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  1. For the Lakers' fans. Kobe's first full-speed practice. http://www.nba.com/lakers/video/2013/11/19/131119Bryantmov-3046296
  2. Marilyn Monroe Albert Einstein Albert Brooks (aka Albert L. Einstein)
  3. I watched a replay of the call. It was the right call and holding couldn't have been called @ that point because Brady had thrown the ball. "If the quarterback or the receiver of the snap demonstrates no further intention to pass the ball (i.e., hands off or pitches the ball to another player, throws a forward or backward pass, loses possession of the ball by a muff that touches the ground or a fumble, or if he is tackled) the restrictions on the defensive team prohibiting illegal contact, an illegal cut block, or defensive holding against an offensive receiver will end." You know Raiders' fans once again are smiling.
  4. Speaking of Ward. He seems to have completely disappeared.
  5. Ard Rí na hÉireann aka (King of Munster) Fred Gwynne aka (Herman Munster) Joe Pesci (aka the two yutes.)
  6. Once again.....they're doing exactly what they did with Andy Pettitte. The Yankees know he has no real other options @ even the offer they gave him. Jay-Z has screwed the pooch. They will move on once other big names start signing (Levine has even stated it publicly, which they didn't do with Pettitte.)....while @ the same time lowering whatever offer to Cano. "We're not waiting around," Levine said. "If guys start to come off the board, we're going to sign them, which will affect the amount of money we have left for other players including [Cano]." They learned their lesson with Mr. April.
  7. John Kennedy Toole Johnathan Swift Taylor Swift
  8. Not sure what was the point of Cano and Jay-Z meeting with the Mets. They already said they're not signing anyone over $100 million. Seems all the big names are waiting to see what happens with with Mr. April's hearing before signing.
  9. Only got to see it on DVD and I don't understand how it only lasted a season.
  10. This is amazing. You can even change the channels while the song is playing. http://video.bobdylan.com/desktop.html
  11. Love them, but have to agree that it doesn't sound like a good idea.
  12. Yes, it's not completely out there....but it's still damn good....and you're welcome.
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