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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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A pretty good movie.  I only checked it out because of my recent interest in Harry Belafonte, but I'm glad I did.  Sidney Poitier plays Buck, a wagon master who specializes in leading groups of freed slaves who are headed out West.  Cameron Mitchell leads a team of "labor recruiters" who tries (by violent means) to get these groups to return from whence they came.  Harry Belafonte is an itinerant pseduo-preacher who at first is an antagonist of Buck, but they come to realize they have a common enemy.   A good, solid Western movie making use of some themes not exactly common to Westerns.

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2 hours ago, kinuta said:

Chico And Rita - Tono Errando (2010)


Wonderful, seductive animation for adults with an absolute killer soundtrack and cartoon cameos by Bird, Dizzy, Monk and Woody Herman.

The piano scene with Bud Powell's Celia is brilliant.

A must see.

Yes, a winner! :tup

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2 hours ago, Morganized said:

I wanted to see that one but it didn't stick around long enough. Missed it. Did you enjoy it?

I'd like to hear Alice Waters' side of the story.

His decision to try to revive Tavern On The Green seemed ill advised.

Back in the day we liked both Stars & Chez Panisse.

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On 2017/5/17 at 1:14 AM, BillF said:


Certainly worth seeing.

Great looking widescreen B&W with scenes switching to colour ala A Matter Of Life & Death.

The acting by the whole cast was very good, especialy Paula Beer, who I'd never heard of.

It didn't engage with me as much as some of his other films have, but it's definitely worth watching.

I'd put it in the admire more than love camp, wth extra points for the poetic,enigmatic ending.

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