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  1. Quote function

    The forum used to have a special "trash forum" where deleted posts and threads would go, but the software developers took that out. I asked if there was any way it could be re-implemented and they said no. The thing to do for the time being is to let me know AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS and I can have the database restored from a backup. We may lose a few posts, but that's better than an entire thread. After two days, it is too late.
  2. Quote function

  3. Bass Comping Registrations

    I use 808 000 000. Some folks like to put a bit of the second drawbar in there, like 828 000 000. To change how patches affect the lower manual when you select a new preset, go to the PATCH submenu and turn OFF the L/P parameter (Lower Preset). This is a global setting so once you change it, it stays that way... no saving required. For more information on what loads with each patch/preset, check out the PATCH LOAD section in the SK user manual, page 76.
  4. Hey friends,

    I'm selling some stuff to fund a Yamaha Montage purchase. Free shipping in the continental US for the first two. Up for grabs is:

    Yamaha FS1r - I bought this used off my local Craigslist probably 6 years ago. I don't have the box or any of the original manuals but it's in fantastic shape. I used it on my In Memorandom album as well as my progressive rock album THEO - The Game of Ouroboros It's a very unique synthesizer and I'm a bit wary of letting it go. $900 or BO.

    Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard - This is the monophonic keyboard version of the Mopho desktop module. I used this on the aforementioned albums pretty heavily but it's just not getting much use anymore. Classic analog Curtis chip sound. Fun to play! Original box and all that. Perfect shape. $500 or BO.

    Wurlitzer 206a student model electric piano (modified) - This is a 206a Wurli, which is the same as the 200a except it was made for the classroom. It used to have a big heavy base with two speakers in it and the sustain pedal. I removed the base since it was a pain to move for gigging and painted the Wurli red. I've had this since the mid-90s and have done some work on it though not in the last 10+ years. Everything works as it should. No tremolo (though that can be added via a kit from Vintage Vibe), no sustain pedal (again, can be purchased), and the tuning isn't perfect but it plays good and sounds great. Plugs in with a standard IEC power cord. 1/4" output. Sold as is. $600 OBO NO SHIPPING ON THIS ONE Local pickup only (Lansing, MI) though I can meet you somewhere as long as it's reasonable.

    EDIT: Also - Yamaha ES rack - This was my road dog for Root Doctor and the Janiva Magness band, so it's got some wear and tear cosmetically but still sounds and works great. New power supply (the old one died) from Yamaha. No original box but I've got the original manuals around here somewhere. $350 OBO. Free shipping in the continental US.
  5. Home again home again, jiggity ji...esus it's been 24 hours of trains, three planes, four airports, a taxi, and a 90 minute drive home from Windsor. But we're back. Good night.
  6. With special guests Brian Charette and Fareed Haque!
  7. So that whole thing about recovery? One more ain't gonna hurt.
  8. Going to miss this place.
  9. As usual, the Simpsons are ahead of the curve.
  10. Steamed mussels, Flemish stew, frittes, and beer. That was lunch. How do we top that for dinner?
  11. These tiny strawberries are the most delicious I've ever had. The weekend outdoor markets in Leuven are overflowing with fresh local produce and meats and cheeses and everything you could need for the coming week's meals.
  12. Ghent, Belgium.
  13. Ghent, Belgium.
  14. Looking out across from the Leuven train station.
  15. Enjoying the first (hopefully) annual Leuven Blues Festival. Great crowd for this inaugural music celebration.
  16. Beer, frites, and a beautiful woman. What else do I need?
  17. Alison's first Trappist. Yum!
  18. I think the thing that's even more creepy than Ted Cruz himself is the fact that his wife looks like him. He married himself. Ick.
  19. Off to Belgium from Canadia. Gonna be a fun trip!
  20. The cherry tree is happy this spring.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mve0UoSxTo
  22. Clif Metcalf gettin' it at Moriarty's right now.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhLS_Nnwqfs