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  1. Jon Hendricks was in the Boston/Cambridge area last April and I got the chance to talk with him on the radio. He is a most charming gentleman. You can hear the half-hour by going to: You'll see the link there Enjoy!
  2. Friday, June 16, 8pm–midnight, WGBH 89.7 BLOWIN' OUT THE CANDLES/BORN ON THIS DATE:Albert Dailey, Tom Harrell, Clarence "Gene" Shaw, Lucky Thompson, Javon Jackson, Dominique Eade. REMEMBERING ROLAND ALEXANDER (d. 6/14, 2006) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm Horace Parlan: Wadin', Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note) 8:04pm Aaron Goldberg: Modhina (Jobim), Worlds (Sunnyside) Roberta Gamborini: No More Blues(Jobim), Easy To Love (Groovin' High) Grant Stewart: Sabia (Jobim), Plus 4 (Criss Cross) 8:28pm Albert Dailey (b. 6/16/1939/0: If You Could See Me Now, Textures (Muse LP) Albert Dailey with Stan Getz: Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, Poetry (Blue Note) Albert Dailey: Music That Makes Me Dance, That Old Feeling (Steeplechase) 8:52pm Zaccai and Luquez Curtis; Insight: House of Limits, Live from Studio One (ONLY ON 89.7FM) Esperanza Spalding: Perazuan, Junjo (Ayva Music) Francisco Mela: Arere, Melao (Ayva Music) 9:19pm Lucky Thompson (b. 6/16/1924): I Should Care, Jazz in Paris (Univarsal/Emarcy) Lucky Thompson: Just One More Chance, Complete 1944-1947 Recordings (Jazz Factory) Lucky Thompson: Deep Passion, Tricotism (Impulse) 9:34pm Carla White: It's Kind of Lonesome Out Tonight, A Voice in The Night (Bright moon) Ernie Andrews: I've Got To Pass Your House..., How About me (HighNote) Etta Jones: Fine and Mellow, Don't Go To Strangers (Prestige) 9:53pm John Stein: I'm A Fool To Want You, In Brazil (Whaling City Sound) 10:09pm Tom Harrell (b. 6/16/1946): Angela, Live At Boston Globe Jazz Festival June 16, 1994 (ONLY ON 89.7FM) Tom Harrell: Madrid, The Art of Rhythm (RCA Bluebird) 10:32pm Gene Shaw (b. 6/16/1926): Days of Wine and Roses, Carnival Sketches (Argo LP) Gene Shaw w. Charles Mingus: Duke's Choice, A Modern Jazz Symposium (Bethlehem) Gene Shaw w. Charles Mingus: Dizzy Moods, Tiajuana Gift Shop (RCA Bluebird) Gene Shaw: Karachi, Debut in Blues (Chess LP) 11:02pm Larry Willis: The Big Push (comp Wayne Shorter), The Big Push (HighNote) Steve Davis: Wildflower (comp Wayne Shorter), Update (Criss Cross) Javon Jackson (b. 6/16/1965): Angola (comp Wayne Shorter), For One Who Knows 11:20pm Javon Jackson: A Certain Attitude, Me and Mr. Jones (Criss Cross) Dominique Eade (b. 6/16/1958): This Is Always, Live From Studio One (ONLY ON 89.7FM) Dominique Eade: Something Cool, When The Wind Was Cool (RCA Bluebird) 11:43pm Roland Alexander (d. 6/14/2006); w. James Spaulding: Cabu, Songs of Courage (Muse ) Roland Alexander; w. Howard McGhee: Groovin' High, Dusty Blue (Bethlehem) 11:55pm Roland Alexander: I'll Be Around, Pleasure Bent (Prestige) Only on 89.7! performances and recordings are exclusive WGBH Radio productions and are not commercially available.
  3. Terence on Demand

    Back on March 10th, 2006 I celebrated trumpeter Terence Blanchard's 44th birthday by playing two hours of his music on my radio program, "Jazz from Studio Four." That entire broadcast is now available on-demand from the WGBH website:
  4. Jackie McLean live gig story area

