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  1. Horace Tapscott

    I did a search and was surprised to see that Horace didn't have a thread of his own. I've been a fan of The Dark Tree for a few years, and have picked up a few other albums of his which I have enjoyed, notably Aieeeeeee! the Phantom, and also a few live recordings that are floating around the trading circles, but I've never really taken the time to explore his work as in depth as I would have liked. Recently I was browsing through Dustygroove and saw that the three volumes of The Tapscott Sessions that are out on cd are all really inexpensive. The Tapscott Sessions is a set of solo piano discs recorded in different sessions. They are up to volume 10 so far, but only the last three have been released on cd. The two I have listened to so far (8 & 9) have a really nice mix of cover songs and original tunes. Based on my first listens I'd highly recommend these, especially given the price. I'd be interested in reading people's thoughts and recommendations on other albums of his.
  2. I'm going to place an order for Roscoe's live album The Bad Guys and was hoping to get some feedback on a few other albums of his that I am considering. The albums I was hoping for comments on are: 3 x 4 Eye This Dance is for Steve McCall The Flow of Things Solo Live at Muhle Hunziken More Cutouts 8 O'clock Four Compositions Sound & Space Ensembles Out of these I am leaning towards This Dance is for Steve McCall, but I would love to hear from people who are more familiar with these recordings. Are any of these a better first choice than the others? Are any of them albums that I should wait on until I get a little farther along in my listening? For non-AEC releases I already have (and love) Snurdy McGurdy, L-R-G, The Maze, Duets & Solos (live) and Song for My Sister. Thanks!
  3. Rudresh Mahanthappa

    I've been listening to Rudresh Mahanthappa's Black Water (Red Giant, 2002)again today. It features Mahanthappa on alto, Vijay Iyer on piano, Francois Moutin on bass and Elliot Humberto Kavee on drums. In my opinion this is a fantastic album! It really reminds me, in a way, of the Pullen / Adams discs I have heard in its ability to stretch the boundaries of "in the pocket" post-bop playing while never going too far "out." I'm also a fan of Mahanthappa's playing on Vijay Iyer's Blood Sutra. I have heard that Mahanthappa has a new disc scheduled for release in October, which I am very much looking forward to hearing. So, is anyone else here a fan of his? Any recommendations for other albums as a sideman to track down? I know that he had one album as a leader released prior to Black Water, but I have no idea how easy it would be to track down a copy. AMG mentions that it had "limited distribution."
  4. Yo La Tengo

    Is anyone else here a fan of this band? Their new disc, Summer Sun, has just been released and I gave it a first spin last night. First impression was that it is a nice disc. It is more of a mellow "late night vibe" disc than anything else. It is nowhere near "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" or "Painful" in my book, but a nice album nonetheless. I think my expectations may have been too high for Summer Sun to not be set up to disappoint me, to some degree.
  5. Von Freeman Corner

    I haven't heard many of the albums that Von has released but I've really enjoyed those that I have heard. I just got a package from Chuck today and I have a new favorite Von Freeman album: Serenade & Blues recorded June 11, 1975 Von - ts John Young - p David Shipp - b Wilbur Campbell - d I've spun this disc two times in a row now and I am loving every minute of it! I did a search, and there didn't seem to be any one thread devoted to discussing all of Von's work, so I thought this would be a good place to start. I'll most likely grab the other disc on Nessa as well as his new album, which I can use my last free BMG disc to get. I'd love to hear people's recommendations for other discs of his to explore, etc.
  6. I'm selling my copy of George Lewis' book "A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music". It is an exhaustively written, yet very readable account of the AACM and related artists. The cheapest copy on Amazon is currently $22.15. I'm asking $18 plus shipping. ($3 U.S., actual cost elsewhere.) Everything is in excellent condition. I read it once, and there is some visible wear to the edge of the cover (mostly light bending), but all pages are in great shape. One note - Amazon says this is 728 pages. My copy has 676 pages, and is the same edition that is listed on Amazon. (2009 paperback edition)
  7. I'm surprised this one hasn't gotten any interest, I'm not firm on the $18 asking price. Reasonable offers welcome.
  8. I'm selling my copy of Benjamin Looker's book "Point From Which Creation Begins: The Black Artist's Group of St. Louis". It details the history of the BAG, including a significant amount on Julius Hemphill, Oliver Lake, Baikida Carroll and others. The cheapest copy on Amazon is currently $20.45. I'm asking $16 plus shipping. ($3 U.S., actual cost elsewhere.) Everything is in excellent condition. I read it once, and there is some light creasing on the dust jacket, but everything else looks new.. This is a hardcover edition.
  9. It is yours, if you are still interested. I'll send you a PM to discuss payment and shipping.
  10. Baikida Carroll

