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  1. CD sounds fine to me. I wouldn't rule out a needle-drop (maybe the CD sound lacks a bit of "imaging", whatever that might be), but if so it wasn't a botched one.
  2. Today, music/spoken word concert w. Joe McPhee (voice, ts), Fred Lonborg-Holm (cello), Michael Bisio (bass), Juma Sultan (perc). Excellent event but not much over an hour long. McPhee's poetry was quite good. He didn't play as much tenor as one might have expected.
  3. This is borderline jazz at most (some boogie-woogie content), but I'm a big Robert Ashley fan so:
  4. I didn't recognize (or recall?) the name GG Allin. Googled. Yikes. Should have let ignorance be bliss.
  5. T.D.

    Paul Bley

    Wow, awesome disclosure / discovery. I have no idea about the legal aspects of mining the audio reels. Starting with: Who is (are) the legal owner(s)? I'd expect Bley's heirs owned them for some time. But maybe Archives Canada owns them now? Mystery to me, but I'm sure the details can be worked out.
  6. Thanks. Useful information. I'd read somewhere on the Internet that the B.free people acquired the festival tapes legitimately, but wasn't sure the info was reliable. The Burg Altena and the second (76-77) Balver Höhle sets have been on my wish list for a long time (and I wouldn't mind hearing the others). Prices have gone up a lot recently, perhaps due to the parent company being liquidated.
  7. Exactly my experience. I bought the very same set...other festival boxes are attractive but I've been put off by the authorization thing. I also have a CD of Marion Brown "Five Improvisations" on the label, so that's 3 B.Free releases I'm not so proud of owning. 😶
  8. Yeah, I'm way late on the first two, but there are so many good reissues these days it's difficult to keep up.
  9. This is definitely very good and ticks all the boxes for me. The long selection Variation of III, written by Reggie Workman, didn't click on the first couple of listens, but now I like it too.
  10. Having read Joseph Jarman's book published by Blank Forms, I should have mentioned him... Going to see Joe McPhee in a spoken word concert this weekend, but don't know what is on the program.
  11. Haven't heard that, but it's probably very good because I have an excellent B.Free (is that a pirate label?) CD which has live versions of most of the tunes:
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