    One of my greatest memories of seeing Jackie goes back to 1960 when he played Connolly’s Star Dust Room, at the corner of Tremont and Ruggles Streets, in the South End of Boston. Connolly’s was home to the likes of Coleman Hawkins, Dexter Gordon, Roland Kirk, Horace Silver and dozens of others when they played Boston. It also was the home base of “locals” like Sam Rivers and many others including Jimmy “Bottoms Up” Tyler. Jackie had come to town as a “single,” working with a local rhythm section. He had never played with these musicians before this gig. During the set he kept turning around to watch and listen to the drummer, a young Bostonian. Jackie kept looking back and smiling, looking back and smiling, shaking his head and smiling. At one point he announced to us in the audience, “I’m gonna have to take this kid to New York with me!” The “kid” was Tony Williams. Jackie did later get Tony to come to New York City, with Tony’s parents permission, introduced him to Miles Davis, and the rest, as they say, is History.
  5. Michael Weiss Quartet with Peter Bernstein

    I wish I could!
  6. The Alto Saxophone

    Back on February 10th, for African-American History Month, I featured 4 hours of some of your favorite alto players including Jackie McLean, Johnny Hodges, Charlie Parker, Donald Harrison and many others. That program is now available on-demand thru the WGBH website. It will be up and running or the next month. Simply go to: Click on : Hear The Best of Jazz From Studio Four celebration of the alto sax Enjoy Steve Schwartz Jazz from Studio Four Friday, 8p-midnight WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  7. An Audio Portrait of Jackie McLean

    In 1993 Jackie McLean was awarded a "Jazz Achievment Award" by the New England Foundation for the Arts. Part of that award was to have a half hour radio documentary produced about him. I was lucky eough to be chosen to produce that program. The show is all Jackie, in his own voice, words and music talking about his life and career . This show is now available on demand from the WGBH website Go to: Under the color photo logo is a list of five current on-demand jazz features. You'll find our tribute to Jackie there. Please spread the word to your friends about it's availability Enjoy! Steve Schwartz Jazz from Studio Four Friday, 8p-midnight WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  8. Carol Sloane's Birthday

    It definately will be archived and be made available on-demand but it does take some time. Right now the show I did for Andy Bey's birthday last October just went up on-demand. It'll be up until early April so it could be a few months. I'll try and remember to post here when the time comes
  9. Today is vocalist Carol Sloane's 69th birthday. Here is the playlist from my radio show of last Friday night, devoted to Carol's wonderful musical output. Many happy returns of the day Ms Sloane: SLOANE'S TONE:CAROL SLOANE (b. 3.5.1937) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm Horace Parlan: THEME: Wadin', Spekin' my Piece (Blue Note) 8:05pm Carol Sloane: The Ladies in Love With You, Whisper Sweet (HighNote) Carol Sloane: You Brought A New Kind of Love To Me, Whisper Sweet (HighNote) Carol Sloane: This Time the Dreams on Me, Whisper Sweet (HighNote) 8:25pm Carol Sloane: I Could Have Told You So, Love You Madly (Contemporary) Carol Sloane: That Old Devil Called Love, Love You Madly (Contemporary) Carol Sloane: While We're Young, Love You Madly (Contemporary) 8:42pm Carol Sloane: Maybe, Live At Scullers (Only on 89.7) Carol Sloane: Deep Purple, Live At Scullers (Only on 89.7) Carol Sloane: The Folks Who Live on The Hill, Live at Scullers (Only on 89.7) 9:00pm Carol Sloane: Prelude to A Kiss, Out of The Blue (Columbia) Carol Sloane: Aren't You Glad You're You, Out of The Blue (Columbia) Carol Sloane: Will You Still Be Mine, Out of The Blue (Columbia) Carol Sloane: The More I See You, Out of The Blue (Columbia) 9:14pm Carol Sloane: One For My Baby, The Songs Sinatra Sang (Concord) Carol Sloane: What A Little Moonlight Can Do, the Songs Carmen Sang (Concord) Carol Sloane: You Must Believe in Spring, Heart's Desire (Concord) 9:39pm Carol Sloane; Herb Pomeroy Quartet: Lover Come Back To Me, Live from Studio One (Onlu on 89.7) Carol Sloane: Spring Is Here, Live At 30th Street (Columbia) Carol Sloane: My Melancholy Baby, Live at 30th Street (Columbia) Carol Sloane: in A Sentimental Mood, Live at 30th Street (Columbia) 9:55pm Carol Sloane: Deep Purple, I Never Went Away (HighNote) 10:06pm Clark Terry; Carol Sloane: They All Laughed, Live at Scullers in 1997 (Only on 89.7) Clark Terry; Carol Sloane: Autumn Nocturne, Live at Scullers 1997 (Only on 89.7) Clark Terry; Carol Sloane: Blueberry Hill, Live at Scullers 1997 (Only on 89.7) 10:29pm Carol Sloane: Guess Who I Saw Today, Early Hours (CBS Sony) Carol Sloane: Angel Eyes, Early Hours (CBS Sony) Carol Sloane: Body And Soul, Early Hours (CBS Sony) 10:46pm Carol Sloane: In My Solitude, Sophisticated Lady (Trip LP/Japan) Carol Sloane: Mood Indigo, Sophisticated Lady (Trio LP/Japan) Carol Sloane: I've Got A Crush on You, But Not For Me (CBS Sony) 11:04pm Carol Sloane: Early Autumn, The Real Thing (Contmeporary) Carol Sloane: One Morning in May, Sweet andSlow (Concord) Carol Sloane: Midnight Sun, When I Look in Your Eyes (Concord) 11:25pm Carol Sloane: Stardust, A Night of Ballads (Baybridge/Japan) Carol Sloane: The Very Thought of You, A Night of Ballads (Baybridge/Japan) Carol Sloane: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, A Night of Ballads (Baybridge/Japan) Carol Sloane: For All We Know, A Night of Ballads (Baybridge/Japan) Carol Sloane: My Ideal, A Night of Ballads (Baybridge/Japan) 11:45pm Carol Sloane: Memories of You, Whisper Sweet (HighNote) Carol Sloane: The Night We Called It A Day, Whisper Sweet (HighNote) 11:57pm Carol Sloane: Life is Just A Bowl of Cherries, Out of The Blue (Columbia) Only on 89.7! performances and recordings are exclusive WGBH Radio productions and are not commercially available.
  10. Jaleel Shaw