    I spent last night listening to Door of the Cage and Marionettes on a High Wire for the first time in quite a while. I had forgotten how much I enjoy his writing and playing. These albums are very accessible, never veering too far from slightly free-ish bop. I think that a lot of people here would be fans of these discs if given the chance to hear them. Is anyone else here a fan of Baikida's? I know I need to check out his other disc as a leader on Soul Note, Shadows and Reflections, but does anyone have recommendations for albums where he shines as a sideman?
  11. I’m starting a list of various discs I’ll be offering for sale. Unless otherwise marked I’d like to ask $7 per disc. I am willing to make deals on most of the discs. I'll take less for the more common discs. $2.00 shipping in the U.S. I will ship internationally for exact cost.. I'll also discount the shipping cost if you buy multiple discs. Please let me know if you have any questions. Antonio Apuzzo – Electric Dream (Splasc(h)) $5 Guillermo Brown – Soul at the Hands of the Machine (Thirsty Ear) Burnt Sugar – The Rites (Avantgroid) w/ Butch Morris, Pete Cosey, Vijay Iyer Carlo Ceriani Orchestra – Bakeriana (Splasc(h)) $5 Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims (Blue Note) Connoisseur edition Andree Hodeir – Jazz & Jazz (Gitanes ) Jazz in Paris Series #97 William Hooker – The Gift of Tongues (KnittingFactoryWorks) w/ Lee Ranaldo, Zeena Parkins William Hooker - The Distance Between Us (KnittingFactoryWorks) w/ Sabir Mateen, Lewis Barnes Mark Kleinhaut – A Balance of Light (Invisible) w/Bobby Watson $4 Michiel Lambert – Out Twice (482 Music) w/ Barre Phillips Brad Mehldau – Art of the Trio 4 Back at the Village Vanguard (Warner) $4 (ON HOLD) Nino Mezzapelle – Franci (Splasc(h)) $5 Furio Romano Quintet – Danza Delle Streghe (Splasc(h)) $5 Bernardo Sassetti – Nocturno (Clean Feed) Saturnalia String Trio & Daniel Carter – Meditations on Unity (Sublingual) Archie Shepp – Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival (Saba Japan) $15 (ON HOLD) Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery –Jimmy & Wes The Dynamic Duo (Verve Master Edition) Assif Tsahar – Ein Sof (Silkheart) w William Parker & Susie Ibarra $13 Additions: Michel Benita - Lower the Walls (Label Bleu) $5 George Benson - Body Talk (CTI / Epic / Legacy) Cosmos - Tears (Erstwhile) Sachiko M / Ami Yoshida Morton Feldman - Early Piano Works (hat[now]ART $8 Toshimaru Nakamura and Sachiko M - do (Erstwhile) Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M - Filamet 1 (Extreme)$10 Roland Ramanan - Shaken (Emanem) w/ Simon Fell, Mark