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  1. Ed Reed: From San Quentin to Jazz at Lincoln Center By Steve Siegel “Ed Reed is the Phoenix of jazz. In his 92 years, he seems to have navigated as many rises and falls as the legendary mythological bird. He has, at various times in his life, due to almost 40 years of heroin addiction, endured as much grief and heartbreak (most of it self-directed) as any man should have to endure. He freely admits he has been the cause of a similar amount of the same within his family and the friends that have supported him through it all." https://jazzprofiles.blogspot.com/2021/09/ed-reed-from-san-quentin-to-jazz-at.html?m=0
  2. With previous features on pianist Wade Legge, the Great Day in Harlem Photograph “Mystery Man” - William J. Crump, drummer Frankie Dunlop, vocalist Jimmy Rushing, critic and author Nat Hentoff, and Jazz Party: A Great Night In Manhattan featuring the Miles Davis Sextet and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the September 9, 1958 fest that Columbia Records put on at the Plaza Hotel for its executives and guests, Steve Siegel has assumed the role of “unofficial” staff writer for JazzProfiles. His latest effort is about the obscure trumpet player Dupree Bolton [1929-1993], who appeared, seemingly from nowhere in California in 1959 and set the West Coast jazz world abuzz with his performance as a sideman. He then disappeared just as quickly and reappeared a few years later, again as a sideman, displaying mind-blowing chops. He was then gone again, never to officially record again for the remainder of his life. https://jazzprofiles.blogspot.com/2021/07/dupree-bolton-uneven-life-by-steve.html?m=1
  3. bertand - give Nasar my email address and I will provide him with my cell phone #. I'd love to speak with him. jeeves2nd@aol.com Steve Siegel
  4. My latest article on jazz artists associated with Buffalo, N.Y. https://jazzprofiles.blogspot.com/2020/08/frankie-dunlop-monks-drummer-by-steve-h.html
  5. Coltrane and Holiday. In honor of their passing - both on July 17. Trane in 1967 and Lady in 1959.
  6. Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones

    "Prolific" is a rather overused term. But Chambers appeared on 151 albums in his short life. When you consider the time that he spent on the road, the fact that he spent his entire adult life dealing with a heroin addiction as well as alcoholism and that he was dead at 33 of TB, it is remarkable that he managed to leave such a recording legacy.
  7. Hoist a glass!! 50 years ago today (03/02/1959) at 2:30 PM the first recording session for Kind of Blue commenced at the 30th St. studio of Columbia records.