    Jaleel was in Boston a couple of weeks ago as a part of the Roy Haynes Quartet at Scullers Jazz Club. He shone throughout the night particularly on a ballad feature, Embraceable You. His new CD "Perspective" on Fresh Sounds New Talent, is well worth investigating. It also features Mark Turner and Robert Glasper
  11. Last September I produced a two-hour Porgy and Bess radio Special using over a dozen differnt jazz versions of the Gershwin/Hayward folk opera. That Special in now available on demand from the WGBH website. It will be up and running until March 6th. Simply go to: and follow links. Enjoy!
  12. Ted Curson. Who remembers him?

    I also spent some time with Ted as he was holding court in the lobby of the Hilton hotel during last months IAJE conference. He's taken on the appearence of a buddha, white beard, full belly, giant smile. He once told me a great story about his time with Mingus. He had just joined Charles' band, a fresh faced young kid from Philly, and they were playing a club in NYC, The Showplace, maybe? Ted was soloing and feeling very good about what he was playing and the audience response to it. He finished his solo and while still reveling in what he had just accomplished he felt Mingus' breath on his neck and a whisper in his ear, "Ted, great solo! Don't ever play it again! Curson told me he learned more about playing jazz in that one monent then he had ever learned in his life up to that point. A photo I made of Ted adorns our website. He gave me permission to use it as our logo:
  13. Ted Curson on Demand

    On Ted Curson's last birthday I featured his music on my radio show. That 2 hour Special is now avaialble on demand at: Go there and click on "Jazz from studio Four" Enjoy!
  14. Harold Land's "Take Aim"

    Take Aim has just been reissued on Mighty Quinn Records ( This seems to be a legit reissue from EMI Music Special Markets. Pepper Adamas "Critic's Choice" and Don Ellis "Essence" both old World Pacific releases are also available Steve
  15. Live Jazz on WGBH Radio, Boston

    Thanks Kevin. I'll pass your kind words on to my Engineer for the broadcast, Alan Mattes. Everything went fine. There was great creative energy from pianist Leo (pronounced lay-o) Blanco and his band. He brought Jamie Haddad with him the play drums and percussion. He is amazing, getting so many different sounds out of the toys and percussion that he brought with him. He reminded me of watching Rahsaan Roland Kirk. You never knew what he was going to get a sound out of and what it would sound like. Constantly creative. Saxophonist Rick DiMuzio and bassist Peter Slavov rounded out the band. They played all Blanco originals. A very satisfying broadcast. Go to for more information. We do two live performances a month on GBH and I'll try and keep you all informed as they come up.
  16. On Tuesday, May 3rd at 9pm (DST) you can hear Venezuelan pianist Leo Blanco ( and his Quartet perform live on WGBH radio in Boston. all you need to do is log on to Click on "Eric in The Evening" Enjoy!
  17. Benny Bailey has died

