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What Things Will You Not Like In Your Jazz?


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No to singers

No to trombone solos

No to organs

No to electric pianos

No to drum computers or electronic beats

Well, at least I can agree with you on #5! <_<

5 to me is pretty much absolute.

With 1 through 4 there are exceptions, but I'll be on my guard when buying records I'm unfamiliar with. With regards to 3 and 4 especially the 70s stuff. At least it's not for a lack of trying. :shrug[1]:

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Something I don't like in jazz (or popular music in general) is when a performer plays a few recognisable notes of a hit or a well known song and everyone bursts into applause. Who are they applauding? The performer for choosing that song; or themselves for recognising it within a few notes?

My, that was a grouchy one!

Actually, we're applauding the performer for finally playing something we like.

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