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  1. Jazz noir?

    This might already have been asked but I couldn't find it.... I would be grateful for some recommendations of jazz that is kind of noir-ish, sleazy, cinematic, urban, minor key (maybe) - the only example of what I mean that I can name is Raymond Scott's Naked City (and I only know this track )... or possibly the Bernard Hermann Taxi Driver music. The Raymond Scott one is perfect, kind of dark but neon-lit. Music that might be illustrated with pics like these:
  3. Imperial War Museum - Art From The First World War. Very very good exhibit - Nash, Bomberg, Nevinson, Wyndham Lewis, Flora Lion.. etc. don't miss it if you can get there (free admission too)
  4. jeez - Sony - ridiculous. I've had a similar problem in the past with a Tompkins Square set, a Revenant box and a Bear Family box - in each case they just posted out a replacement cd, didn't ask for anything from me.. they just rightly assumed I wasn't a thief I guess.
  5. Looks good! - thanks for the tip..
  6. Done - have it in exchange for the extra postage you paid on the recent dispatch, and for all those commas
  7. Anybody gonna get this mammoth box set?
  8. riddles

    the answers to those questions really depend on how much of a smart-arse you want to be!
  9. the lawyers are at it, apparently..
  10. Did you send out any of the pre-ordered copies of the books yet? - just wondering if Royal Mail have stolen mine..
  11. By chance, John Aldridge at the tiny but excellent Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden - wonderful stuff, as well as all the Ravillious, Keith Vaughan etc there.. the last day before the gallery goes into hibernation for winter so unfortunately this can't function as a recommendation
  12. I dare not try it yet - as I'm running such old adobe cs (and quark) - it's a miracle it still worked with mountain lion.. I'll wait till my employer gets me the new stuff.
  13. Yes - definitely worth a visit at the moment - there's a number of interesting things in there right now (and nearly all different stuff from six months back..) -
  14. Glad it was worth the trip :-)
  15. Leeds Gallery - 'Art & Life', Ben & Winifred Nicholson plus Christopher Wood etc.. really nice paintings. What struck me was how sparsely they scraped the paint on often (but in just the right places!) -
  16. Can you answer this question from blues researcher Chris Smith?!: "Can anyone find Aunt Esther saying 'You ugly spasm!' to Fred on Youtube?"
  17. My guess is that they made an error making the two books available - which was a major piece of work handed out for free. They shut down access to that original promo page and replaced with the new one a couple of days after
  18. There are a few JSP boxes with Paramount material; I have the one that has about 100 blues tracks. For the blues stuff I have a large number of Document complete works, and there's also a great deal on Spotify - but i'm a fan and not an 'expert', so knowing what was actually released on Paramount and what wasn't isn't my strong point.. but i would very much like to have this set at some point in the future (makes me nervous that this is 'volume 1'), though each time i mention it in passing at home i get very cold breeze from my other half :-o
  19. Well, i liked the music when i was 20-25.. there must be others out there now (though they're unlikely to have the cash i suppose)
  20. Ah - I know this one - the 1920s :-)
  21. - that Tommy Johnson disc leapt $20,000 in the last few seconds. Nuts!
  22. agree about the mp3 thing, which does appear to be guesswork.. also, although several respectable sources have mentioned the price, Third Man don't appear to be advertising it (oddly).. they made a bit of a cock-up with the announcement on this i think. BUT - i don't know why it's so unbelievable that there could be copyright infringements just because Jack White is involved - he has after all been doing a big project with Document Records, whose reputation isn't so great in these matters. Certainly John Tefteller or Richard Nevins have had no involvement in the Paramount box, so the quality in places is likely to be either less good than their own things, or else 'borrowed' from their things. Not a great big deal for me, i'm no audiophile - the real issue for me is how much of the stuff i have already in one form or another. Susan Archie's art direction on it looks superb, the books etc look v good edit - the official list price, from the label's distributor is indeed as quoted by J.A.W - $469.98.. no reason to doubt this, though some retailers will probably sell it cheaper
  23. Is jazz good for babies?

    congratulations! in my experience, dub reggae keeps them quiet... (temporarily)
  24. $400