    I posted this elsewhere earlier today but there are enough Benny Bailey fans here to post again: Enough Already! Arnie Lawrence, Stan Levey, Percy Heath, Jimmy Woode, NHOP to name a few and now Benny Bailey. I got to know Benny when I decided to feature his music on my radio program in August of 2003. The occasion was his 78th birthday. The more I kept digging, the more I found until it was obvious that all five hours were going to be about Benny and his musical output. I called him in Amsterdam a couple of times and we had some nice conversations, he giving me little informational tidbits about his recordings with Dexter and Quincy and Klook and others. I later sent him a copy of the program on CD and he wrote me back the sweetest thank you note. What follows is my playlist for that show. Thank you for the music Benny. RIP Steve Schwartz THE MUSIC OF BENNY BAILEY (b. 8/13/1925) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 7:05pm Benny Bailey: I Remember Love, I Remember Love (Laika) Benny Bailey: Johanna's Waltz, Angel Eyes (Laika) Benny Bailey: Home (Where Shadows Fall), Enja 7:33pm Benny Bailey: Aquarian Moods, Serenade to A Planet (EGO (LP)) Benny Bailey: Reflectory, Grand Slam (Storyville) 7:54pm Bernhard Pichl: North Star Street, On The Corner (Unknown) Harry Arnold Orchestra: Meet Benny Bailey, Quincy Jones Jazz 'Round Midnight (Verve) 8:10pm Kenny Clarke: Jay Mac; Jumpin' There; Confirmation, Complete 1946-1950 (Jazz Factory) Benny Bailey: Yardbird Suite, I Thought About You (Laika) 8:32pm Dexter Gordon: At Ronnie's, Revelation (Steeplechase) Dexter Gordon: Red Top, Sophisticated Giant (Columbia) 8:55pm Benny Bailey: One of Those Love Songs, Islands (Enja) Domagoy Ralasic: I Should Care, The Bag is Packed (Timeless) Benny Bailey: While My Lady Sleeps, While My Lady Sleeps (Gemini) 9:22pm Teddy Edwards/Benny Bailey: Out of Nowhere; Bird Legs, Steady With Teddy 1946-1948 (Cool and Blue) Lionel Hampton: Rag Mop, Hamp (Decca/MCA) Benny Bailey: Peruvian Nights, I Remember Love (Laika) 9:45pm Eric Dolphy: The Meeting, The Berlin Concert (InnerCity) Eric Dolphy/Abbey Lincoln: T'aint Nobody's Business, Candid Dolphy (Candid) Charlie Rouse/Benny Bailey: L'il Sherry, Upper Manhattan Jazz Society (Enja LP) 10:07pm Benny Bailey: Maud's Mood; Hard Sock Dance, Big Brass (Candid) Quincy Jones: Stockholm Sweetnin', Q Live in Paris Circa 1960 (Qwest/WB) Benny Bailey: Fallen Feathers, The Music of Quincy Jones (Argo) 10:34pm Les McCann/Eddie Harris: The Generation Gap, Swiss Movement Charlie Mariano: Blooz, Concerto Pour une Voix (M&I Records) 10:56pm Stan Getz: Topsy, In Sweden 1958-1960 (Dragon) Clarke/Boland Big Band: Griff's Groove, Big Band Sound (MPS/BASF) Clarke/Boland Big Band: I'm Glad There Is You, En Concert avec Europe (Europe1) 11:18pm Freddie Redd: Lost Love, Redd's Blues (Blue Note) Billy Mitchell: Prompt, De Lawd's Blues (Xanadu) 11:36pm Benny Bailey: Mirrors, Mirrors (Freedom LP) Benny Bailey: I Thought About You, I Thought About You (Laika) Benny Bailey: If You Could See Me Now, Laika 11:55pm Benny Bailey: Groovin' High, No Refill (TCB Records) END
  18. Percy Heath R.I.P.

    There might be others but Percy is the only living jazz musician I can think of who recorded with both Charlie Parker and Ornette Coleman not to mention the hundreds of others he's worked and recorded with. Let's keep him in our thoughts
  19. Saturday March 12, 1955

    The license plate on my car reads: BRDLVS
  20. Charles Lloyd Corner

    Guy: I won't be playing those Columbia's in there entirity but they will be in the show. The program will be available on demand thru the website at some point but there is a backlog for my shows so it may not show up for a month or a couple of months. Check occasionally and it will show up eventually. You'll be able to hear the entire two hours.
  21. Charles Lloyd Corner

