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  1. Being British I simply display a stiff upper lip and make sure my emotions don't get in the way of song enjoyment so happy for this to be a US-exclusive thread.
  2. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    Nice thoughts. I also revisited the box off the back of this thread and found great music in it, I'd forgotten just how good and varied a collection it is
  3. *** SUN RA Corner***

    It's all on Spotify, in the UK. It is good.
  4. Smoke - s/t [Session] This went on my 'to buy' list a couple of months ago after a discussion on this board made me aware of it, can't remember where now It's now on my 'bought it' list and I'm very pleased that I have. Really interesting session
  5. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    Why wouldn't they be from such an established and reputable label? They're real LPs and downloads too...
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Terumasa Hino Sextet - Fuji Thanks to Hutchfan for the inspiration
  7. Yes, plan was two in person concerts. One at the Vortex the other at a concert hall venue. Vortex is seating 20 max socially distances and masked. Other venue also doing similar. I've working from home too and not overly comfortable and have avoided large numbers. I've so far thought the risk factors were sufficiently mitigated for these concerts but infection rates have gone through the roof here recently so may well have revised the decision to attend. Lockdown will resolve that dilemma.
  8. My plans to see London Jazz Festival gigs from 13/11 for a week look about to be stymied by a (very belated) lockdown rumoured to start next week. At least the LJF have programmed some interesting streams
  9. That's such a great cover. I bought three of the RSD Hino titles as my introduction to his leader dates, this one may have to be the next Meanwhile, the morning's arrival. What a hidden (from me, at least) gem this is E.W. Wainwright, Jr. - African Roots Of Jazz (AROJ, 2017 reissue)
  10. Great to hear those character packed early songs. The Apple TV documentary is worth a watch, little more than a promo but a beautifully shot and composed one.
  11. Maybe someone will have the idea to recreate the rooms, floor, wall, ceiling coverings and all, and present concerts in them to get as close to the atmosphere as possible and at the same time pay homage to the original venue...no, never going to happen
  12. Thanks for the full list. 67 for me and a good number of 'need to get'
  13. I fear you protest too much. Your dismissive attitude to Moran's involvement is very evident in your phrase about him 'what johnny-come-lately people/celebs like Jason Moran have to say' and how you then compare his credentials to those of Marsalis contribution to the Burns documentary - contributions it's obvious you regard negatively. It's a self-evident truth that he can't contribute 'with real substance) from an INSIDER's point of view about jazz clubs of the FORTIES and FIFTIES and that era', so why even set him up to fail on a false premise. Nor does this necessarily disqualify him from having knowledge of the subject which could enhance the book. I simply pointed out some context that may suggest he could do so. I also don't read 'just wondering and puzzlement' in your dismissal of Moran But maybe I'm being unnecessarily obtuse. It's obvious to everyone that someone with lived experience has a greater opportunity to provide insight but let's not dismiss the contributions of those that have gained knowledge often from studying the testimonies of those with that experience.
  14. I never said, nor did jhoots, that you raked him over the coals. My comments are only in response to BBS's post. And, I agree that Moran's installations may not give him credence on the subject but they may. As you say the proof will be in his contributions to the book.
  15. yes, we can't have anyone under the age of 50 being knowledgeable about Jazz clubs from before their birth can we now. Quickly the barbarians are at the gates. If you knew Moran's work you might know he has done a number of deeply researched historical projects and has an obvious respect for music of the 20s - 40s. You may not like his interpretations of Waller or James Reese Europe but I'm not sure he can be dismissed as a 'johnny-come-lately people/celeb'. https://jasonmoranharlemhellfighters.com/ Or his inclusion in the book could be to do with the work he's done around venues now lost, venues from 40s and 50s surprisingly https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/21/arts/music/jason-moran-contemporary-art.html https://whitney.org/exhibitions/jason-moran/performances prejudice or ignorance, I suspect
  16. I agree, it's a great 'starter' list not dissimilar to my purchases of the DMM reissues in the mid-80s. They stood me in great stead as will these for anyone who fancies dipping their toe in BN
  17. Richard Landry - Solos [Chatham Square]
  18. What Are You Watching

    I watched the Springsteen earlier today. An extended promo film maybe but it had some great moments and the songs are strong on this album. Nicely shot film
  19. Yes, I think there was an added value, maybe not mystique, to the BN reissues in the mid-80s. There was a big fanfare and a marketing campaign that highlighted the history of the label and it did coincide with the jazz revival that included landmarks like the film 'Round Midnight' which featured BN artists. My perspective is one of someone very new to jazz at that time. Maybe more experienced listeners knew their Prestiges as well as their BNs. I knew more about labels that Mingus LPs came out on and Black Saint at that time...reflecting my two entry points of Braxton and Mingus
  20. What about the DMM reissues in and around 1985? They may not have opened the floodgates as the CDs did but they certainly made a lot of titles available and with good media coverage (we were having a Jazz Revival I think). That's when i started buying Blue Notes in any number. I still remember the NME review, by Roy Carr I think, that introduced the idea of 'brown-bagging' in that you could buy any of the reissues in a brown bag without seeing the cover and still be guaranteed great music. My introduction to 'Out To Lunch', 'Empyrean Isles', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Spring', 'The Rajah', a few Joe Hendersons and Sam Rivers. I must have bought twenty plus titles. And, you got a poster too! They were readily available in Our Price as well as the specialists. Also available at this time were the French Pathe Marconi, nicer quality covers than the DMMs.
  21. Bruce Springsteen - 'Western Stars' This seemed to get a lukewarm reception but I think it's classic Bruce. Wide panorama songwriting and arrangements.
  22. Bruce Springsteen - 'Letter To You' First listen. 'Western Stars' and the autobiography rekindled my long buried love for Bruce. This one's sounding great on initial impressions. There's something reassuring about having his American Dream restated at such troubling times. And, the sax sounds just like the Big Man too. Well done for listening to your uncle so closely. One of the soundtracks to my teenage years. Loved them back then.
  23. Live Streaming Concerts

    Thanks for reminding me. It looks like it is still available.
  24. £35 in the UK so expect even better quality control here 😃