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A Study of Jazz, Book & Record Combo, Paul Tanner & Maurice Gerow

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When I was teaching myself about jazz in middle & high school, my brother gave me this book, A Study of Jazz by Paul Tanner & Maurice Gerow.  It came with a 7" 33 1/3 record.  

I somehow managed to hold on to the record - I was going through 45s and it was in one of the (highly disorganized) cases.  

The book is long gone.  In googling the book, I remembered that I had the version with an orange cover with a profile pic of Miles.  It was apparently the third edition from the late 1970s.  No idea if the book was updated between editions.  I would imagine it would have stayed true to the examples on the record.

Wondering if anyone else had this book & record combo, and if you have any memories of it.  I remember going through the book and playing various examples, but I don't remember much about the record.

I also wonder if this is the same Paul Tanner who invented the electro-theremin.

I plan to spin the record this weekend to see if I have learned anything over the past 45 or so years.

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So, I am listening to the record tonight. Side 1 features a blues played in a few different styles, including dixie, by a small jazz combo.

Side, 2, more of the same. They are now finally getting into the swing era.

OK, now we are getting into bebop.

Now, some cool, with flute playing blues in a slower tempo.

Now, some Horace Silver funk/hard bop.

Overall, nothing too earth-shattering.  Anyone into jazz enough to want this book in the first place would probably have known about most of this stuff already.

Still, I'm glad I held onto the record.






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