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  1. Ditto. Thanks for doing the work to get it on here. I'd love to read it.
  2. While reading the free jazz poll thread and posting in the "Air" thread, I've been listening to some very non-free stuff: Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra -- Blue Note 2LP re-issue. These guys really wake you up. Tight, swinging band. Also one that I haven't pulled out for a while: The Late Show an Etta James/Eddie Cleanhead Vinson live date from 1986. This contains a lot of bluesy material, with great heartfelt vocals from James. "Only Women Bleed" should be an anthem for the national Organization for Women or something. It also has Jack McDuff on the Hammond B-3. Pick this up if you see it.
  3. Air

    Nice post LV. Thanks for that insight. I still haven't listed to this one enough yet, but I get what you are saying. I've found in my so-far too few listens to Air Time (I just recently bought it) that I have been able to sense just what you are talking about more so than I have been in my first experiences with other "out" artists or groups. I hate to use "out" or other similar limiting or pigeon-holing terms, but you know what I mean. Also, I'm glad this thread got started and that it isn't buried in the Funny Rat thread. I'm not trying to crap on the Rat thread, at all. I have visited there several times and enjoy it (but have yet to post there for some reason). There is a ton in there. But, I find it hard to navigate or get a sustained sense of discussion about particular artists. Having a separate one about Air is welcome.
  4. I know what you mean Leeway. That whole period produced some great shifts and it was reflected in the music across both jazz and rock. I'm back to some earlier stuff. I've been playing some of the old Jazz Classics re-issues that Blue Note put out in the Liberty days: 1940s material by Edmond Hall, Baby Dodds, Art Hodes. I don't have any of these Mosaics, so I don't know if they cleaned up the sound any from these. Either way, it's great stuff. Now I'm listening to a Presitige issue of 1930s material called Django Reinhardt and the American Jazz Giants. Lots of greats on here. Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins, and a cool vocal by Bill Coleman on "Object of My Affection."
  5. Now playing Strayhorn: A Mitchell-Ruff Interpretation Willie Ruff on bass and french horn, Dwike Mitchell on piano. Mainstream Records MRL 335.
  6. Air

    Thanks for starting this thread, and for everyone's comments. I'm new to Air. My introduction was by a recent puirchase of Air Time from Chuck. I really like it, but haven't listed to it enough times to really analyze why. On the basis of that, I recently purchased Montreaux Suisse and Open Air Suit and am looking forward to giving them many repeated listenings.
  7. Leeway, nice Shepp. I love that stuff. I'm now spinning a recent find: Sonny Rollins Quartet Live in Europe This is the group with Don Cherry. It's on the Unique Jazz label (U-22) and was made in Isreal.
  8. Louis Armstrong Story, Vol 2 Columbia 2-eye
  9. Tonight so far: Ornette Coleman Trio At the "Golden Circle" Stochholm, Vol 1 Sam Rivers Dave Holland, Vol 2 Improvising Artists Records, 1976 session Charles Lloyd in Europe Atlantic, 1968
  10. J.J. Johnson LP question

    Whoops, didn't see couw pointing that out above.
  11. J.J. Johnson LP question

    I don't have the Mosaic Johnson set (I have all the original LPs), but as I understand it, the performances there are presented without the applause.
  12. Tonight so far: Larry Young Of Love and Peace NY mono Roland Kirk Here Comes the Whistleman mono Anthony Braxton Duets 1976 with Muhal Richard Abrams
  13. Donald Byrd and Gigi Gryce Jazz Lab This is a 6-eye mono that qualifies as a great find. I bought it at a garage sale about 5 years ago for $2. "Over The Rainbow" is on now. Great stuff.
  14. Milt Jackson Plenty, Plenty Soul
  15. The Zen And The Art Of Record Cleaning

    Thanks for posting this article. Perfect for the absolute nut -- and I have nothing against that! I find the Nitty Gritty vacuum cleaner to be great for my needs. It was a relatively expensive one-time purchase, but since I do tend to buy a lot of used Lps that are in need of cleaning, doing without a solid vacuum system would not work. And I think the benefits of this system so far outweigh any drawbacks that I have no qualms about using it at all. I haven't heard complaints about Nitty Gritty's current fluid, and I certainly don't have anything bad to say about it. In terms of not cleaning them at all, I disagree. I think grinding the dirt into the grooves by playing them uncleaned is worse than any supposed residue that is left from the Nitty Gritty fluid.
  16. Gigi Gryce acetate on E-Bay

    At Atomic Records auction. Says it's from the collection of Bill Evans. Gigi Gryce acetate
  17. Gigi Gryce acetate on E-Bay

    I also have a question about playing one of these disks. Any limitations since it is metal? I assume that one can't use a moving magnet cartridge, right? I assume since it is magnetic, it would stick to the disk? Edit: Should I post this in the "Stupid Questions" thread?
  18. Stanley Cowell on SteepleChase

    Wanted to add that We Three, recommended above by peter F is a sloid date, and has a nice version of "Sienna" on it. I haven't heard the album Sienna, but I understand that song is also on it. IT is one of the high points for me on the We Three album.
  19. Gigi Gryce acetate on E-Bay

    Thanks for asking Bertrand. I meant to add that in my post!
  20. Milt Jackson discography

    mjzee is right on the money. I wholeheartedly second those Pablo recommendations.
  21. I really like the job they did on Mother Ship in the Mosaic LP set. I can just enjoy the music without being distracted by what you mention. Glad to hear that. But, I don't know if I'm going to really need the Young Mosaic as I am getting close to having most of what's on it I think, but in a variety of different formats. (minus alternate takes of course).
  22. Blue Note Labelography

    Thanks for posting this. I printed this out a long time ago when it was posted on the Blue Note bulletin board and I think it is a good quick and dirty overview of the various labels and each of their strong points. The one confusing thing I found was that I wished the photos were placed above their corresponding text, because it was a little confusing when it was printed, with pictures on different pages than the writing. I think it is helpful though.
  23. Cool. I'm open to that. I need to see if the "boss" (my girlfriend) has us booked for anything
  24. Larry Young Mother Ship recent E-Bay win fopr a 1980 first-time release of this 1969 material. Haven't done any comparison with the recent RVG of this title. My main issue with RVGs in general is their brightness and the overly-forward quality of the cymbals, and I don't hear that here at all.
  25. Man, that Mingus album kicks ass. Just superb stuff.