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R.I.P. Sue Mingus.


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1 hour ago, Gheorghe said:

From Tyrol ? Hope it´s a vacation, or did you move back ? 

Different Concert......might be worth listening, though I wouldn´t buy it, if I bought all them different concerts and venues where Mingus played with Dolphy and Byard 1964, I´d have to eat "Grammeln" (kennst den Spruch von anno dazumal: "5 Schilling für die Schrammeln, und morgen ess´ ma Grammeln":lol:) ......

Now living @ both locations .... me not a completist anymore, but this one is worth owning (probably even stronger than the other Paris 1964 concert) .... btw I do like both Grammeln and Schrammeln - from time to time 😇 ....

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On 9/29/2022 at 7:05 AM, Ken Dryden said:

Gerry Mulligan felt the same way, even about the Mosaic box which restored Dick Bock’s edits to his Pacific Jazz recordings. Artists now know that if you don’t want alternates, false starts and breakdowns issued, have them destroyed once an album has been completed and released. Though sometimes the master take selection seems a bit arbitrary and a case can be made that another take is just as good, if not superior to a master take.

I think although some alternates and outtakes can be worthwhile, when I review Blue Train The Complete Masters soon for example, not all of that is necessary. Though with that, I like Take 7 quite a lot.

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It may be interesting to listen to complete sessions once, but the false starts, breakdowns and incomplete tracks get old after that. Too bad that Columbia didn't save the Dave Brubeck/Eugene Wright duet which Joe Morello ruined by walking into the studio and asking "What are you doing?," causing a breakdown amidst much laughter.


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