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  1. Yusef Lateef - PSYCHICEMOTUS

    So what's going on here? Ubu tells us he saw the Lateef (same batch, right?) in jewel case packaging. ← And he's right! At least for the GSA territory (which means Germany-Switzerland-Austria). Though the batch (Barbieri, Ayler, White, Lateef, Payne, Sanders..) was here announced as part of the LPR series it is delivered as "Impulse Originals" and is in Jewel Case Packaging!!!
  2. It seems that you have to wait some weeks because UNIVERSAL was forced to stop delivering, due to legal problems... I've no exact informations so far, as the producer of the series is on holiday and will be back in two weeks time. I hope I'll come back with more and better infos then. Christian Emil, danke für Deine PM!
  3. As good as the Woods-sessions are (actually I found them great too when listening) it seems - at least for the moment - that there will be NO OFFICIAL RELEASE as Phil Woods didn't agree to put them out. Even worse: Phil Woods might have convinced JIMMY HEATH to follow his exemple, and the Heath sessions, which were planned to be paired with the Woods dates, are also on hold, though Jimmy Heath has initially agreed to release them! Vol.2 will be ART FARMER - and as Emil has pointed out - the CD is scheduled for late autumn 2005 Christian
  4. New MPs reissues

    Great to see the interest in this new batch! But I thought we have allready a place to discuss this... http://www.organissimo.org/forum/index.php...opic=3325&st=15 (page 2 - scroll down to the very end) B)
  5. Ronnie Ross

    After a first listen: "Margret Rose" is a Koller Session (Dec. 62) and very good. Typical Koller of the early Sixties. Some tracks are with a String Quartet, very subtle arranged. Though I think the best tracks (six) will be on the Forum West Sampler. Anyway, Koller & Pauer on one CD (with a total of 17 tracks) is a must for an Austrian. "The Rambler" is Fritz Pauer with Joe Nay & Dieter Gützkow as is "Beat The Beat" (both 1966). Very solid playing but still not the quality of his debut as a leader on MPS 3 years later (Live At The Berlin Jazz Galerie) "Animals Talk" is Pauer solo. All compositions by him. And if you like his composing it's also a must "Night Bounce" consists of 3 different sessions - one led by Attila Zoller, one by Wolfgang Dauner (with Eberhard Weber - 1964!!!) and the above mentioned 4 tracks led by Ronnie Ross with Koller! The "Unforgettable Ronnie Ross" is the highlight so far! Both - "Abstractions" by Mangelsdorff (with Sauer, Lenz, Hübner und Kronberg (on alto)) and "Avantgarde" (with Manfred Schoof, Gerd Dudek, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Buschi Niebergall und Jaki Liebzeit) - are looking very promising too, but I didn't get those so far. - Christian
  6. Ronnie Ross

    couw, there are CDs! Acutally, I'm listening to the Ronnie Ross right now. Mr. Siegi Pleyer from "Musikverlage Hans Wewerka" has offered to present them at Virgin Vienna (I'm the Dept.Manager there). We have to order directly in Munich as there are no distributors interested so far. Maybe this will change after the release of the "Forum West"-CD! - Christian
  7. Ronnie Ross

    Those titles should stem from sessions held in July 1965 at Trixi Studios, Munich You'll find the complete tracklisting here (as well as the CD "Unforgettable Ronnie Ross): http://www.wewerka-online.de (go to "catalogue & artists" and click "Jazz Collection") Ronnie Ross - bars Dick Spencer - as Don Menza - ts (9,10,11) Rudi Risavy - fl (2,3,4) Rick Kiefer - tr (1,2,5,7 - 12) Rudi Fuessers - tb (1,2,5,7 - 12) Pepsi Auer - p (1 - 4) Joe Haider - p (7 - 12) Peter Trunk - b Pierre Favre - dr (1 - 6) Cees See - dr (7 - 12) Tracks 9 to 12 are possibly under the leadership of Peter Trunk 4 further tracks from December 1963 you'll find on "Night Bounce" (tracks 9 to 12) Ronnie Ross - bars Hans Koller - ts Rudi Flierl - ts Dick Spence - as Ira Kris - guit Hans Rettenbacher - b Meinrad Geppert - dr More info on "Wewerka Archive" you'll get here: http://www.sonarkollektiv.de/releases/SK019CD/ - Christian
  8. MPS reissues - can anybody

    More unreleased Koller-, Pauer- & Ross-material from this archive (which include also sessions by Mangelsdorff, Zoller, Manfred Schoof) you'll get here: http://www.wewerka-online.de (go to "catalogue & artists" and then click "Jazz Collection") Christian
  9. Hans Koller dies

    You'll find 6 previously unreleased tracks by Koller (with Fritz Pauer) on that release: http://www.sonarkollektiv.de/releases/SK019CD/ excellent stuff! (as the two tracks by Ronnie Ross!) Christian
  10. MPS reissues - can anybody

    You'll find some previously unreleased stuff by KOLLER, PAUER & Ronnie ROSS on that issue: http://www.sonarkollektiv.de/releases/SK019CD/ Christian
  11. MPS reissues - can anybody

    scheduled for March 29 981 479 0 Clarke Boland Big Band - All Smiles 981 478 9 Clarke Boland Big Band - More Smiles 981 480 5 Clarke Boland Big Band - Fellini 712 981 479 4 Nelson Riddle - Changing Colors 981 479 5 Nelson Riddle - Communication 981 480 6 Horst Jankowski - Jankowskeynotes Christian
  12. MPS reissues - can anybody

    "My little Cello" has been omitted due to time reservations and has been put on that Philips-LP, which was a tribute to the late Pettiford. The Black Lion Album was recorded January 1959 in Vienna. The MPS date in Baden-Baden one month later. At this time the Pettiford-Koller Quartet was a working unit so there was no deal of that sort Ubu has mentioned. In JEBs opinion this band has been - at least at this time - the best combo in German Jazz (though none of the players were German!) "Das Hans Koller-Oscar Pettiford-Quartett war die beste Combo, die es damals im deutschen Jazz gab (für viele ist sie auch heute noch die beste!) und es machte in diesem Zusammenhang nichts, dass sie aus einem österreichischen Tenorsaxophonisten, einem ungarischen Gitarristen, einem schwarzen Amerikaner und einem weissen bestand." Christian
  13. What would like to see get re-issued?

    Here's a link to the AAJ Board... I DO hope that it works... http://forums.allaboutjazz.com/showthread....20&pagenumber=1 Christian