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  1. Love the one in Barnstaple. Looks like the owner never leaves the shop. Or perhaps he can't actually get out.
  2. NDR Jazz Workshop Discography/archive?

    I've been doing some research on the NDR Jazz Workshops and came across this archive which might be useful : http://web.archive.org/web/20060303055049/http://www.uni-duisburg.de/AVMZ/frohne/discos/hamburg.htm
  3. Just picked up on this thread and would echo the praise for these sets. There is also a 'Volume 4' which was compiled for the Mojo magazine cover CD. Equal in quality to the previous volumes IMO.
  4. Happy Birthday Jazzjet!

    Thanks, Sidewinder ( and everyone else who sent birthday wishes ).
  5. In case this has escaped the more eagle-eyed, the excellent Electric Jive blog has been posting regular private recordings made by Ian Bruce Huntley in South Africa in the early 60s to early 70s. Among a whole series of fascinating and historic recordings are several rarities by Chris McGregor and The Blue Notes. For example, a June 1964 Cape Town recording of the band before they left for a life in exile and a recording live at the Blue Note in Geneva in 1965. Check these recordings here : http://electricjive....=chris mcgregor
  6. Spot on ! I thought he looked familiar - I'm sure I've come across him at Mole and yes, he was manic ! I saw him at Tower once and his technique didn't quite translate to CDs! He looked very grumpy.
  7. Yes, Ray used to sell jazz from a tiny basement in Collets when it was in New Oxford Street. The ground floor was the Folk/Blues department (more a large room, actually) and there was always a running battle between the two departments about who was playing "their" music too loudly. When Collets closed the New Oxford Street shop in the early 1970s, they opened up a new book shop in Charing X Road which had the folk department in the basement. The jazz department under Ray Smith moved to the shop in Shaftesbury Avenue with blues being sold from the basement. I remember a rather imposing woman with long blonde ( or gray ) hair who ran the Folk department in Collets. I think her name was Jill Cook. Wonderful link. Thanks very much. The short guy with ginger beard and glasses pictured with Ray at the foot of the page could often be found in London jazz shops flicking through the LPs at a supersonic rate.
  8. Brit jazz archival treasure trove!

    Listened to the CD today. Some fascinating material. The Osborne - Surman Quartet from 1966 is excellent and brings back great memories of the Westbrook sextet. The Henry Lowther - Lyn Dobson Quintet is also great and shows Lowther in excellent form even back in 1964. The liner notes mention 'Simply Not Cricket : A British Jazz Discography' by Philippe Renaud. Has anyone read this? Volume 1 ( 1964-1994 ) is on special offer with Volume 2 ( 1995 - 2000 ) from Jazzscript, although still not exactly cheap.
  9. Brit jazz archival treasure trove!

    The CD is available from Amazon at just £10.02 - a real bargain. My copy arrives tomorrow so can't wait to listen.
  10. John Kendall's basement was probably responsible for most of the respiratory ailments among the London jazz record buying public. Damp and dank - not exactly prime conditions for rare vinyl either.
  11. I have never seen that wonderful picture of Dobells in colour before, but I have seen it in b&w. The picture I was thinking of was actually a different one ... My abiding memory of Dobell's was the listening booths which had turntables which could have featured in The Flintstones. The arms were really heavy and could inflict untold damage on an LP which was, of course, put back in the rack to be sold later to some unsuspecting sap.
  12. Yes, when I first moved to London, at the end of 1958, that shop was my local record shop. A fabulous Bauhaus place. MG And not forgetting Imhof's in New Oxford Street that was similarly futurist in design. I think it's a Boots store nowadays. More on Dobell's ( with a great photo of the carrier bag ) from music journalist David Hepworth : http://whatsheonaboutnow.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/twenty-quid-will-get-you-last-great.html
  13. British jazz reissues

    Someone has uploaded over 450 John Peel shows from 1967 to just before his death. Among them is this show which features, among others, John Martyn with Harold McNair : John Peel Nightride ( PS The show is downloadable, although audio quality is adequate only. )
  14. 2012 Olympics

    It was Cameron that made the derogatory comments about 'Indian Dancing'. I'd like to think that whoever inserted the Indian Dancing scene into Eric Idles' performance of 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life' had Cameron's comment in mind.
  15. 2012 Olympics

    Somehow, a lot of the ceremony reminded me of Rob Young's 'Electric Eden' book brought to life, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
  16. RIP Lol Coxhill

    Shocking! I'll have you know that Chris Barber was born in Welwyn Garden City.
  17. Vocalion

    Yes it is me - thank you - but for my "day job" not for jazz-related activities. The 'Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe' article was written with some emotion because I really do feel that this particular gem (along with "Hum Dono") should have been reissued long ago. I just can't wait to discover what Vocalion will be reissuing in their next batch! Just picked this up. Many congratulations, Roger.
  18. Extraordinary story of a lost composer

    The rest of the story...which is remarkable... can be found here: http://www.emidy.com/ None of his compositions survive. I'd never heard of him until reading the chapter in this book from which the quote above is taken: Thanks, Bev. New story to me - and I live here.
  19. British jazz reissues

    More about this album here, complete with audio samples : Giles Farnaby's Dream Band The track 'Newcastle Brown' was apparently issued as a single.
  20. How's the Weather

    I was planning on driving down out West to see Mike Westbrook's big band this afternoon - however the predicted weather for the whole area looks abysmal and the drive would be an ordeal. What a shame ! Good job there's a hosepipe ban. Weather down here in Cornwall is appalling - tree down outside the house and they could hold the Olympics sailing event on our lawn at the moment. Still, we can always head out for a hot pasty. Oh, hang on....
  21. Jazz Record Requests

    Davina McCall? David Mellor? Michael Portillo? Actually, given that she never misses a chance to get in the limelight, I'm predicting Anne Widdecombe within 3 years. Sorry! That photo may well break a house rule somewhere. I think that photo breaks several house rules.
  22. Ronnie Scott and Tubby Hayes

    I seem to remember that Ronnie was also a Joe Henderson man.
  23. BBC4 TV The Scandinavians are back

    Who would have thought that subtitled TV programmes would have become so popular over here. Makes you proud to be British! 'Inspector Montalbano' was an excellent watch and we're still ploughing our way through the first series of The Killing which I got as a box set for my birthday.
  24. Film Footage of Ornette

    There's footage from 1966 of the trio rehearsing for the French art film 'Who's Crazy'.
  25. Happy Birthday Jazzjet!

    Thanks, Bill and Sidewinder. Another year but probably not any wiser.