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  1. Steroids Hearing

    I think Clemens is guilty as he is fat. I also think Canseco's original numbers are probably the closest to accurate we've seen yet. They just need to smarten up, put in a zero-tolerance policy, and make it go away. In the meantime, Congress has some much more important issues (besides this and "spy-gate") they should be dealing with.
  2. Sexiest album covers

    Miles' covers featuring Francis (Someday My Prince, ESP) always did it for me. She was incredible!
  3. David Murray

    I understand... Jim. Sorry, I was showing Being There to my film class today and I'm in a quote rut.
  4. How do you pronounce.........

    Thanks. I did some searching and found an article where Dennis Gonzalez was discussing Johnny, so I e-mailed him and asked him. He says: So, another one solved. Also, I noticed on the WWUH website that they say Charlie COAL hace... to the best of my knowledge, it's COAL haze.
  5. David Murray

    JSngry, really enjoyed your long post, man. You really nailed it. I've seen David a number of times between 1985 and 2005, including the show in Boston where he first presented PAUL GONZALVES, and I've never been disappointed. I can understand why some don't get it, but man, reading your post was like reading my own mind. Thanks for saying it better than I could have.
  6. How do you pronounce.........

    No takers on Johnny Dyani, eh? I recall reading somewhere (damned if I can remember where) that the Dy makes a J sound, something akin to Johnny Jah knee This sound right, or am I high?