “consolidating drives” stage for a few days now and I’ve been seriously thinking that if I were to start over, I would be using this 7-port USB hub that I have with this Seagate 5TB portable drive (ca. $100). I’d only have to use one “brick” to plug the hub in and as I fill up each drive, I would just add a new one in sequence. If you’re looking at REAL serious archiving, then maybe we could talk more… 😜 but, again, it’d be nice to know a little more about your plans. Such as: will you be using it with a desktop or a laptop and want it to be portable, etc.
  5. With some from Henry Cow: - Tim Hodgkinson (Keyboards, Clarinet, Alto Sax) - Dagmar Krause (Vocals) - Chris Cutler (Drums) - Lindsey Cooper (Bassoon) - Guy Segers (Bass) - Bill Gilonis (Guitar) - Richard Bolton (Cello) - Dominic Weeks (Xylophone) - Nancy Ruffer (Flute) - Clarissa Melville (Flute) - John Impett (Trumpet)
  6. There's little reason to bring any more albums into this house really and I've mentioned earlier that soon after I met my wife, she bought this Nurse With Wound album: but, I will say that before she retired, she would travel and call me sometimes to tell me who she was seeing perform live that night: The Boredoms, Ivor Cutler, The Balanescu Quartet and others.
  7. When Misha Mengelberg departed in 2017, among the things he left behind was an archive of cassettes and DAT tapes, primarily public performances that had been professionally recorded but never released for one reason or another. We are working to make these recordings public in as complete a manner as possible, with the acknowledgment that we currently know very little about most of their origins outside of whatever cryptic descriptor is written on the cassette case. This one, for example, simply says: "17-18-4-88 berlijn solo", indicating that this music was recorded on the 17th and 18th of April 1988 in Berlin; however, incoming research suggests that the correct year of this recording is actually 1987. Further research is ongoing, more detail to come. In terms of the track labelling/credits, the decision has been made to leave the tracks as unedited improvisations despite Misha's brief or extended explorations of composed pieces within those sets.
  8. Yeah, I think it's just a flexibility thing. OK, Jasper Van 't Hof started it, but then Joachim Kühn continued it and they had mostly German band members and recorded for MPS. I wonder how long the series could last if Stapleton continues like this. The continuous references over the years to that NWW list has always been a bit tiresome methinks. I wonder how much of that is due to Stapleton himself or the chosen laziness of the music press.
  9. Not sure if you're familiar with the original idea of the Nurse With Wound list from 1979, but the first volume of this series featured French bands from that list and this one is of German bands.
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