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  1. Outstanding jazz piano solos, your favorites

    I'd love to hear "Jimmy's Rocks" by Jimmy Yancey, from his 1943 recordings, again. All of Yancey's piano solos are perfect evolutions of themes into compact compositions. This one is a fast version of "Death Letter Blues." The great slow version of that theme is "At the Window," which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever.
  2. Name Three People...

    Sammy Cahn Billy Conn The Confidence Man
  3. Report that Gerald Wilson has passed away

    As I recall, the program booklet with the Mayfield Complete Tangerines CD said who arranged what.
  4. A nagging question about the death of John Coltrane

    Well said, Steve. Once an addict, always, even if we're clean and dry for decades. In all the writings about John Coltrane that I've seen and talk I've heard, I've never seen or heard any mention of erratic, that is, drunken behavior after mid-1957.
  5. Name Three People...

    Huntz Hall Hall Overton Two Tuns Of Fun
  6. 100 Overlooked Recordings Worth Listening To

    Obviously Organissimo members are deep into jazz and its history. What I'm afraid of is that the people I listed are probably unheard by the vast majority of Down Beat readers and jazz-radio listeners.
  7. 100 Overlooked Recordings Worth Listening To

    Now, John, if you would like to list your 100 overlooked pre-Bird jazz recordings, I know that I for one would be VERY interested in seeing that list ... The music has been reissued in many many different ways on LP and CD. Offhand I'm thinking of probably more than 100 CDsfull of wonderful music: the Sam Morgan / Oscar Celestin album; the Prestige LP by the Fletcher-Horace Henderson band including the epic Coleman Hawkins solos "I've Got To Sing a Torch Song" and "Talk of the Town"; the American Music albums by Bunk Johnson w/George Lewis and the George Lewis w/Kid Shots; the Spike Hughes Deccas with Hawkins and other Americans; the Fletcher Henderson Deccas of 1931-33; the Fletcher Henderson Columbia properties that were in the "Study In Frustration" box; the Flecher Henderson Victors; all early Django Reinhardt sessions up to and including the quintet with Hubert Roistang; the Benny Goodman-Lester Young-Charlie Christian-Basie septet date, which has some of the most detailed and subtle Prez solos ever - mind-blowing; in fact, all early Basie bands with Prez, especially with him and Hershel Evans or Buddy Tate; better yet, all 1930s and 1940s Prez; Armstrong's Hot 5s and 7s are perhaps less overlooked than his later music; definitely his Columbia and Victor big band recordings and his Deccas up to about 1940 or so; the Chu Berry-Cab Calloway Mosaic box; pre-LP-era Ellington Columbia, Decca, and Victor properties; the Bessie Smith Story (4 Columbia LPs); Tiny Parham's band; Johnny Dodds' 1920s groups, including the NewO Wanderers/Bootblacks, also 2 songs w/o vocals from Dodds' 1938 Deccas w/Charlie Shavers; all King Oliver bands; 2 or 3 CDs of the best of Fats Waller singing; another CD of Waller's Victor piano solos; and a few years ago Larry Kart found CDs of priceless Waller solo piano music, CDs that I have never been able to find since then (sigh); Ma Rainey, Bix, Mildred Bailey, Jelly, Freddie Keppard, Jimmie Noone, Teschemaker, Condon, Teagarden, Goodman, Bud Freeman, Pee Wee Russell, the Lunceford and Chick Webb and Andy Kirk and Goodman and Shaw and Krupa and Thornhill and Woody Herman Herd and Benny Carter big bands; AND lots of others of the 1920s-40s. I'm also fond of a lot of pre-electric blues and revival jazz, and I think things like the Bunk Johnson and Paul Lingle GTJs and David Dallwitz's "Ern Malley Suite" should be numbers 101, 102, and 103.
  8. Do you prefer concertos for piano or for violin?

    Familiarity breeds contentment and I've heard more piano concertos than violin concertos.
  9. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Yes, who took that great cover photo?
  10. Report that Gerald Wilson has passed away

    Hank Crawford wrote maybe half of the arrangements on the Tangerine sessions, Gerald Wilson did the rest. To me "Never Say Naw" is an especially affecting Crawford setting.
  11. Name Three People...

