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NBA 2013-2014


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Not sure why LBJ would sign with the Cavs

Looks like Melo will be the Knicks new

Allan Houston


Odiemae Elliott mother of Sean Elliott

Part of the Arizona Basketball foundation

She will be missed in Tucson!!


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Why would LeBron go back to Cavs? I wondered the same thing. Money aside (it may be more or less, IDK), I think it's because he was a god in Cleveland, and not so much in Miami. It's nice to be worshipped and not just applauded. But I think he'll find "You can't go home again."

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you think his return to NE Ohio is following some corporate script??

Maybe not a corporate script, but certainly corporate input. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, with endorsements, stock value, etc. I think that Nike, at the very least, showed LBJ studies on how the public was likely to respond to the decision to go to the Cavs. With the whole "Cramps Game" and the reaction to that, staying in Miami must have seemed like a losing game, that there was no way for LBJ's image to take an upswing, but to go to Cleveland. Now, the narrative for LBJ has been completely changed -- he's "mature" now, and he'll do his darnedest to get plucky Cleveland its championship. The corporate interests behind LeBron have a heavy investment in him, and probably did have a bigger say in the matter than we realize. Hey, I don't begrudge LaBron going back to his home, but I also realize a lot of other interests were involved, and this move does not hurt the "brand" in anyway, not the NBA or LBJ "brand."

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How is Dan Gilbert's petulance, poor plan rewarded with LeBron James?



Yeah, I'm thinking Gilbert didn't do crap for LBJ when he had him, team stunk to high heaven, now he lucks in the first draft pick a couple of times, gets LBJ, stock value soar, season tickets out the wazoo. Speaking on the basketball side, the big question mark will be how David Blatt turns out, he must feel like the luckiest man on earth! Still, the pressure will be on him to put the pieces together.

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