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  1. Red Garland on Prestige

    I've always really dug these Prestige sides with Red and Paul Chambers and Art Taylor, ect. "Red Garland's Piano" is especially a favorite. And those things with Byrd and Trane are just out of this world. Byrd sounds so brassy and on fire on those things with Trane.... Anybody else have any particular Prestige Red album that hits a nerve?
  2. Don Patterson

    O.K., Time to give Don some god damn props! Maybe the best organist ever in many ways. Although there's really no "best" in music, Don certainly has intrigued me since Day 1. My first exposure to his playing was through a copy of "The Exciting New Organ Of" LP I stumbled across in a used bin. Up until that point, the only organists I had heard were alot of Jimmy Smith, McDuff and McGriff. Well, Don blew my mind the moment I put the needle to the vinyl. And it's still blown. Along with Patton, Don is surely my favorite of the organists.
  3. Chet Baker, misjudged?

    I just got done listening to "Chet Is Back" and, like many times reminded just how engaging he is. Over the years, his music is something I return to often. Junkie-dom and Milesian-white-hope shit aside...I can't help but think that Chet Baker is a bad mf and had a musical element that is missing in even the greatest of the great.
  4. Dorothy Ashby-jazz harpist

    I've been getting into some Dorothy Ashby as of late. Particulary her Cadet record "Afro-Harping". Anybody else into this stuff?....
  5. Sonny Phillips....OMG

    I've liked Sonny Phillips over the years quite a bit.... but today I picked up an LP of his on Prestige...BLACK MAGIC. I had never heard it.... well SHEEEEEEET! He is a serious, serious, serious player who surprisingly went in the Young tradition about as convincing as anybody at the time. There's a track...The Brotherhood...that just is so killer. Also, he does I'm An Old Cowhound...and his facility is so great...we'll have to say Jimmy Smith's version of the song isn't my favorite organ version any more! Yeah, Sonny But his other albums just don't sound like THIS one at ALL. They put him in a funk mode that he must just not have been interested in. Believe me...he's interested in THe Brotherhood. Check it out if you find this LP. (take note this album is not Black on Black...they look VERY similar but are miles apart music wise)
  6. John Patton Video

    I've just received a DVD that I've since posted on YouTube. It's, to my knowledge, the only taped live broadcast of John Patton performing. It's from the BBC 2 in the 1990's....John's playing Funky Mama. John Patton Lives!
  7. The Bad Plus

    I had a chance to go see The Bad Plus last weekend and ended up not going. They've seemed to really get the hype lately. However, I usually find myself a little underwhelmed at hyped events. I haven't noticed any talk on the board about them (maybe I'm wrong about that). Anybody got any opinions? I have to say, when I hear jazz musicians talk about how genius certain Rock groups are, I start to glaze over. Not that I don't consider many of those same artists genius, it just seems a bit of a sellout to wave the flag about how great The Police were when you're playing the Village Vanguard. It takes more than a reworking of a rock song to make me a fan. How are these guys?
  8. Chet Baker was an underrated MF

    Say what you will. But I've been listening to the live stuff of Baker w/Russ Freeman and co. from back in 53 and 54 and Baker is burning.... some of the most fresh, inventive and imaginative trumpet playing imho. stone me...let the haters begin.
  9. Doug Watkins

    O.K...there's no "greatest" "Best", ect....I know...but DAMN...Doug Watkins has got it all. Tone, touch and beautiful intonation. Had to dig out some Tina Brooks after watching that Ray Charles DVD with him on it. And I forgot how great Watkins sounded on "Minor Move." I love his bass playing.
  10. John Manning-Tenor Sax

    John Manning played Tenor on a couple of Soul Jazz masterpieces...Reuben Wilson's "Blue Mode" and Melvin Sparks "Sparks." That was it... He really blows one of the FUNKIEST and OUT solos on Wilson's "Bus Ride." That solo kills me. I mean that cat was playing on a Blue Note funk date and he took that mutha out. Yet, really kept the funk flavor. Beautiful. He had a nice thing. But like so many, seems to have disappeared. Anybody ever hear of him?
  11. AOW past and present

    Is there any way to "Pin" all the past AOWs in one place?
  12. Hey Friends, Been meaning to post this up, but I haven't been too active in a while (just tryin' to keep up with life), and it's always weird when someone pops up just to promote something. That said, I messaged a bit with Jim Alfredson today, so it just reminded me it might be a good thing to do. This album has taken me a few years to complete, because it has a lot of guest artists on it (Billy Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr, Kat Edmonson, Alejeandro Escovedo, Rev. Gean West & The Relatives gospel group...and more!), and took a long time to get done. It's already recorded. Anyway, some of y'all may dig it! Please check it out if so inclined, love to get the music to as many music lovers as possible! Thanks, Mike
  13. Soul Stream's Kickstarter, just a few days left

    I say June, but hope for April. We'll see...lots being done between now and then on this...took me 3 years to make, so working to get the release just right. Lots of ducks in a row to line up! Got meetings every day this week on it, and that won't end i get the feeling for a while, ha!
  14. Soul Stream's Kickstarter, just a few days left

