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2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

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Stanley Cup opponents to be decided today.

Rangers awaiting the winner of Kings/Blackhawks game 7 today.

3rd consecutive 7th game for L.A.

I believe I heard that the 21 games played thus far ties a record for most games played prior to playing for the cup.

NHL game 7's rarely disappoint....

20 years ago [ last time the Rangers skated the cup ] I was out here in Cali preparing to move here and watched them win at a sports bar with many many other NY transplants celebrating.

On the trip home watched the Knicks loose game 7 of the NBA playoffs in an airport awaiting a flight change.

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Lot of fluky stuff going on in that game, with Chicago getting two more bad bounces than the Kings. Definitely a disappointing outcome, but really both teams deserved to move on.

I guess Game 2 is the one that Chicago really did give away, and had they won that one, we would have been looking at a totally different story.

On paper, I would say either the Blackhawks or the Kings should be able to handle the Rangers fairly easily, but both teams looked completely drained by the third period, and I don't know how fast the Kings can bounce back.

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Disappointing [to me] the Rangers couldn't have taken 1 game.

Kings are uncanny in that it absolutely make no difference to them when they get down a couple of goals and keep playing at a high level and come back time after time.

I can't remember another team having this ability so many times in the playoffs.

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They looked like they were playing as badly as the first two games against the Sharks, yet the Rangers couldn't capitalize. I don't see their chances getting any better.

That second game was awesome, though!

Kings the only team in playoff history to win 3 consecutive playoff games down by multiple goals.

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