    Johnny Otis Dick Oatts Ry Cooder
  12. Report that Gerald Wilson has passed away

    Gerald Wilson arranged these. Ray Charles is the pianist and the band and record label are his.
  13. Name Three People...

    Lorin Maazel E,J. Moeran Moran
  14. 100 Overlooked Recordings Worth Listening To

    I have an unhappy feeling that in 2014 not many jazz collectors of my generation, let alone younger generations, are at all curious about any music recorded before Charlie Parker.
  15. Name some Prestige CDs you find underrated

    Jeff Albert, Michael Vlatkovich, Wolter Wierbos, and I hope Gunther Christmann is still playing trombone. Here's Wycliffe Gordon with Daryl Sherman - another reason I like him:
  16. Name Three People...

    Kalaparusha Kali Z. Fasteau Speedoo (real name: Mr. Earl)
  17. 2014 Chicago Jazz Festival

    It was over 2 days ago but I'm still kind of glowing. Especially glorious music each afternoon - best of all was probably the very first set of the fest, Keefe Jackson's Likely So. The seven reed players all played beautifully, even better than on the album, and they had even rehearsed Keefe's bubbly scores. On the last afternoon were Tomeka Reid's quartet with Mary Halvorson, who sounded inspired; Jason Adasiewicz and Sun Rooms, who swung like mad; and Tootie Heath's trio, which had Ethan Iverson playing a lot of sweet melodies. Some good music on the evening shows too - two favorites were Tom Harrell's songs and lovely flugelhorn playing and George Freeman-Mike Allemana. George was so full of rich blues and dark harmonies and Allemana and his trio were wonderfully sensitive to him, and they played on George's high level, too. I had to miss 3 or 4 acts that were highly promising, but that's what happens at festivals. As usual the weather forecasts were for rain and as usual there was nary a drop. Another sunshine festival in Chicago.
  18. Name some Prestige CDs you find underrated

    A number of the Swingville albums, like Bud Freeman-Shorty Baker, Coleman Hawkins-Tiny Grimes, Coleman Hawkins All-Stars, Hawkins-Charlie Shavers, Claude Hopkins, Arnett Cobb, etc., were seriously underappreciated when they were issued. Has anyone here read Weinstock's novel about a jazz-record producer who falls in love with a long-haired country singer? I'm curious about it.
  19. Henry Threadgill

    Heavens, that's going to be quite a festival, and all by various Threadgill bands. it would be great to go to NYC that weekend. The improvised polyphony that Threadgill's been aiming for in the last couple decades sounds almost harmolodic to me. Maybe it's a stretch of the partly composed polyphony of his Sextett and earlier bands.
  20. Locked out of New Content threads

    Beginning this week, when I click on "View New Content," Organissimo displays either no lists or else only a list of threads I posted comments on in the past. On the left-hand side of my "New Content" page, "Other" has me clicked on three of the four items and will not let me unclick them. How can I return to viewing the list of all the new content on all topics from everybody?
  21. Locked out of New Content threads

    Paul, thank you. Today for a change the unclick worked and all the new content is showing. Scott, thank you. It's working today!
  22. Locked out of New Content threads

    how can we dump a cookie?
  23. Thanks for the kind words, Steve, I only just saw them today. Wells is one of my favorite trombonists and I remember enjoying his book when it appeared years ago (lost it then). I'm curious about that Golden Age book. 1939-42 included Hawkins "Body & Soul," 2 years of Prez w/Basie, Ellington's last Columbias and his Blanton-Webster band, BG w/Christian, Armstrong w/Catlett, Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit," and the births of Roscoe Mitchell and Lester Bowie, to name things that first come to mind.
  24. Name Three People...

    Todd Barkan Snoop Doggy Dogg Kitty Carlisle
  25. some great young talent

    Pete Benson isn't all that young any more, but he is a distinctive organist whom I hope gets heard a lot. Plays with George Freeman-Mike Allemana a.o.