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BFT Presenter Needed for September, 2017

Hot Ptah

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Here is the list of Blindfold Test presenters for 2017. We do not have anyone for the September, 2017, Blindfold Test, and need a volunteer.

If you have not presented a Blindfold Test before, and think that you may be interested, I will help you with the logistics of how it is done. Thom Keith will prepare your music for download and streaming by the group. Thom is easy to work with and is very helpful.

I hope that someone steps forward so that we can continue our unbroken streak of presenting Blindfold Tests for over thirteen years!




January                Jo Keith

February              Dan Gould

March                   Hot Ptah

April                      Mary6170

May                     Hardbopjazz

June                    mjzee

July                     Thom Keith

August                 randyhersom

September           medjuck

October               JSngry

November           The Magnificent Goldberg

December           Felser

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1 hour ago, JSngry said:

I don't think I'm going to have time this month to get one together for October, . Anybody want to cover?

Well I had offered to handle this month before Joe popped his BFT cherry and am slotted for January 2018. So if you'd like to take that spot I am sure I could finalize mine in short order.

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