    For anyone interested I'll be playing two hours of Charles Lloyd on my radio show tomorrow, Friday night, March 11th, from 8p-10p. I have his first two albums as a leader, both on Columbia, "Discovery' and "Of Course, Of Course." I'll be playing from both of them. Tune in if you can Also, March 15th is his 67th birthday. Also, he'll be playing as Scullers jazz Club in Boston on April 14-15
  22. René Thomas

    Rene's birthday was this past Friday. I featured two hours of his music on my radio program. Here is the playlist: SPECIAL FEATURE : RENE THOMAS 8:00pm Rene Thomas: How Long Has This Been Going On, Guitar Groove (Jazzland OJCCD 1725) Rene Thomas - Bobby Jaspar: Theme For Freddie, Quintet (RCA/BMG 75122) Chet Baker: Pent Up House, Italian Sessions (RCA Bluebird 2001-2RB) Sonny Rollins: Grand Street; Far Out East; Who Cares, Sonny Rollins and Big Brass (Verve 75452-2) 8:43pm Rene Thomas: Burt's Pad; Autobuzz; Thomasia, THe 1954 Paris Sessions (Vogue 229125) Thomas - Jaspar Quintet: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Quintet (BMG/RCA 75122) Rene Thomas: Milestones, Guitar Groove (Jazzland OJCCD 1725-2) 9:09pm Sonny Criss: Day Dream, Mr Blues pour flirter (Verve Universal 231-2) Rene Thomas: Hannie's Dream; West Coast Blues, Meeting Mister Thomas (Verve Universal 812-2) 9:26pm Stan Getz: Invitation; Ballad for Leo, Dynasty (Verve 839117-2) 9:41pm Eddie Louiss: You've changed, Trio (Dreyfus FDM 36501) Rene Thomas: My Old Flame, The Real Cat (Verve Universal 549-400-2) Rene Thomas: Like Someone in Love, Guitar Groove (Jazzland OJCCD-1725)
  23. While cleaning out a file cabinet recently I came across the February 28, 1964 issue of Time, The Weekly Magazine (thirty cents), volume 83 No. 9, with Jazzman Thelonious Monk on the cover, painted by Boris Chaliapin. The cover banner reads: JAZZ: Bebop and Beyond. The story inside, written by Barry Farrell, is called The Lonliest Monk. I've had this collector's item in my possession for over 40 years My question is this: Does anyone know what this artifact might be worth. I've never seen it on ebay or other jazz auction sites. I don't want to get rid of it but I am curious as to it's value. Thanks! Steve Schwartz
  24. Today is Don Pullen's Birthday

    I played Don's solo piece "Ode To Life" and "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" with George Adams last night on my radio program. I was featuring music for the holidays and didn't want to play the same old Christmas tunes. Subliminally, I must have known it was his birthday. His playing is so spiritual. Don and George with Cameron Brown and Dannie Richmond used to play the old 1369 Club in Cambridge often. We never missed them. Always Know
  25. Happy Birthday Barry Harris!

    Barry lives in Weehauken, NJ. When I called to wish him a Happy Birthday he was practicing at the piano, getting ready for his birthday celebration/gig at Swing46 in Manhattan. Enclosed is my play list from a two hour Birthday feature last Friday night: 8:03pm FEATURE/Barry Harris (b. 12/15/1929); Barry Harris: Parker's Mood, Live At Maybeck Barry Harris: I Should Care, Preminando (Riverside) Barry Harris: Body and Soul, Listen To Barry Harris (Riverside) 8:19pm Barry Harris: Oblivion, The LastTime I Saw Paris (Venus Records) Barry Harris: Webb City, Luminescence (Prestige) Roni Ben-Hur with Barry Harris: Dance of the Infidels, Backyard (TCB Music) 8:41pm Cannonball Adderley: Jeannine, Them Dirty Blues (Riverside) Lee Morgan: Boy, What A Night, The Sidewinder (Blue Note) Sonny Criss: Saturday Morning, Saturday Morning (Prevue/Xanadu) 9:04pm Frank Morgan: Embraceable You, You Must Believe in Spring (Antilles) Yusef Lateef: P Bouk, Into Sosmething (Prestige New Jazz) Sonny Stitt: Casbah, End Game Brilliance (32 Jazz) 9:26pm Barry Harris: Soultrane; If You Could See Me Now; Hot House, Barry Harris Plays Tadd Dameron (Prevue/Xanadu) 9:45pm Barry Harris: Monk Medley: Reflections, Light Blue, Well you Needn't, Rhythm-a-ning, For the Moment (Uptown) Barry Harris: 'Round Midnight, The Last Time I Saw Paris (Venus Music) END OF FEATURE