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Minor Music label

Dan Gould

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I recently acquired a quite nice CD from this European label and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice/recommendations for others.

Specifically, I got a copy of Johnny Griffin Meets Horace Parlan which turned out to be a lovely set of duets in which Griff lays off the 'fastest gun in the west" routine in favor of some wonderfully warm and easy going swing. Great stuff and I hope our European friends can find it easier than I did.

So, I noticed in the liners that they also released a "Pee Wee Ellis Meets Horace Parlan" CD but unfortunately that appears to be OOP. If anyone has this I would definitely be interested in working out a trade of some sort.

But meanwhile, I did learn that they have a few copies of Pee Wee's "Yellin' Blue" but I hesitate a bit. Anyone familiar with this?

Any other Minor Music gems to pursue? The other titles I have are a couple by the group Three of a Kind, one has Stanley Turrentine and the other has Benny Golson as guest. Fine swinging piano trio.


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I found a site that appears to have the Ellis/Parlan CD in stock, but I have no idea how to order it. Can anyone help?




According to the instructions one should hit the button "Bestellen", but (with me) it did not work. I also received the message from my service provider that I am "not allowed to view the page"etc. I believe only habitants from Germany, Austria or Switzerland can order via the website. Sorry!


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I don't know the the Three Of A Kind cd with Turrentine but I used to see one with Golson (I think) in the used racks frequently. What is nice is the Three of A Kind trio disc, Peter Madsen is fine pianist who should be better known.

There some nice things on Minor Music, the odd clunker too.

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That website surprised me. I thought that Minor Music stopped business already a few years ago. Some of the "classics" from the 90's could be found as cut-outs and often turn up in second hand stores in Germany. I haven't seen new releases in shops for a long time. Or maybe I just didn't notice, because the recent albums are by less known artists.

The Inakustik webshop is probably not up-to-date. I can put other CDs in the shopping basket, but not the Ellis/Parlan disc. When clicking "Bestellen" (Order), the shopping basket shows up, but the CD is not added.

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Dan: you can get it from www.amazon.de.

Type "Pee Wee Ellis Horace Parlan" in the field called "Schnellsuche", choose "Pop Musik", hit "Los".

You then will reach the site of the CD directly.

The price of amazon is 17.99 Euro which would be around the same amount of $.

((The other prices you see (Neu ab ... and Gebraucht ab ...) are from sellers (like the ones you find on amazon.com or .co.uk). "Neu" meaning new, "Gebraucht" meaning used - the problem though, is it doesn't show whether those sellers do ship internatinally.))

So if you want to go for sure and get the amazon offer, hit "In den Einkaufswagen",

then "Zur Kasse gehen", which leads you to the page where you have to register

(if you are registered at amazon.com, you enter your email-address and that password. If you are not registered at any amazon-site, you may register at amazon.com for it would be easier, otherwise: if you register at amazon.de, you will receive a "5-Euro-Gutschein", a gift of 5 euro for new clients, which would bring your cd down to a reasonable price)

Then you fill in all the necessary data (or if you are registered, hit "An diese Adresse versenden", and in the end there's something like "Bestellung abschicken" which end the order process ("complete order" on amazon.com). You then, as usual receive an Email that contains your order info, and later an email telling you your order has shipped...

all quite confusing, I admit. Should you have further questions, write me a PM and I'll try to help you!


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Thanks a lot, Ubu, I really appreciate it.

Hopefully the 1-2 week shipping time is right and they do in fact have it or can find it. And hopefully it will be as nice as the Griffin/Parlan duo!

One more question: What would I see in the subject field of the message that it has shipped? I just got the confirmation e-mail but of course I have no idea what it says!

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Dan, it would say something like "Ihre Amazon-Bestellung wurde verschickt" oder "...versandt". And you will always have the order number somewhere. Most probably in the subject field, otherwise in the mail body. If they send you any mail with a different subject, this would most probably mean that they had to order the item from the record label (which would obviously mean you might not get it, alas) or in the better case, that they are delayed. If you got any further questions, feel free to PM me or ask for my Email-Address (I don't feel like post it here), forward me the mail they sent you, and I'll translate it for you.

However let's hope you receive the disc without any further problems!

I'm glad my confusing post was of any help to you! Hope you will receive the disc! (I don't know it myself, but I got the Griffin/Parlan for 6 or 7 bucks last year and I like that one a lot, too!)


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