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Need June Blindfold Test Presenter

Hot Ptah

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41 minutes ago, mjzee said:

I'll be happy to do it.  I just need a primer on submitting tracks.  Last year my tracks had metadata (I thought they didn't), and Thom got upset because he then couldn't participate. I don't want that to happen again.

I rip the tracks and move them into a folder in Windows Media Player, then rename the metadata fields in there (just trying to blank them out doesn't always seem to work), then burn the CD-R to send to Thom.  Others may have a better approach.

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38 minutes ago, Hot Ptah said:

mjzee, You can present a BFT in another month. Thom has found a new Blindfold Test presenter who has already sent a June BFT to Thom. I will check our schedule and get back to you, mjzee. 


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