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  1. Toronto is where I saw him in '60s ,at the Town Tavern,with Frank Foster, during a hugh snow storm,only few people showed up, wish I had a recording of that set ,he played like it was packed ,what kind of cancer did he have ?
  2. Pepper Adams' Joy Road: An Annotated Discography By Gary Carner sampling excerpts of the book online, reveals how hard things were even up to the 80s ,for greats like Pepper. gigs, recordings not paid for, terrible recording conditions, some now considered masterpieces, like Pepper, Herbie H with Donald Byrd .I assume the reason this is so expensive $75 is because it’s a scholarly text, but I doubt it will get many sales.
  3. don't see any pics of Bird he mentions he had toured Sweden on this rare audio Bird interviewed on Lenard Feather radio show,
  4. Playing “Jazz” Is a Crime in North Korea...... government accused Kim of playing “jazz,” a blanket label for depraved Western music not sanctioned by the state. Police made him write a 10-page self-criticism over and over. Humiliated and angry, he fled his fatherland. if it was Kenny G , they have a point..............
  5. I came across this live set from 2004,, Jimmy Smith Group Live in Bratislava 2004, JS hardly plays, Mark Whitfield carries all the solos,
  6. "what people have to say about Andrew Hill".... I saw him Live,in mid 60s,just a handsome dude in custom made suits. Seemed like he was trying to expand on Monk,but I could't get into his compositions or dissonant playing but I did like Point of Departure due to Eric dolphy,Joe henderson & tony williams.
  7. a genius in any genre,played great Latin jazz,Brazillian,solo piano & the only "smooth jazz" I could ever listen to George Duke, the legendary jazz keyboardist, died on Monday, his publicist tells NPR.
  8. Thanks for link; one of my favourite Grant Green tunes: Idle Moments I have a bootleg I downloaded, don’t know any details, of another blues genius , Shuggie Otis ,with Jack Mcduff B3, on a Etta James live session, do you know anything about a live recording with those players ?
  9. now 42yrs later he seems to be returning to jazz roots, I found a new CD (2012) by . Thompson “mixology” ,on doodlin records http://www.sfgate.com/movies/article/Chester-Thompson-returns-to-jazz-roots-4243350.php Black Jazz Records ..Powerhouse an LP I used to wear out, was an energizer ,no guitar just 2 horns
  10. I disagree, Jimmy McGriff was a great jazz organist, his timing & classy comping & solos were influenced by Count Basie’s band.. Check # 10,Yard Bird Suite, his solo is masterful. In the above LP, some tracks have Buddy Rich, who he was working with in 74-75. I was working at a nearby club & had a drink with him in 75 ,when he worked for the Buddy Rich quartet, he told me they worked Vegas & even backed Sinatra.Anyone who Buddy Rich hired had to be the best.
  11. JOS seems to be well behaved on this video Jimmy Smith Quartet [ZDF Jazz Club - Leonberg, Germany - 1988 looks like it was filmed in a big concert hall or TV studio , to make it look like a jazz club, he’s in best behavior because was being filmed for German TV
  12. I got to meet & hear them back in the early 70s, her technique & taste were awesome the Fabulous Trudy Pitts, duo with hubby months before she passed at 78
  13. Sign the Petition Justice For Jazz Artists. Jazz musicians playing in major New York City clubs are not guaranteed fair pay, do not receive healthcare benefits and often retire in poverty. NYC’s Birdland, Blue Note, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, the Iridium, the Jazz Standard and the Village Vanguard refuse to pay into a pension fund that would allow jazz artists to retire with dignity
  14. Some great young talent :Kyle Koehler,Ron Jackson Ron Jackson's Hammond Organist Kyle Koehler I've heard Kyle with Lou Donaldson, more my groove, on other side,James Carter GERARD GIBBS : these guys have a lot of talent & energy,but seems they have to put on a theatrics R&R freak show to get concert gigs, James Carter GERARD GIBBS Organ Trio - Montreux Jazz Festival 2012
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