Sanders Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura and Otomo Yoshihide - Good Morning, Good Night (Erstwhile) 2cd $10 Sibelius - Symphonies Nos. 3 & 7 (LSO Live) Sir Colin Davis / London Symphony Orchestra Vandermark 5 - A Discontinuous Line (Atavistic) Walton - Symphony No. 1 (LSO Live) Sir Colin Davis / London Symphony Orchestra Iannis Xenakis / Percussions de Strasbourg - Pleiades (Harmonia Mundi) $9 John Zorn - Goddess (Tzadik) $9 Stan Getz & The Kenny Clark / Francy Boland Big Band - Change of Scenes (OOP Verve Elite Series) $15 Art farmer -Benny Golson Jazztet - Here and Now OOP Verve Elite Series) $15 Updates 2/13 Painkiller - Collected Works (Tzadik) 4cd set w/ Zorn, Laswell, Mick Harris $34 Naked City - Complete Studio Recordings (Tzadik) 5cd $55 Dave Holland / Barre Phillips - Music for Two Basses (ECM) Japanese release $13 Borah Bergman with Hamid Drake - Reflections on Ornette Coleman (Soul Note) $10 Steve Lacy - The Gap (America) $12 Emergency - Homage to Peace (America) $9 w/ Glenn Spearman Sonny Criss - Complete Imperial Sessions (OOP Blue Note 2cd Connoisseur set) $16 BMG edition Paul Chambers Quintet (OOP Blue Note Connoisseur) jewel case has but out $13 Art Blakey - Holiday for Skins (OOP Blue Note 2cd Connoisseur set) BMG edition $16 Art Blakey - Orgy in Rhythm Vols 1 & 2 (OOP Blue Note Connoisseur) $15 John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell (OOP Blue Note Connoisseur) $15 jewel case has a slight saw mark Cliff Jordan - Cliff Craft (OOP Blue Note Connoisseur) $15 AMM - Laminal (Matchless) 3cd set, 3 live shows $35 AMM - AMMusic 1966 (Matchless) $9 Terry Riley - In C (CBS) Jazzactuel 3cd set w/ Archie Shepp, Sun Ra, Art Ensemble, etc. $21 Ernesto Rodrigues - Multiples (Creative Sources) 9! - none(-t) (Matchless) $9 Soegaard Ensemble - Chronox (Leo Lab) Denzler / Pfammatter - nanoCLUSTER (Leo Lab) Jackie McLean - One Step Beyond (Blue Note) $5 Freddie Redd - Shades of Redd (Blue Note Conn) $8 Elmo Hope - Trio and Quintet (Blue Note Conn) $11 John Zorn - The Big Gundown (Tzadik) 15th anniversary remaster Tony Williams Lifetime - Emergency (Verve) $5 James Tenney - Solo Works for Percussion (hat[now]ART Derek Bailey - Music and Dance (Revenant) Derek Bailey & Noel Akchote - Close to the Kitchen (Blue Chopsticks) hole punch through barcode Jack DeJohnette - Oneness (ECM) $5 Markus Eichenberger - Domino Concept for Orchestra (Emanem) Peter Brotzmann & Shoji hano - Funny Rat (IMJ) Brotzmann / Mengelberg / Bennink - 3 Points and a Mountain...Plus (FMP) $13 Reid Anderson - Dirty Show Tunes (Fresh Sound New Talent) Geru - German Russian Project (Jazzland) w/ Peter Kowald
  12. Air

