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  1. Flip Phillips "Your Place Or Mine?" on CD

    Perhaps (and this is just a guess) Delmark picked up the session and thought it fit best on the Jump label. Hopefully Delmark's front page will be updated soon to announce this release. In any case I'm just glad there's more Flip coming to CD!
  2. Flip Phillips "Your Place Or Mine?" on CD

    I believe Delmark Records now owns and has been re-issuing material from the Jump Label.
  3. Available on CD for the first time, "Your Place Or Mine?" by Flip Phillips. Best remembered for his tenor saxophone playing with Norman Granz’Jazz at the Philharmonic from 1946 to 1957 Flip Phillips was a giant of a jazz artist. Phillips moved to Florida in 1954 where aside from occasional tours he was content to play locally in semiretirement. This 1963 duet recording with guitarist Dell Staton was one of only 2 albums Phillips made in the almost 20 years period after JATP. 1. Come Rain or Come Shine 4:29 2. Ja Da 3:34 3. Just Say I Love Her 3:23 4. Talk of the Town 3:54 5. Summertime 2:35 6. Nuages 3:09 7. Scatterbrain 1:42 8. Chloe 4:55 9. Moonlight In Vermont 4:30 10. Jazz Me Blues 2:45 11. Stars Fell on Alabama 3:20 12. With Someone New 2:56 13. Gone with the Wind 2:49 Coming June 16th. or
  4. I noticed a few weeks ago that his book A Life In Jazz is being re-issued. Glad to see the legendary Mr. Barker getting some attention.
  5. Labels not searchable at Amazon

    Thanks so much! They re-designed some things and I was looking all over for it.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that it seems to be no longer possible to search by record label in the CD section at Amazon? You used to be able to do searches like "Uptown Records" or "Progressive Records" and get an entire listing of a label. But not anymore. Am I missing something or did Amazon actually do away with this valuable tool?
  7. I have for sale a Japanese import CD entitled BILLY HART - WALTER BISHOP JR: THE TRIO from Solid/Progressive Records (CDSOL-6721) It is BRAND NEW, STILL SEALED with strip and is in perfect, mint condition. $13 (shipping included) to the U.S. I accept PayPal. Please PM me if interested.
  8. Joe Bushkin Quartet Live at the Embers 1952

    I read this is an unreleased session, but the tunes and run times look identical to the IAJRC CD "Buck Clayton Live at the Embers". Am I wrong or is this material the same as the earlier CD?
  9. Herschell Gordon Lewis, RIP

    Herschell Gordon Lewis was certainly an American original. For those interested, there is a massive Blu-ray/DVD box set coming out next month containing all of his most famous films entitled The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast. It is from Arrow Video and looks to be an incredible set.
  10. Erroll Garner: Ready Take One

    Great News! I really hope this opens up an opportunity for even more unreleased Garner in the near future.
  11. FS - BRAND NEW Jazz CDs

    Thanks jazztrain! Your Louis Armstrong CD sets will be in the mail Monday morning!
  12. Hi.

    I'll take the two 2-cd Armstrong sets (Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl and Satchmo at Symphony Hall).



    1. thirdtry


      Thanks!  Just send $34 to my Paypal address:  I can try to get these out to you tomorrow but since my wife just had surgery yesterday it might be Monday.  Thanks, Jeff

  13. Here's a batch of BRAND NEW, STILL SEALED CDs I'm selling. All are in perfect, sealed, mint condition except where noted. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN PRICES and I'm only able to ship to the U.S. PayPal only. Please PM me if interested and I will get right back to you. Thanks! Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl 2CD set (Verve/Hip-O-Select) $9 Louis Armstrong - Satchmo at Symphony Hall: The Complete Performances 2CD set (Verve/Hip-O-Select) $25 Louis Armstrong - C'est Ci Bon: Satchmo in the Forties 4CD (Proper) $10 Charlie Barnet - Lonely Street (Lonehill Jazz) $8 Duke Ellington - Ellington '65 (Collectables) $12 Duke Ellington - Ellington '66 (Collectables) $8 Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald at the Cote D'azur 2CD set (Verve) $12 Count Basie at the Sands (Before Frank) (Reprise) $25 Art Blakey - Ugetsu (OJC/Riverside) (not sealed but still has security sticker in place) $6 Art Blakey - Caravan (OJC/Riverside) (not sealed but still has security sticker in place) $6 Woody Herman - 4 Brothers: The Thundering Herds 1945-1947 (Definitive) $35 Wingy Manone 1935-1936 (Classics) (original issue, not CD-R) $18 The Don Redman Orchestra - 1946 Geneva (TCB) (still sealed but cut-out in spine) $7 Carl Sonny Leyland & Kim Cusack - Stompin' Upstairs (Rivermont) $10 Mike Walbridge's Chicago Footwarmers - Crazy Rhythm (Delmark) $10 Dexter Gordon - Come Rain or Come Shine (JHR) $6 Blind Alfred Reed - Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order (Document) $14 The Kenny Drew Trio at The Brewhouse - DVD - (Storyville Films, Region 0 - playable everywhere) $6
  14. Bob Koester has opened a new shop.

    Good for Bob! I'm surprised he opened up shop again so quickly but I'm glad he did. If memory serves, the front part of the studio is pretty small (and very cluttered the last time I was there) but could be a nice little space. Long live Bob Koester and Delmark Records!
  15. Verve reissues 2016 for 60th anniversary

    If Verve really wanted to do something nice for their 60th anniversary, they could bring back into print some of their great box sets like the Jazz at the Philharmonic set, the complete Lester Young set, and the Norman Granz Jam Sessions box. That would be worthwhile.