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Yeah, I haven't seen a lot of movement lately.  What can I do to offer some intrigue, or to sex it up a little?  #1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 have been identified; well done, gents!  I think you'll never know about #2.  This was an atypical venue for the singer of #5.  Ernest Ranglin was ID'd as one of the guitarists on #7, but the other 2?  Hmmm...  #8 is just chillin.'  As for #10, this was definitely an atypical outing for the leader (though perhaps straight-ahead jazz just didn't pay as much as his usual gig).  As for #11, ask Chuck Nessa!  #13 is one of those Detroit guys, #14 had a short career (or a career cut short), #15...well, someone here knew who that was!  And the pianist on #16 perhaps shouldn't quit his day job.

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I have some of these albums so with about two weeks of playing a lot of albums, I have come up a few more of them.

I just knew that I had #16 in my collection. It is "Woogie Boogie" from Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" album. That is quite a twist for a Blindfold Test. I love the idea of choosing this and fooling almost everyone.


#15, In A Little Spanish Town, with vocalists. This is Yusef Lateef from his album "The Doctor Is in....And Out." I have quite a stack of Lateef CDs and had not played them in a while. Time to remedy that now!


14.  I knew that I knew the song title, and finally it came to me--"Tammy". I must admit that I cheated on Google, looking for guitar versions, and came up with Hank Garland. Again, an inspired choice for a BFT!


10.  Your comment about jazz not being his usual gig makes me wonder if this is more of a blues or soul player--either Maceo Parker or King Curtis?

5.  This is Phyllis Hyman. I finally recognized her voice. I have her on a few albums, and a friend of mine in the 1980s really loved her singing and played her albums often for me.


So in reverse order, those are a few guesses. The rest are still stumping me completely, but it is all very enjoyable, intriguing music to me. I share Thom Keith's thoughts that I want to know who is on #4 as I will have to get the album if #4 is representative of the entire album.

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Thanks for the comments, Hot Ptah.  You nailed 'em!  #10 is indeed King Curtis, from his New Jazz album "The New Scene of King Curtis."  Phyllis Hyman did have a lovely voice; this is from the original cast album of "Sophisticated Ladies."  As for #4, if you can't wait for the big reveal (in less than a week!), hgweber identified it already, though not with the album title.

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