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  1. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    This is my aim... I've made some wonderful friends on the BNBB and it would suck to see those friendships trail off. If the BNBB is going to take away our freedoms and the AAJ board won't give us those same freedoms, then we can have them here. This board was set up for you guys (and gals) to come and talk and hang out and not worry about someone hanging over your head and censoring what you have to say. As long as we all treat each other in a civil manner, we'll have no problems. The only thing that would make me say something is if someone was personally attacking another person or using this board to spout hate. I won't stand for that. Anything else goes... any kind of music. Music is music. Life contains much more than music so we can talk about that as well. I will do my best to make this place user-friendly. Any and all comments/criticisms and questions are welcome.
  2. Those really bright headlights on cars...

    Stark white... the bluish ones were cheaper but the white ones are brighter. I came up behind a cop while I was testing them out... I was afraid he was going to pull me over!
  3. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Welcome JazzMoose! Good to see you! Hope you enjoy your stay! I'm getting more familair with this software... I really like it! More boards should use it.
  4. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    The guy who I buy webspace from (thechain.com) turned me on to it. It's very nice. The homepage is http://www.invisionboard.com. It's open source too, which is very cool! I like it better than most other bb software I've seen... especially the free ones!
  5. John Patton Corner

    Anyone here have that obscure Nilva label date that Patton is on with Grachan Moncur III? I've been looking for that one forever. The name escapes me at the moment.
  6. Recommendations for a pianist switching to B3?

    You are correct, Joseph-san!
  7. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Ooo! Cool! Let me know what you think! If you like it, consider writing a review at www.cdstreet.com
  8. How many times can Verve re-issue Soulville?

    Haha! Yeah, isn't this software cool!!! And it's free! CRAZY!
  9. Rhoda Scott

    Agreed... very good organist. I think Pete Fallico featured her on an "Women of Jazz Organ" concert awhile ago. Is that what you saw? Barbara Dennerlein was there too. Another great female organist! Do they really have a lot of Rhoda's work on Dusty Groove? That stuff is hard to find.
  10. John Patton Corner

    After that, grab some Boogaloo and then comes... UNDERSTANDING!!! B)
  11. Beyond Words

    There were so many layers it was hard to get a sense of what was going on in the car. I'd have to sit down with it and give it a good run through. One thing's for sure... Bobby is a mofo.
  12. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Thanks Jim. I appreciate that. I really do. Coming from a great musician, not to mention cool person such as you. We'll see how this baby works... I'll try my best to make it a cool place to hang.
  13. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Yeah, I'm still getting familiar with the software, so hang tight. Email me with any problems... As far as the back door, I haven't made a link on the main page of my website yet, but I'll get to that. This is merely a test of the Emergencey Bluenote System...
  14. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Done and done!
  15. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    No problem...
  16. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Your wish is my command.
  17. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    I just turned off the upload feature for now. I think I have to make the upload directory public... it might not be worth it. If you don't have server space to upload an image, let me know and I'll put it in one of my directories.
  18. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    I'm pretty sure I have it set so you can't upload avatars.. you have to host the image yourself somewhere. I can change that. Hold on.
  19. B3Bombers - Live at the Green Mill?

    It's on the AllTribe label, which I've never heard of either. The packaging looks nice! It's listed on Alan Lankin's Jazzmatazz site. http://jazzmatazz.home.att.net/
  20. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Language filter? We don't need no stinkin' language filter!!!
  21. Recommendations for a pianist switching to B3?

    Groove Holmes is the shiznit! He started out on organ... he didn't switch over from piano, so there's something about his playing that is different from everyone else. Number one, his basslines are so solid and swinging and he was an absolute monster on the pedals. Any of this recordings from the 60s are gems. Check out some of Bill Heid's records, too. He's the best kept secret in jazz organ. I can't believe how much press Tony Monaco has gotten and Bill is still so obscure. Don't get me wrong, Tony is a great player, but Bill Heid is a fantasic player too and composes some really memorable songs.
  22. Recommendations for a pianist switching to B3?

    There's a nice series of videos by BT Productions. They feature Bill Heid (one of my favorite organists) among others. It's a nice series that really teach you the basics of the instrument, from how to turn the thing on, to standard drawbar settings, to licks and basslines. Highly recommended for the beginner. Other than that, I would say listen to all the Jimmy Smith you can. That's the starting point, IMO.
  23. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Yeah, this software is sweet. My server dude turned me on to it. If you guys would really like to make this a new home, I can set up as many forums as you want. Just let me know. (b3-er)
  24. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Wow! This place is swell! I hope all my friends come in and rock the casba. Post away, fellow organissimo fans, BNBBers and neighbors and stuff. ps. Joe Gloss is way cool!