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Put a fork in it (BFT224 reveal)


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Not much of a reveal as almost all of these were guessed! But here they are in one convenient list. 

Thanks to all who participated and shared your thoughts! 


1. Kahil El'zabar Ritual Trio w/ Pharoah Sanders - Miles' Mode


I just had to put some Pharoah in this one. 


2. Ron Carter - Rufus


A long-time favorite of mine. Definitely an unusual front line on this one, as some noted. 


3. Eddie Harris - The River Nile


Love this track! Though sadly the rest of the album is not in a similar vein except for one other. 


4. Buster Williams - Pinnacle


This album doesn't seem to get much attention but I think it's great. Buster grooves hard and I love the 70s vocal ensemble bits throughout. 


5. Onaje Allan Gumbs - Waiting… In Love


One of only two tracks nobody guessed! Some of you probably know Onaje from many Muse and Strata East sessions (including the track above). This solo piano record was a recent discovery for me. 


6. Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Three Deuces


This was easy for many of you but believe it or not I've only gotten into Lockjaw pretty recently. This track is a burner for sure. 


7. New Air w/ Cassandra Wilson - Side Step


I just love the way this track evolves. And Wilson's vocals are fantastic. 


8. Vic Feldman - Evening in Paris


This is here because of Harold Land! Not to slight the rest of the band, who are in top form. 


9. Piano Choir - A Whole New World


Was hard to pick one from this, but I went with the Disney tune. The whole disc is excellent. Not an easy one to find now, but let me know if you want to hear it. 


10. Kip Hanrahan - Shadow Song


Again, this entire record is outstanding and I highly recommend it. Unreal lineup too. 


11. Anthony Davis/Jay Hoggard - The Clothed Woman


Magical playing from this duo. 


12. Django Bates - Discovering Metal


Bates is kind of a wizard…a brilliant composer and performer IMHO. And the sense of humor is most definitely intentional. Check out his version of New York, New York, if you dare… https://youtu.be/N19rEz26Ufw


13. Shadow Vignettes - Quiet Resolution


I can't come up with words to do this one justice. So I'll just say: Ed Wilkerson, Rita Warford, and Light Henry Huff! 


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I have that Onaje Allan Gumbs solo CD, and concur that it is really good, as is that Ritual Trio with Pharoah Sanders (really, anything by The Ritual Trio is pretty awesome).  I sure wish that Piano Choir recording was commercially available.  

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