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BFT 139 Reveal!


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Track 1: Steve Potts "Colonel Buster And Chinese Pede" from the CD "Pearl" (CC, France, 1990) with Richard Galliano, Jean Jacques Avenel, and Bertrand Renaudin.

Many people did not really like this one which surprised me...it's a great and little known CD...I almost picked a different track from this CD written by JJ Avenel but it had too much of a Steve Lacy feel that I thought might give away the players too easily!

Track 2: Carsten Dahl "Space is the place" from the CD "Space is the place" (Storyville, 2012) with Jon Christensen and Arild Andersen. 

This was identified...a great disc with a top notch rhythm section.

Track 3: Lee Konitz "Five , four, and three" from the LP "StereoKonitz" (RCA, 1968) with Enrico Rava, Giovanni Tomasso, Franco D'Andrea, and Gege Munari. 

A beautiful track...chosen just because I really dig it!

Track 4: Sam Rivers "Beatrice" from the CD "Configuration" (Nato, 1996) with Noel Akchote, Tony Hymas, and Paul Rogers.

Again just a beautiful tune and performance...

Track 5: Charlie Mariano "Yagi-Bushi" from the LP "Folk Soul" (Victor, 1967 Japan) with Masabumi Kikuchi, Masahiko Togashi, Sadanori Nakamure, and Masanaga Harada.

An obscure album featuring Mariano with some key Japanese jazz musicians...an oddity..surprised nobody recognized Mariano's tone which I find pretty distinct...

Track 6: Jeff Clyne/Ian Carr quartet "Helen's Clown" from the LP "Springboard" (polydor, 1969 - recorded 1966) with John Stevens and Trevor Watts.

This was identified as well...a fantastic session that needs to be reissued!

Track 7: Akira Miyazawa "Ayu" from the LP "Bulltrout" (Victor, Japan 1969) with Masahiko Sato, Masahiko Togashi, and Yasuo Arakawa

Nobody got this one...this is an incredible album...chosen as a plug to hopefully turn more people onto his music.  Two other albums released by him around the same era are also well worth hearing - "Four Units" and "Kiso".

Track 8: Masabumi Kikuchi "Admire, but detest" from the LP "End for the beginning" (Phillips, Japan 1973) with Yoshio Suzuki, Hiroshi Murakami, Kohsuke Mine, and Hideo Miyata.

I'm a huge fan of Kikuchi's early albums...this was identified...

Track 9: Max Nagl "Mercedes" from the CD "Strichcode" (Rude Noises, 2001) with Patrice Heral, Achim Tang, Josef Novotny, and Joanna Lewis.

An obscure CD from this player I used to(and still do) enjoy..interesting variety of sounds on this disc...I believe nobody identified this.

Track 10: Annette Peacock & Paul Bley "Gargantuan encounter" from the LP "Dual Unity" (Freedom, 1972 - recorded 1970) with Han Bennink.

Chosen just to shake things up a bit and get out some of my avant garde-ness into the BFT :)  Bennink plays acoustic drums..so not completely electronic!

Track 11: Michel Portal "En el campo" from the LP "Dejarme Solo" (Cy, France 1979)

A beautiful solo album by one of my favorite European players...I like the energy

Track 12: Kiyoshi Sugimoto "D-51" from the LP "Country Dream" (Takt, Japan 1970) with Yoshio Ikeda, Motohiko Hino, and Hiromasa Suzuki.

Nobody got this one...a killer track from a very solid debut album...worth seeking out!  As some people may know I'm a big fan of Japanese jazz for many years now...

Track 13: Sun Ra "New Horizons" from the LP "We Travel the spaceways" (Saturn, 1966) with Marshall Allen, Pat Patrick, Ronnie Boykins, John Gilmore, Julian Priester, Phil Cohran, Edward Skinner, Robert Barry, Arthur Hoyle, and Walter Strickland.

One of my favorite early Ra tunes...and I love this performance of it..especially the bass line near the end..great atmosphere!

Track 14: Dave Douglas/Louis Sclavis 4tet "Blinks" from the CD "Bow River Falls" (Premonition, 2004) with Peggy Lee and Dylan Van Der Schyff.

I didn't include any Steve Lacy on this BFT and he is one of my favorites..so I put one of his compositions performed by other people instead!  This was identified...

Track 15: Tony Scott "Burungkaka Tua" from the LP "Djanger Bali" (Saba, Germany 1967) with Yopi Chen, Bubi Chen, Marjono, Benny Mustafa, and Jack Lesmana aka the Indonesion All Stars.

I really love this album and this track is one of many highlights...a special vibe here.

Track 16: George Otsuka "jumpin cats" from the LP "Sea Breeze" (Union, Japan 1971) with Takao Uematsu, Shunzo Ohno, Hideo Ichikawa, and Takashi Mizuhashi.

Nobody got this one either...an obscure but fantastic album by this key Japanese jazz drummer...I love the rhodes on this track!  All the players involved have released albums under their own names as well so it's a bit of an all star band as far as Japanese jazz goes...it's been reissued on CD I believe.


Anyway thanks for checking it out!

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Yes. thanks so much.  A lot of really good music by a lot of totally unfamiliar (to me) names.  Also reinforces my already held beliefs when I see that all of the ones I identified as liking a lot in the BFT turn out to have been recorded between 1966-1973.  I'm off to find me some Masabumi Kikuchi CD's!

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2 hours ago, felser said:

Yes. thanks so much.  A lot of really good music by a lot of totally unfamiliar (to me) names.  Also reinforces my already held beliefs when I see that all of the ones I identified as liking a lot in the BFT turn out to have been recorded between 1966-1973.  I'm off to find me some Masabumi Kikuchi CD's!

CDJapan have a seemingly good and reasonably priced selection. I ordered three recently as I'm in the midst of the same process of discovery

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34 minutes ago, Homefromtheforest said:

I'd recommend any of the label bleu CDs that Portal released; if you are receptive to more "free jazz" style then check out the 70s output.

For Nagl I think "strichcode" is one of his best..there's a good CD on the November label too by pretty much the same band!

Thanks and I am totally receptive to "free jazz" style.

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