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  1. David Binney looks like he should be on a post office wall.
  2. RIP, Cedar. I originally bought his lp called Cedar! because KD was on it, but obviously learned a larger appreciation for Cedar himself. I enjoy his work with Blue Mitchell and "Mode For Joe" is one of my favorite of his compositions.
  3. I think that's it. Thanks, Marcelo. Turns out maybe it IS jazz-related.
  4. Does anyone remember the author and title of a book with a photo of Jackie McLean on the dust jacket? It was the same photo as the A Fickle Sonance album cover and it was published around 2001-2002. As I recall, it wasn't a book on jazz, but rather, maybe something sociological?
  5. jmjk

    Addison Farmer

    I am laughing my ass off at the way this thread has devolved. Degenerataed, even.
  6. Actually when I started reading this thread now (had never noticed it before) the original question immediately made me think of Frank Strozier too. Actually, when I started reading this thread, it made me think of Aric's thread back in the BNBB days asking whether Herbie Nichols was gay or not.
  7. I've actually gone a step beyond mp3s and often play streams when not at home (in the car, mostly). I have the Rhapsody app for my iPhone and for a small monthly charge, I can stream anything in their database---which is quite a lot. The sound quality is less than perfect most of the time, but I can deal with it. It's a good way to check out lots of music and if I like something, I'll buy the cd. So it's not much different that Spotify from a user POV, and it's just as mobile. I don't think I can totally give up a physical products like vinyl and cds, but streams and mp3s are fine for me in most daily situations.
  8. Tom, you may like his Brain Dance date on Criss Cross, which also has Eric Alexander. The version of "You Leave Me Breathless" on that album is something I re-visit often. I like Peter's playing a lot, and I wish I could grab a lesson or two with him. Maybe someday... Anyone hear the newish guy on Criss Cross named Jonathan Kreisberg? Love his phrasing.
  9. Thanks for the b-day greetings, folks! I wish I had more time to keep up on the O Forums, but it looks like you guys are doing fine without my input (just as ever...). Happy New Year, all!
  10. For me it's probably: Deliverance Blackwater Park Still Life My Arms, Your Hearse Damnation Morningrise Orchid Ghost Reveries Watershed Just because Ghost Reveries and Watershed are at the bottom of my list doesn't mean I dislike them. I actually like them both very much, just not as much as what came before. Ghost Reveries, in particular, is an eff-ing CRACKING album. I just don't get the same buzz off of that as I do the others, like Still Life, Blackwater and Deliverance. In addition to the regular releases, I've picked up the deluxe editions of Blackwater Park, Still Life, Ghost Reveries and Watershed just for the 5.1 mixes. Blackwater Park KILLS in 5.1, but I haven't had the time to dedicate to the others yet. (edit for sloppy spelling!)
  11. And I'd be hoping for an EVIL polka, at that!
  12. I feel this way to a certain extent also. Lopez was great, but I think Opeth's recent change in direction (since before Watershed) also followed Akerfeldt's whims at any given moment, maybe more than the absence of certain musicians in the band. I can appreciate that losing Lopez AND Peter had an impact, though. I see the run of albums from My Arms, Your Hearse through Damnation to be the best the band has done. They're all just incredible from start to finish. Last year's live set at the Royal Albert Hall was fantastic also. One think I'd LOVE to see is the fist two albums remixed. The music on Orchid and Morningrise is so powerful, but I can't listen to that bad guitar tone for an album's length of time---especially Morningrise. Beautiful, but not without pain to my ears (but maybe THAT'S the point? ).
  13. I see the death metal growling is just another approach in creating a tonal character for the music--like another color in a painted image. Just another instrument, really. When I first discovered Opeth, I was very alarmed by the growls, and felt that I maybe shouldn't be listening to this sort of stuff!! I remember even feeling guilty when I bought Blackwater Park, thinking I had done something irreverant (6 years of Catholic School will do that to you)! These days I welcome the dm growls, and I'm disappointed that the upcoming release will not contain this coloring. Will definitely try to catch the Worcester, MA show, or one of the NY shows in September.
  14. Good luck, Shawn! I think many of us have the desire to re-invent ourselves, and you're living it, dude.
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