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  1. funniest words in the language

    Bazooka. You would expect destruction on a grand scale from something like this.
  2. BFT 97 discussion

    ubu, I owe you an apology. I've tried on three different times to listen to this and I think my wellspring of silliness and off-the-wall comments has run dry for the moment. This is not a criticism of the music, which I find to be generally enjoyable. Here's hoping the eventual reveal sparks some renewed enthusiasm!
  3. BFT 98 signup

    DL for me please! Looking forward to your first BFT! Take all of my comments with a grain of salt!
  4. Rodgers Grant, R.I.P.

    Geez, whatta week!!! Rodgers plays piano on my favorite Hubert Laws album IN THE BEGINNING, and also composed some great tunes on that album as well. That alone makes this sad for me. RIP
  5. MLB 2012 Season

    Rangers lose only their third game of the year. Not too disappointed, given that Feliz went the distance for the Rangers in the cold weather. I realize it's early, but it's been fun so far! BTW, that Chicago perfect game happened in Seattle. Anyone know what Byrd was griping about after the game? I saw him arguing with the manager during the celebration.
  6. My Dad

    This is great news, Jeff, and I am very happy for you. My parents are 71 and 68, and I can't help but hope that I'll respond to the situation with the graceful yet forceful gentleness that you showed.
  7. Van Halen

    SIDDOWN..... Waldo! :party:
  8. Started typing this in my birthday thread in response to something Dave James wrote, but decided to give it a thread all its own for reasons that I hope will be made clear below. Here's Dave's original post, followed by what I started typing: I did, thanks! Man, you hit the nail on the head! I still remember fondly visiting Lon and his wife (RIP) with my son who was only two at the time, and while I rifled thru Lon's CD collection, his wife kept my son entertained, something I've always been grateful for. My son just turned 16 in January! He, of course, has no memory of this and I deeply regret not having had a camera with me that night because it was a very special evening for me. And we still have a street here in Arlington named "Gene Harris Street." Amazing to think that some of my closest friends are people I've never met in person, but without fail every one that I *have* met in person has been a pleasure to hang with: Michigan cats Jim Alfredson, Joe Gloss, Randy Marsh (and his big bear hugs), Chuck Nessa, and Uncle Skid; local cats JSngry, Greg Waits, Joe Milazzo, Joe Christmas (sure miss that guy), kh1968, rostasi; Austin cats Lon, Clifford Allen, Shawn Dudley; and various cats scattered throughout the world: RDK, jazzkrow, and The Magnificent Goldberg; and that doesn't even begin to take in all the cats I've bought/sold/traded CDs with over the years (anyone else miss the glory days of the old Jazz Trading Post? And whatever happened to Jim S? Another guy I miss!), all the cats that keep in touch via FacePage, and all the cats I've e-mailed back & forth over the years (a special tribute must be made here to Jim R, with whom I exchanged the craziest of e-mails for a number of years and I regretfully let fall by the wayside. I mean, the guy sent me another hilarious e-mail at Christmas and I *still* have yet to respond! Some fiend I am! But if you've never conversed with Jim R, imagine having an e-mail conversation with Paul Desmond and you get the idea!) Whew! So many memories, so many friends, and so many apologies to anyone I inadvertently left out! Geez, you'd think I was dying here (actually I am, but only metaphorically and metaphysically), but as the opportunities to thank the ones who've made an impact on your life rarely present themselves, I wanted to seize the moment while it was still fresh in my mind. Thank you. All of you. I don't know about other online communities, because I don't visit them and really have no desire to, but when this place makes the claim as "The best jazz discussion forum on the web!", that ain't cheap talk: it's a fact, and one that I stand behind proudly. Of course, that's easy for me to say since I locked myself outta the political forum years ago.
  9. Oh c'mon Mark if either one of us lived in NY, we'd be shelling out ducats left and right. Oh, how I miss those! And I just realized I've been posting under the same handle from day one, from JCS thru BNBB to here, with the occasional sidetrack at AAJ. (I did a trade with a guy years ago who happened to be local; can't remember who it was but when we met for the trade, he said "Wow, you're not very big!" I LOL'd before that became an acceptable acronym!) Never did the JOL thing (at least, I can't remember ever doing so). But I do remember the Verve board for the two or three days that it was open! I forgot....
  10. Happy Birthday Allen Lowe

