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  1. Any Buck Clayton recomendations?

    Also any of the Jimmy Rushing Columbias where the Clayton "band" supports him.
  2. I'm a bit puzzled here as to the original post The overlap is only one disc.. its not as though the Proper box is an exact copy of the Mosaic.If it were I would agree with the negative comments directed towards Proper. Proper give you an historical 3 disc sampling of Roy up to the early Verve days... Mosaic gives you all of Roy's verve dates.. all this music is worth hearing if you like Eldridge. I doubt the Verve dates will be completely available elsewhere... but there are plenty of other CDs.. where the ealy music can be found... The Proper Box would not be my choice for early Roy.. as I prefer to have a more comprehensive coverage of this period in his career.. And as someone up there said... you got the Proper free.....
  3. Mingus question.

    Just be sure you didn't get the info from a bootleg recording......
  4. Wes Montgomery session

    Not a big fan of the A&M sides but BGO have just issued this I assume if it sells well, the other A&M will follow.
  5. My only Lonehill as well, and I agree. Not only that, there was one track from the LP omitted ("everything started in the house of the lord"). But we'll all commit a sin if it's something we really want..... Is it any different to swapping CDr's? Well they are doing it for profit Most of us who CDR something obscure for another board member profit in return, by a CDR of something back Isn't copying a CD for profit illegal? This ain't preserving a legacy. This is selling smack to junkies. Jim Aren't we all jazz junkies here......
  6. My thoughts exactly. Same here. Allen summed it perfectly and expressed it better than I would have... And again.. just look at the coverage of west coast jazz they have, THe Candoli's, Stu Williamson, Don Fagerquist, Childers, Ferguson..... and that's just some of the trumpet players.... If the " legit" companies served these up at reasonable prices, I'm sure most of us would go there.
  7. Meet Don Rendell

    Don Rendell Sextet Dickie Hawdon flgl, Din Rendell, Ronnie Ross tenor, Damien Robinson pno, Ashley Kozak bass, Derek Hogg drums London Jun 9 1954 My Heart Belongs to Daddy Little Boy Green Dickie Hawdon flgl, tpt, Din Rendell tenor, Ronnie Ross bari, Damien Robinson pno, Pete Elderfield bass, Don Lawson drums London Feb 22 1955 Sinbad the Sailor Didn’t We Muskrat Ramble Thames Walk Dance of the Ooblies Don Rendell Quartet.. same session as above w/o Hawdon and Ross You Stepped Out of a Dream Sometimes I’m Happy Slow Boat to China Yesterdays Don Rendell tenor, Damien Robinson pno, Sammy Stokes bass, Benny Goodman drums London May 2 1955 Top Hat, White Tie and Tails That Old Feeling New Orleans From this Moment On Body and Soul Blow Mr. Dexter Don Rendell Quintet Don Rendell tenor, Ronnie Ross bariDamien Robinson pno, Sammy Stokes bass, Benny Goodman drums London May 16 1955 The Griffin* Cool Sparks* Carolet* Some of Us* * Rendell compositions
  8. No problem.. just truth in advertising
  9. "not in the USA" Well I sort of understood that, but the Cosmic I got was bought at Rose's Records ( when they still existed) in Chicago, purchased to replace the LP Good addition to the Ellington catalogue for those who are unfamiliar with it The "Brothers " was also bought in a routine USA store .. If Mosaic found the same "extra" tracks that are on there I suspect they didn't have to look far.. still is a bit Lonehill-ish though the J.J.'s I did import. When Mosaic started, their approach was somewhat unique and a boon to collectors of hard to find jazz recordings. These days the scene is much different,possibly due to Mosaic proving a market for quality jazz reissues, and it must be quite difficult to come up with sets that have appeal and consist of little that is not available elsewhere. Still these will be a plus for those unfamiliar with the recordings, although as someone above pointed out, it's rare that I pay over $13.00 for a single CD due to internet purchases.
  10. Well I've had a CD copy since 1992 This is what I wrote on the "Other" board Don't take it wrong, I like Mosaic.. but if the "Never available on CD", and "extra tracks previously unreleased" statements are not correct, it creates a bit of a "Madison Ave Commercialism" that hasn't been part of the Mosaic image in the past. "Most of these have been, or are available on CD' The Cosmic scene is a nice set, but I have it on CD, and it would appear that there is no additional material It was made in Holland but may have been a British issue, printed there,and was readily available in the record stores My copy of The Brothers.. was a "complete" session, with four extra tracks that the previous edition lacked.. 16 titles altogether.. does this mean Mosaic will have 20 tracks? J.J. is also available as are the other J.J. Johnson RCA discs Total J.J. Broadway Express The Dynamic Sound of J.J. with the Big Band All legit. BMG Spain issues.. no extra material Might have been better served as Select set The rest are scattered over other discs. Perhaps the Lloyds is the only one that hasn't been issued ( except maybe in Japan) So not much here for those of us who have been around a bit, unless sound quality is dramatically different and better But some good recordings if they are new to you. Still bit "unhappy" if Mosaic are going to make "never released on CD' claims that are erroneous. Those kind of statements belong in the " Lonehill" camp"
  11. Arnett Cobb, any thoughts?

    ABSOLUTELY OFF-TOPIC: Great to hear back from you, P.D. !!! Oh haven't been away.. just went into the "lurking mode" but thanks.
  12. Arnett Cobb, any thoughts?

    Hampton took Cobb to fill Jacquets chair in 1942 and he took over the "Flying Home" role which might have contributed to his hard blowing approach that some see to be too much of the honker variety. Just in case you have "guilt" about Cobb, this is a good excuse to listen to him But for his Prestige sides.. Party Time is generally the first place to go.
  13. Wes Montgomery session

    For Tooter Stephenson's Rocket is indeed a Mike Carr composition. It was first recoprded by the EMCEE FIVE, the band led by the Carr Brothers with Ronnie Stephenson on drums. The first recording was in London Dec 14 1961 and can be found on this The Cd Tooter refers to was a later disc by a new Carr led band recorded in 2002 where they included and named the disc, after the tune. The tune was obviously named after Ronnie who played on the original, but also was, as die hard "trainspotters" will know, a reference to the Robert Stephenson's Rocket. Stephensons factory was a big employer in and around the Newcastle area. I haven't heard the Motgomery didc but I assume the tune is the same.. unless of course Ross composed a different tune and was also a railway buff For guitar addicts , the above disc also includes an early ( 1967) track of John McLaughlin playing with the Carr quartet at the New Orleans Jazz club in Newcastle
  14. Mosaic Sale!

    Yes and those of us who buy the sets as they come out.. well no deal... What do you offer us Mosaic?
  15. Gone.... Eddie Condon

    Harold is spot on with his take on the Condon sets.. the "MOB" box was the most blatant bit of "marketing' done by Mosaic.. glad they collected this stuff together though.. and a reason to buy ABE LINCOLN