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  1. An excellent set I very much enjoy, but inexplicably have not listened to in years. Finally pulled it off the shelf.
  2. I'm digging this. Not 100% into the vocals (though I do have a weakness for spoken word pieces), but that's the only slight demerit. Jordan's playing is great, and I really like the instrumentation (e.g. cello, 2 basses, bass clarinet, Stanley Cowell,...) and arrangements by Bill Lee. Considering how much I enjoy Lee's (via Descendants of Mike and Phoebe) A Spirit Speaks, this is a must-buy.
  3. I've bought several Mapleshade CDs over the years. All but Walter Davis Jr.'s In Walked Thelonious (which I recommend) were forgettable, but none of the forgettable titles appear on the website. Current Mapleshade inventory on the website includes some pretty interesting titles (Raphe Malik for one), looks like a 3-CD order could easily be cobbled together to qualify for the 30% off.
  4. I suppose one could do an A/B comparison: Release an album on Bandcamp + streaming sites and another solely on Bandcamp, and then compare the revenues to artist. But the results could be confounded with "quality of the album", whether it got reviewed by major media sites, etc. So a larger statistical study would be required. Mind you, I don't believe this is actually happening. 😄
  5. The musical / performance merit of that latest recording was the subject of a minor brouhaha on this forum, but I didn't participate and am too lazy to search for it. Interesting decision about bandcamp. Even I've been able to detect a trend away from physical CD releases, so skipping that is no surprise...😄 Passing on the streaming sites is an interesting call. I'm not a musician and don't know about the economics of streaming, but streaming per se doesn't appear very profitable for artists. Perhaps it becomes more attractive if you accept the argument that streaming exposure can result in purchase of downloads (or even physical recordings)?
  6. RIP, big respect. A Spirit Speaks by The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe is a brilliant album IMO. Personal favorite.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. Puzzled the heck out of me...Jim seemingly replying to his own post using Larry's language. 🤔
  8. Truth be told, I bought the 2-CD Mike Osborne Cadillac release on a whim...it seemed too good to pass up given I was already putting together an order from DG. I really enjoy his playing, have just 2 discs with him as leader (one on Turtle* and one on Ogun), but several as sideman (mostly with Chris McGregor and Mike Westbrook). *in this excellent and inexpensive set
  9. Congratulations, good work. I've seen Matthew Shipp play a few times in recent years. Last time (August 2022, Kingston) I noticed you speaking with Matthew after the concert. Didn't know the book was forthcoming.
  10. That's for the forthcoming $200 vinyl package. 😉
  11. Not sure if Anthony Braxton's diagrams / graphic scores qualify.
  12. I've often seen Marion Brown referred to as a "visual artist" among other things, but never saw any examples of his work. Courtesy of Google, I found one image: http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2018/02/a-painter-named-marion-brown.html A comment there says "A number of his paintings & drawings (& poetry too) can be seen in the book "Recollections" by Marion Brown (Jas Publikationen 1984)", but I can't verify. Maybe MB did some of his own album covers? I didn't think so, but will have to check.
  13. They had a relationship for a while iirc. That was back in the days (late '70s) when I still paid attention to such media stories. [I gradually lost touch with "popular culture", mainly via not watching television.]
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