    lowe hath no equal, period! this is reassuring to those of us who aspire to incoherent greatness despite the fact that none of us is named Allen Lowe. So here's to you, from one Big Al to a true Big Al.
  11. Yeah it is. Went for a bike ride after work today and it was just gorgeous outside.
  12. He appears to be fine, per FB. Yeah, my neighborhood really dodged a bullet. Two of those tornadoes were less than a few miles away. My in-laws house was right in the path of one, thankfully they were spared, but a house behind them wasn't as fortunate. One also touched down on the baseball field of my son's high school. The schools, from what I can tell, did a great job of keeping calm (although my son says that his class was in one of the safer areas of the campus, so they weren't worried). I'm just grateful there were only a few injuries and no loss of life. This coulda been far worse.
  13. Happy Birthday jazzkrow!

    Happy Birthday, Jazzbro!
  14. BFT 97 discussion

    Haven't listened yet, but wanted to say I love the "album" cover!
  15. Heard on KNTU last evening: "That was... Dexter Gordon's "Cheese Cake." Dexter Gordon on tenor sax, S... [brief pause] "SONY" Clark on piano, Butch Warren on bass, and Billy "HIDGENS" on drums." (emphasis mine) I no longer wonder how we ended up with the ClearChannels and IHeartRadios....
  16. All right! THERE! Tickets only $10. Awww HECKS yeah!!!!
  17. BFT 96 reveal

    With ya on BOTH matters!!! Yep, that explains it! I probably have more CDs/LPs recorded there than I'd be unafraid I forgot about! When Mrs. Big Al & I eventually renew our vows, I am asking, no DEMANDING, that these guys play the reception! Money will be no object, especially since I have none!!! :party: I must find this album/CD before I die! A quartet where the guitar replaces the piano as the chordal instrument! On one of the final sessions for Riverside Records! Thanks for hippin me to THIS one!!!! A fine FINE BFT, Mr. Spontooneous!!! VERY much enjoyed!
  18. BFT 96 discussion

    Nice to know I was in the same neighborhood, if not the same metropolitan area! Really? Sounds like you may know this chap! Guilty as charged. Go Jayhawks, nonetheless! Unless of course they face Baylor in which case I gotta pull for the homestate team! A Bulgarian Wedding Band! So I was closer than I thought! Truth is funnier than fiction and I still wanna be their bass player! Don't we all? Suggesting a two-for-one with my governor may get you more than you bargained for. And this could be the soundtrack to it, ifyouknowwhatimean! Meantime, I'll give it a couple more spins and concentrate on the weirdness of it all. Especially now that I know that no Marsalis was utilized in the making of this racket.
  19. Herbie Mann MEMPHIS UNDERGROUND Love watching that orange&green Atlantic label spin and the groove on this record is all kinds of filthy!
  20. BFT 96 discussion

    And I see that, after reading all the other guesses/comments, I will likely have made more than few enemies with my clueless ramblings. No offense was intended, and I would like to personally apologize to Michael Weiss, to whom I probably owe more than a debt of great value for my snarky comments about track 10.
  21. BFT 96 discussion

