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  1. Just noticed this. I don't frequent organissimo often. Here is a review and photos of the concert. Review by writer Jay Hunter. Pics by yours truly. One of the last musical events I covered before the COVID 19 shut everything down. Hope you like it.
  2. Does anyone know what has happened to the Blue Note Review series?
  3. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    That would be great. But I doubt it is under consideration as this is indeed a limited market that is a niche that Mosaic occupied. It is not Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Blood/Sweat/Tears or Bruce Springsteen where they would have a huge market ( they have released box sets of them all)
  4. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    I second that topic. I was a college student in the late 70s, they helped me get into jazz. Don Sebesky and Bob James arrangements were kind of schmaltzy yet tasty. I just listened to Grover Washington's Soul Box Vol1 and 2 for the first time in other 10 years. I forgot how great this set was. Don Sebesky's Giant Box is another great 2 album set. I am still blown away by the mash up of Birds of Fire/Firebird. Other than the music, those Pete Turner covers are great art and represented a important departiure from the Blue Note style of primarily using the musicians as part of the cover art. I am a landscape photographer and a live music photographer so I appreciate both types of photos.
  5. LP shelving - dividers. Advice/thoughts?

    Are you going to move sometime in the future and want to move them easily. Here is a modular solution. I am not in anyway affiliated with Tony. Just a customer who has bought from him repeatedly over 10 years:
  7. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    Thanks for your analysis. Unfortunately, it will be costing me some $$$$. LOL.
  8. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Schitt Audio Magni 3 headphone amp $99.
  9. Reduced to $200 shipping included, USA. Reduced to $150 shipping included, USA.
  10. Original 1998 Limited Edition Box Set Sealed and unopened. 10 45s. 20 songs including: Stone Free Hey Joe Up From the Skys Gypsy Eyes Voodoo Child ( Slight Return) Room Full of Mirrors The Wind Cries Mary Fire Little Wind Spanish Castle Magic Purple Haze Foxy Lady All Along the Watchtower Long Hot Summer Night Crosstown Traffic If 6 was 9 Rainy Day, Dream Away Still Raining, Still Dreaming Freedom Angel Only 10000 pressed. Serial #2136. $225plus $10 shipping to USA only. Paypal, postal money order or personal check ( after clearing). 100% positive feedback on Audiogon as upstateaudio
  11. Reduced to $200 shipping included, USA.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Afro Blue Impressions- John Coltrane
  13. Gene Ludwig
  14. DAC Recommendations

    It enables me to have my computer in another location away from my stereo. I'm using my squeezeboxes wirelessly in 2 rooms. Only 1 of them has the external DAC. The Squeezebox is acting as a transport. It is receiving the digital music from my network, then this music is being sent to my DAC using a Coax cable. The DAC is converting the digital signal to music I send the music to my amp and speakers via analog interconnects. The analog output of the Squeezebox is turned off. This is analogous to those that use their CD player as a transport and send the digital info to an external DAC to be processed,
  15. DAC Recommendations

    Yes. It does sound better than than the internal DAC. The sound is more natural and not as sharp with the Musiland. It seems to almost sound analog. However, it still does not sound as good as my Classe CDP 1.5 player.
  16. DAC Recommendations

    These guys have some nice DACs: Obad Imports I'm not affiliated and have never ordered anything from them. EDIT: Forgot to mention that you will probably need a DAC with USB input capability. Most DACs do not but your choices are expanding rapidly. I just bought a Musiland MD10 DAC 2 weeks ago. I am using it via a coax cable connected to my Squeezebox. It has USB capability. I ordered it from So far I am very pleased with the sound. It looks cool too!!!! There is a review on it in the latest issue of Affordable Audio at, For $300 it can't be beat.
  17. New stylus / cartridge for my rega planar 3

    In the States, the Dynavector is the cart that is usually mentioned when the P3 is mentioned. I love mine!!!!!
  18. Record cleaning machines

    IMHO, a record cleaning machine is the most effective upgrade for those who love their vinyl. Audio Advisor sells a budget model made by Nitty Gritty on their website. If you are on a real tight budget there is a vacuum machine made by nitty gritty but sold by KAB that you supply the vacuum cleaner
  19. in the wall speakers

    Obviously in wall speakers disappear into the room, making it easier to decorate. However, installation is not as easy as bookshelf speakers where anyone can run wires outside of the wall. Value per $, is not as easily obtainable if you take this into account. She could look into even smaller monitors. Totem Mites or Dreamcatchers are extremely small though more expensive than EPOs and she might like their furniture like finish. They also sound nice!!!! Just my $.02.
  20. Intregrated Amp, Speaker Recommendations

    I think the you will enjoy the 20s. The studio series are so much more refined than the Monitor series. IMHO, the monitors are best as economy speakers for home theater.
  21. Decent CD player for abour 2K

    How about checking out the Arcam line?
  22. need recommendation for bookshelf speakers

    Totem Rainmakers @$950 are also great for jazz.
  23. need recommendation for bookshelf speakers

    Onix XL-S speakers are getting raves all over. Less than $300/pair. I am trying to justify buying a pair myself.
  24. speakers for arcam solo

    How about used Totem Arros. New are ~$1100.
  25. Mission M35i speakers

    ← Try these also: