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Your favourite salsa records


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9 hours ago, david weiss said:

Thanks for this one. I played with Ray De La Paz for a few years with his own band and with Louie Ramirez and I was not familiar with this one. It's killing.

This has been a fun thread to read. When I first moved back to New York, I cut my teeth on the thriving New York salsa scene in the early '90s and got to play with some of the best bands in New York, many of whom I see represented here. 

Here is one from Ray De La Paz from the time period when I played in the band.


If someone can teach me how to post link from you tube so you can play them here, I'd appreciate it. 


Great you're enjoying this thread and the music.

The links you've embedded works fine.

Would be interested and appreciate to hear more abour specific memories (musicians, groups) of your's reg the Salsa scene in the early 90's .... I believe from the mid/late 80's onward this genre's industry changed and classic Salsa had to take a backseat ....

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Roman Y Su Conjunto Nabori „Roman Y Su Conjunto Nabori“ (Guajiro Records) 1981 …. this platter stand for the waning "golden years" of Salsa aka very high standard but nevertheless a "one off" release .... recommended ....

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Willie Rosario "Llueve" (Top Hits) 1979 .... Willie Rosario always had a knack for top singers and Junior Toledo is no exception to the rule .... highlight here the long middle section where the horns sit out and Toledo and coro ride the percussion/cowbell rhythm .... superb ....

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1 hour ago, Rabshakeh said:

Would you class this as salsa?

It's a crossover of Jazz/Latin with Salsa influences (potentially Kip Hanrahan got the one or other inspiration here 👹 ....) .... from time to time I feature tracks here not part of the classic "Salsa" segment, but showcasing musicians from the genre extensively ....

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Willie Rosario "El Flamboyán" (Top Hits) 1980 .... Willie Rosario and the golden hand for top singers .... from an LP with Bobby Concepcion and Tony Vega (like here) sharing lead vocal duties .... what a treat ....

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