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  1. The internet is a weird thing. I'm sitting here crying over someone I've never met.
  2. Well, forget a response to that one; you've pushed the wrong button. I'll be on YouTube for a couple hours, listening to the O-Jays, the Chi-lites, the Stylistics and such, after a listen to Everybody Plays the Fool.
  3. Is that who did it? Thanks, Scott; it certainly saves me time and keeps my ignore list nonexistent.
  4. Surely everyone remembers the first time they heard Nabors sing and felt their jaw bounce off the floor. It's the only reason Santa Lucia makes my favorites list
  5. Gerald Scarfe Gerald McBoing-Boing Geraldine Ferraro
  6. The Modern Lovers Roadrunner Wile E. Coyote
  7. Toronto 75. I'm pulling for the Argonauts, but I'll probably get fleeced again.
  8. I just realized that I thought Hillerman and Dabney Coleman were the same person. Oops.
  9. I gave up on the game, but kept the books. But then I have five or six books on aquariums and haven't had one since high school.
  10. Jason Kidd Golden Tate Fleece Witherspoon...
  11. How about when you're at work, you keep things professional? If you wouldn't say it to a male fellow employee, don't say it to a female fellow employee. It doesn't seem that difficult to me. Of course, if your first reaction is to demean the woman for complaining, this might be something new to consider.
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