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I've put together a list of biographies, historical overviews, and interview/essay collections for the Night Lights site (there's also a list at the bottom of some Night Lights shows that focus on women in jazz).  Suggestions for additions welcome:

Women In Jazz: A Bibliography


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I find Sherrie Tucker's "Swing Shift" an exceedingly mixed bag. Though the subject matter is very interesting (and I still don't regret buying the book, though mainly for want of something more readable throughout on exactly this subject), this is one of those books where the author clearly has an agenda and goes out of his (her, in this case ;)) way to make the narative and the facts fit that agenda. Ho hum ... (and yes, all those "second wave feminist" references in there do get on this reader's nerves - and no, I was NOT influenced by Chris Albertson's opinion on that book in writing this! :lol:)


As for additions, there also was a biography of Billie Holiday by Burnett James (called just that - "Billie Holiday", though I have no other info on the English-language edition(s) - my copy is a French translation and publication by Garancière (Paris) from the 80s .


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Some more (I think):

Chan Parker - My Life In E-flat  ISBN 1-57003-245-9

Lorraine Gordon as told to Barry Singer - Alive At The Village Vanguard - My Life In And Out Of Jazz Time  ISBN 978-0-634-07399-1

Sue Graham Mingus - Tonight At Noon - A Love Story  ISBN 0-375-42115-7

Flora Purim & Edward Bunker - Freedom Song The Story of Flora Purim  ISBN 0-425-05455-1

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