    Track 1: And so another BFT gets off to a rousing start! Sounds like a late edition Jazz Messengers or a VERY good tribute to Art! Wouldn’t be surprised if that was Cedar at the ivories! Or Curtis on the ‘bone! Thought this might be from Curtis Fuller’s last album, but alas it ‘taint, so I have no idea who it is. Track 2: Very Monk-ish. Either a tribute or someone struggling to find his voice via Monk. Keep trying, dude. Track 3: Before my time. WAY before my time. I think I hear Charlie “Pterodactyl” Parker on lead banjo there. Little humor to brazenly disguise the fact that my knowledge of pre-bop jazz is on a Kardashian level of nothingness. Which is not to say I don’t like it. Just feeling silly today.... Track 4: Ben Webster staggers into a Baghdad Café in response to a garbled Invitation in a Kaper of epic propulsions. That sounds more like the setup for a Henny Youngman joke. This works a lot better than it should. A LOT better! Yusef Lateef must be kicking himself! Another groovy thing about this track is that I would normally expect the horns to go flying off into parts unknown, uncharted, and unlistenable, and it hasn’t happened. Yet, anyway. We’ll see if this hypnautical transom can really last as long as I hope it does. Ahhhhh, it did! Beautiful! Beautiful! Looking forward to finding out who this is! And where! Track 5: I don’t know who this is, but it has such a familiar SOUND. Like, I may not have heard this band before, but this studio and this ground has been trod many times before. Doesn’t sound like Van Gelder’s house. No, it sounds like it was recorded somewhere in Florida or Louisiana, maybe in someone’s loft or on someone’s stolen yacht. I have nothing to bass this on, of course, and for all I know the reason it sounds so familiar is because it’s buried somewhere in my collection collecting dust among other things. Track 6: CRAP!!! I know this! I’ve heard this! And I can’t remember who this is! And I’m gonna kick myself a few thousand times once I find out who it is! However, for posteriority’s sake, I’m gonna go ahead and guess it’s a Bird Savoy date and if I wasn’t so lazy (or at work, or both) I’d go hit up some sound samples to see if I’m even in the same solar system. And no matter how many times I hear this melody, I will always ALWAYS forget the name of it. Drives me up a frickin’ wall, this does! Track 7: Thought this was familiar too, but alas I’ve either got this in my collection and forgotten all about it, or had it at one time but foolishly sold it off, or maybe it was one of those thousands of CDs that a friend of mine had and let me rifle thru awhile back. I honestly don’t know. I do know one thing, though: it’s been a while since a BFT has caused me to get so loopy with my writing, which I’m enjoying to know end! As you can tell! Track 8: Hey, the clarinet player who was supposed to be on track 4 finally showed up. As did the rest of the band! GOD, I wanna get these two bands together! Hell, I might just mashup these two tracks and put it on MY BFT coming up next January! Bavarian middle-east Klezmer! Hoo hah! Bin Laden will rise from the dead only to get eaten up by the sharks as he tries to emerge from the depths of the sea (talk about a nautical knot, all for naught!) Good lord, did someone just blast some ancient east Indian curry powder into the room? The guitarist’s arm is about to fly off! Just another day in sunny Brzkistan, I s’pose. Actually, come to think of it, it sounds like a band of roaming gypsies kidnapped Don Wilson of the Ventures and are holding him hostage in order to create a bizarre hybrid of Sudanese Klezmer and surf music. They might just be on to something here. They might also be onto me, and I hope they are because I wanna be the bass player. You see what happens when you put a track on here that goes on for 800 hours? Sew due eye!!!! Too much coffee in my creamer this morning, apparentlee. Track 9: Well that was nice enough. Took the edge offa my lunatic ramblings of the earlier tracks. Track 10: I am trying my hardest not to say anything bad, negative, or derogatory because I really don’t like this track. However, in the interest of brotherhood and kindness, I will refrain from saying that this sounds like one of Wynton Marsalis’ most blatant Ellington Orchestra rip-offs, right down to the belligerent abuse of a plunger that sounds more like Trick Daddy Nanton than the real deal. Yes, in the spirit of peace and harmony, I will refrain from saying such things. Because that would just be mean, and I refuse to contribute to the disharmony that already exists in everyday life as it is. I also have a governor for sale down here, if anyone wants him. Take my governor, PLEASE! Track 11: Ahhhh, that’s more like it. Love a repeated two-note figure that has all kinds of groovy silliness going on over it. I could drive around to this stuff all day. In fact, I just might! Track 12: And so another BFT comes to a quiet comforting landing. Sounds like “You Don’t Know What Love Is” and I don’t know what jazz is, apparently. I’ll bet I have this, too. Will wonders never seize? Another good ‘un. Hope the occasional flights off the proverbial handel didn’t throw anyone for a loop. Now to face the usual humiliation of all the things I missed.
  22. get hep with pepsi

    This almost made me a Coke guy. And when you realize that I was weaned on Pepsi (one of the first words I learned to say was "Pesi") you realize what a strong statement that is. But, at least it wasn't Crystal Pepsi. UGH! Just gimme the regular caffeinated hcfcfied goop that I've been pouring into my system on a daily basis for the better part of 42 years. :party: BTW aloc, I strongly suspect you and I should be related!
  23. Blindfold Test Master Signup Thread

    Go ahead and put me down for another one. Hopefully by then, I'll have acquired at least a disc's worth of not-boring jazz!
  24. LF: Black Fire disc

    Crud! I thought I had it, but I don't. Sorry, man.
  25. LF: Black Fire disc

    I'll do the same for ya.