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  1. I'm sure they'll find out the impact come fund raising time.
  2. Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'

    Just don't snort them, that might actually kill you :-)
  3. Original Impulse LPs

    Does anyone know the last LP to be pressed with the orange with black border, before moving over to the black with red border? The reason I ask is because I've never seen orange/black copies of : 9154 (Shepp, Archie) The Magic Of Ju-Ju 9156 (Coltrane, Alice) Monastic Trio 9160 (Jones, Elvin & Richard Davis) Heavy Sounds 9161 (Coltrane, John) Selflessness 9162 (Shepp, Archie) Three For A Quarter, One For A Dime But yet: 9163 (Scott, Tom) Honeysuckle Breeze, The 9164 (Plummer, Bill) Cosmic Brotherhood Also, LP's 9155, 9156-59 have orange/black labels. I'm guessing some LP's where assigned a number and released later?
  4. Al Viola, RIP

    I was talking to Sam Most yesterday and he mentioned this to me. Sam and Al were good friends and played around Southern California a lot together in the last 5-10 years. They did a nice recording with Bassist Richard Simon titled "Pacific Standard Time", back in 2002. http://www.ufo-bass.com/cd.htm (second from the bottom of the page)
  5. Upcoming Andrew Hill live album for BN

    He's supposed to have acted as a sideman for Bird in a few gigs, while still on his teens. No recorded evidence, to my knowledge. He was actually 12, according to this interview. http://www.jazzhouse.org/library/?read=panken2 Scroll down to the near bottom of the page.
  6. Bruno Dumont

    In the late 90's I attended a screening of Dumont's first film "La vie de Jesus" at the Director Guild in LA and was completely blown away by his graphic depiction of life in his home town of Bailleul, France. He was in attendance and took questions after the screening, which shed a lot of light on his cinematic vision. I found it fascinating that he prefers to use non-professional actors, who seem to take his direction well. I walked away that night a fan of this filmmaker. To date, I’ve seen his complete body of work. Recently, I had a chance to screen his latest film titled "Flandres", which thematically, was very much in the same vain as his earlier work. Overall, I enjoyed the film but will need to see it again to get a complete understanding. Did anyone else see it? I've found that people either love or hate him. What do you think (for those who are familiar)?
  7. John Coltrane Temple University 1966

    Yes, Freddie was pretty upset, the crowd was taunting him quite a bit. I've heard the recording (Graz, Austria in 1966), he was playing with Sonny Rollins and Max Roach.
  8. LF: Kenny Burrell photos

    Have a look here: http://detroitmusichistory.com/ The middle photo is of Kenny, who looks to be a teenager, standing between Jo Jones and Willie Anderson. If I recall correctly, there are a few more photos of Kenny (and his brother Bill) in the book "Before Motown".
  9. I was there last night and stayed for the first set (which lasted about an hour). The music was great. Henry was in good form, playing his violin during various improvised sections, but mostly stuck to his bass. Roy was on fire, playing four different instruments (trumpet, flugel horn, pocket trumpet and flute), as was Chad, who laid down a continuously energetic beat throughout the set. The Bohemian National House is located in this 90- year-old building that looked abandoned from the exterior, situated in this interesting neighborhood a couple of blocks form I-96. All things considered, it was a good time. I definitely enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. If I had to guess. I would say there were somewhere between 30-50 people in attendance. I'm glad to hear that they made it to Chicago without incident.
  10. Is anyone in the Detroit area going to this show tonight? I'd be interested in hearing more about the venue, such as seating (if there is any), the neighborhood it resides in, and the acoustics. I checked out the site on myspace but would like to hear more from someone who has been there.
  11. Savoy Records

    Have any of these recordings been released on CD (apart from Funk Dumpling)?
  12. Savoy Records

    I dig the 1962 Savoy session led by Perry Robinson titled "Funk Dumpling". Henry Grimes, Kenny Barron and Paul Motian round out the group.
  13. Albert Ayler

    Great film. I'm so glad I was finally able to see what I've been reading about. The footage of "Newport in Europe" is fantastic, as is the commentary by Sunny Murray. Well done Kasper. BTW- AA's father looks great, I wonder what year he was born?
  14. LF: Terry Pollard Quintet

    How much are you willing to pay? http://cgi.ebay.com/TERRY-POLLARD-BETHLEHE...VQQcmdZViewItem
  15. Mort Weiss Meets Sam Most

    Sam's style of humming goes back to his childhood and is a result of "trying not to make too much noise" while practicing in his parents house. For those interested in Sam, you should check out hs website http://www.sammost.com.