    Hey thanks all! (just saw your pledge Dan, thanks!). Yeah, I think it's something some of y'all might enjoy. Thanks for checking it out. I've been husslin' on it, but it ends soon and I'm ready to just kick back and put on Lou Donaldson's "The Natural Soul" LP and drink a beer! Hey Brad, here's the Kickstarter link to my project!: Really appreciate it!
  15. an album not much talked about. almost always grazed over in books, ect. However, it's one of my top few miles desert island albums. his tone and approach are above average, even for him. and the whole band just grooves. mobley and coltrane together on the title cut elevate it to sheer heaven for me. anybody else care to say anything about this very un-talked about, fell-between-the-cracks album. one of my favorites. plus, kudos to columbia, the studio and the engineering staff. wonderful sound.
  16. Johnny Hammond Smith - any thoughts?

    My absolute favorite is Black Coffee. It's just so great all the way around and his version of "I Remember Clifford"...well, wow. I just like all the cuts on this and the sound they have in this live venue really makes you feel like you're right there. If the cover of the album is the setup of the actual bar they played (which I imagine it was)...cramped is the word. But the sound is amazing...go figure. I also like his Prestige album The Stinger a whole lot as well as his funky Prestige albums like Dirty Grape (probably the best of that bunch). But I really like all of his things. He's just one of those guys who shouldn't slip through the cracks, but does...I'm not sure why....I guess his age was part of it, I remember asking John Patton about him but he considered JHS as a 'older' guy, not a contemporary really. His earlier work too with acoustic bass was super killer too. He was just really great. One of the giants.
  17. Sonny Stitt in New York

    This is really called Sonny Stitt's "New York Jazz." Another home run for the Verve digipak reissue. This is maybe some of the best Stitt I've ever heard. Buy this now and don't worry about it. He tears it up with the rhythm section just keeping it grooving, Stitt does what he does best. Play over the changes like a mf.
  18. Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers - A Tribute To Big John Patton

    Hey Jim, super groovy...just downloading and listenin' now, sounds great...killer job! Big John would be proud (and flattered no doubt)! Thanks for keepin' the spirit of JP alive and well.
  19. Monk's Columbia stuff

    I had a couple of these on the old CD versions...they never GRABBED me. I always kind of veered towards the old Blue Note stuff of Monk. But now that they've all been remastered (what SOUND!@!), I've bought them ALL over the last few days. I'm so blown away. It's like I slept on this stuff, and now I've awoken to a brand new day. This shit swings. ...this isn't a thread about the remastering really. It's the MUSIC. The new versions brought them back to my attention really, that's all. Maybe I just wan't ready for the music before. Now, I'm just so in love with these albums.
  20. Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers - A Tribute To Big John Patton

    Fantastic Jim!, congrats on it all and what an accomplishment...that's a lot of songs and hard work (Patton songs ain't easy either folks!). Can't wait to get the CD!
  21. Soul Stream, AKA Mike Flanigin's Debut CD

    Thanks PhillyQ and Michel! It really means a lot that you took the time to say "good job!" Makes me feel good about what we did, and that the music made some folks feel good too. That's what it's all about!
  22. Soul Stream, AKA Mike Flanigin's Debut CD

    Hey Mike, sorry bout the hassle. Just email Fabian when you get time and bypass all the bigcartel. He'll combine it for you, as I've already told him about the situation. Thanks for tryin' so hard to get it! I appreciate the support.
  23. Soul Stream, AKA Mike Flanigin's Debut CD

    Hey King, Mike.... if you contact Fabian from the label at he will take care of you. He said he tried the BigCartel link and it worked to Switzerland and Germany for him...however, that said, who knows with computers, ect. He said just shipping a CD alone would be $14 overseas. A vinyl album would be $25 for shipping. He said he could fit a CD in along with a vinyl for the same $25 shipping price if you wanted both. Sorry about the high shipping costs. That's just what it costs us to do. Pretty ridiculous and really shuts down overseas sales more or less. Too bad, I know that was a recent change right before we released the album. Bad timing on that. Thanks Conn for the good vibes...glad you dig it!
  24. Soul Stream, AKA Mike Flanigin's Debut CD

    Hey Mike...yes, I would say the vinyl really brings out the open-ness of the sound. 3 guys in one live sounding room, no seperation. Its just a digital vs analog thing on that for me. I doubt we'll ever do vinyl again as its just so expensive though. Plus we did a gatefold and colored vinyl and wanted to keep it at $20. Not a great business move, but a great value I think.
  25. Soul Stream, AKA Mike Flanigin's Debut CD

    Hey all...thanks for all the kind words! I really appreciate it. King, you can order the cd direct from the band website also there is also a link on my site (Thanks Jim for lettin me plug here) Glad that those that have heard it, enjoyed it. It was fun to make, all live to 2 track tape in an afternoon! ..Vinyl really sounds alive