    I was going to post my thought on Air in the Funny Rat thread, but decided to try to expand my horizons a bit and see if a few more people would join in the conversation. I brought in the three Air discs I own (Air Time (Nessa) Live Air (Black Saint) and Air Mail (Black Saint)) to work today. This is fantastic music and it is a shame that their albums are so hard to find these days. Perhaps Mosaic will do a "complete Air" set one day but, until then, I won't be holding my breath. I've been very impressed by the Threadgill I have heard, but have never made an effort to track down a lot of his back catalog. I bought Air Time from Chuck, adding it to an order because I was curious about Air. I was very impressed and jumped at the opportunity to grab Live and Air Mail from DMG during a sale they had a while back. Other than that, I haven't had a chance to hear any of their other albums So, anyone care to chime in with what Air discs are "must-hears?" Anyone ever have a chance to see them live, back in the day?
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Any recommendations for U.S. sources for Zimpel's releases? I've done some searching and am coming up empty, especially for the most recent Hera disc with Hamid Drake.
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Any recommendations on the best source(s) to buy recordings on TUM? I've been out of the loop for a few years and don't see information on who distributes them in the U.S.
  15. Burnt Sugar?

    Is anyone here familiar with any of Burnt Sugar's discs? I've been hearing praises of them for a while now and finally want to get around to exploring some of their work. Dustygroove has, go figure, heaps of praise for them: "A mesmerizing set of jazzy space funk from the ever-evolving Burnt Sugar collective -- captured live at Banlieus Bleues in France, in March of '04! The Arkestra tag in the group's moniker couldn't be more appropriate for these cats -- as the vibe indeed runs through the cestial groove of Sun Ra and electric Miles, but the crew also dips heatily into the play book of prime Art Ensemble and the lowdown funky drive of Funkadelic. " and "Arranger/producer Greg Tate and his titanic Burnt Sugar collective continues to ascend into its own intergalactic space station of heavy cosmic jamming, instrumental funky jazz, and wildly spacious trippiness with this double disc -- by far the most unique and individualistic indie funk album we've heard in a long, long time! As on their previous sets, Burnt Sugar takes the past three or more decades worth of avant funk and jazz, from the celestial influence of Sun Ra projects, to the bass thumping righteousness of Blacksploitation soundtracks, to the dancefloor oriented 70s fusion funk of Larry Mizell's productions -- but the loose collective looks as much inward and forward with their approach, giving the recordings as much of a profound newness as anything in the latter day avant garde" Of course, these reviews make these discs sound essential. Anyone have a suggestion for which disc(s) to start with?
  16. Jemeel Moondoc Corner

    I've been relistening to all of my Jemeel Moondoc discs recently and have been very impressed by what a solid body of work it is. There are some rough edges and lack of polish here and there but, overall, he has had quite a run since Eremite started recording and releasing his projects in the mid-90's. I've heard a rumor that Eremite will be releasing a box set of his Ensemble Muntu recordings from the 1970's, which would be very nice to see, as there is quite a gap in his history prior to 1996. I've heard Judy's Bounce, with Fred Hopkins and Ed Blackwell, which was recorded live in 1981 and released on Soul Note as well as We Don't, which is a duet with Denis Charles that was also recorded in 1981 but sat in "the vaults" until 2003, when Eremite released it. I know I need to hear Nostalgia in Times Square, and will rectify that one of these days. Any other fans of his around here?
  17. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    The new album is out. Available from the band's website with all tracks uploaded to youtube for preview. Pitchfork has links to all tracks in one place:
  18. all things emusic

    I thought it would be good to have one place to note recommendations or alerts for new releases for those of us who are on emusic. They just added Frank Lowe's Black Beings on ESP, which has the distinction of being William Parker's first recorded session. I just downloaded it and will probably spin it for the first time tonight.
  19. I'm looking to buy a copy of David S. Ware's album Godspelized. The used copies I can find seem to run between $32 - $100+, which is more than I'm able to spend. I'm hoping someone here has a copy they'd be willing to part with for a more reasonable price. Thanks for any assistance. John
  20. Alan Lomax in Haiti 10cd set

    up, after 18 months. This set is still kicking around, and could use a good home. Price reduction to $85 plus shipping.
  21. This set retails for $131 on Amazon. I'm offering my set for $89. Everything is in near mint condition with the exception of the paper "holder" for the book. It arrived torn and appears to be too flimsy to have ever fully supported the weight of the book. This is a great, great set. Over the top packaging with lots of amazing music. Info and mp3 samples available here. This set is fairly heavy, so I'm not sure what it will cost to ship. I will ship for exact cost. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  22. Time for spring cleaning as fall arrives. All discs have been opened and listened to a few times. Prices include postage in the U.S. More titles will be added as I go through the collection. Checks and paypal accepted. Nino Mezzapelle - Franci (Splasc(h) Records) $5 Carlo Ceriani Orchestra - Bakeriana (Splasc(h) Records) $5 Antonio Apuzzo - Electric Dream (Splasc(h) Records) $5 Michael Benita - Lower the Walls (Label Bleu) $5 Le Quanh Ninh - Le Ventre Negatif (Meniscus) $5 Masayuki Takayanagi - New Direction: Call in Question (PSF) - $9
  23. Unexpected Musician Sightings

    I've always considered Raphe Malik's one post on the board as an "unexpected musician sighting". Original post can be found here. As I recall, there was some critical discussion of his albums as a leader, and he took the time to respond.
  24. See that Emanem/Psi lost masters

    There are a lot of fantastic releases on psi and Emanem. My suggestion is to support someone working hard to release new music on a regular basis by ordering a few titles directly from Martin. Prices are reasonable right from the source, and you'll know all of the money is going directly to fund new releases and reissues. I've been coveting the new Foxes Fox release, so I'll take my own advice in the next day or so.
  25. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    I finally allowed myself to buy some new music after taking a break for a long time and caught up on the recent Nessa releases. I'm still amazed by the consistent quality release after release. I give my highest recommendations to the new Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, Eddie Johnson, Wadada Leo Smith and Von Freeman. Just great, great music.