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  1. Favorite recent vinyl purchases??

    Ran Blake Vertigo on E-Bay. This is a live recording of Blake playing various pieces from movies. Like much of his stuff, the treatments are very spacious and interesting. The "Vertigo Suite" is chilly, and transformed well by Blake. I wish it were longer as that is such a great Hichcockian theme that added such a great mood to the movie. Same with "Rosemary's baby. Although I've seen most of the movies on the list, I'm not as familiar with the musical themes so I can't offer thoughts as to Blake's treatments. The music overall is quietly intense throughout though and recommended for fans of this type of thing (which I am). Also, I would recommend buying it on CD if you are super fussy about ANY noise from an LP coming through. My copy is just about mint, but with the silences and space in these recordings, any extraneous sound comes through and is noticeable.
  2. Ran Blake Vertigo 1984 live recording of various titles from movie scores. "Rosemary's Baby" just faded into a suite from "Vertigo." Interesting treatments of these memorable tunes.
  3. Favorite recent vinyl purchases??

    Lary Young Unity on E-Bay. Mono. Love it.
  4. Three For All Phil Woods, Tommy Flanagan and Red Mitchell . 1981 date on Enja Records
  5. Teddy Wilson Sextet 1944
  6. Buying Mosaic Partials

    I've gotten booklets for sold out sets directly from Mosaic. THey charge $10 a piece if I remember, and they don't have all of them available.
  7. Improvisations -- piano duets by Ran Blake and Jaki Byard.
  8. VSOP Quintet albums

    Didn't know this was being re-issued with different mastering and added titles. I just picked up the 2LP set of "Live" at a used store this week and from my first listen I didn't have a problem with the sound. It's a japanese Columbia LP. I haven't spent much time with it, but I liked the music.
  9. New ones from the Bad Plus and Brad Mehldau

    I bought and loved These Are The Vistas, but don't have the BP's new one. I doubt I will get it. I have listened to it a bunch of times in the store, but I'll echo Stephan's words by agreeing that it sounded like more of the same. I'd like to see them live, but I can live without this CD. Maybe next time they will do something different. -- easier said than done though (I liked their first album because I thought that sounded different!).
  10. Leroy Jenkins' Sting: Urban Blues, live date from 1984 at Sweet Basil, NYC.
  11. Verve 70s two-fer Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, then Hawk In Flight (1941 and 46 sessions with various bands).
  12. Andrew Hill night: Judgement, Smokestack, Compulsion!!!. All nice MONOs
  13. A $30K 10" Collection

    I can't see why a record dealer would sell these types of items as a group and described like this unless they were actually trashed. If they were decent, he'd be selling them individually.
  14. Two interesting picks Couw. I'm listening to Richard Williams New Horn In Town Dynamite album from a horn player who should get more recognition. This one's a Barnaby re-issue from 1977 and sounds great.
  15. A $30K 10" Collection

    I hear ya Wolff. Seems odd the way they are being sold.
  16. Freddie Hubbard: Ready For Freddie In terms of sonics, another example of a really nice sounding blue label w/ Van Gelder in the dead wax that can be found for a bargain compared to earlier pressings.
  17. Herbie Mann Live at the Village Gate Nice mono pressing, love this version of "Summertime" Phil Woods and His European Rhythm Machine At the Frankfurt Jazz Festival (I just noticed this was produced by herbie Mann, so I guess it's a Herbie Mann night). Embryo Records 1971. Opens with a broiling version of "Freedom Jazz Dance"
  18. Blue Note lps

    For what it's worth, I think this is pretty good. When printed, it's a little confusing because it's easy to lose track of which text goes with which photo, but he does provide clear, direct info on the various issue labels.
  19. It's been an early Miles Davis night here: Dig, Volume One, Walkin'
  20. Charles Tolliver Big Band

    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering how this was. I had a tough choice. I was in in NYC for the jazz auction and chose to see Cecil Taylor instead of Tolliver. It was simply a matter of my having never seen Taylor and my wondering how many chances I would have left to do so. Awesome experience with a 16-piece band. Weird audience. Lots of tourists who didn't know what they were in for! The older couple next to me before the show said "We understand he's really a legend." Irridium didn't seem like the right place for him. One idiot yelled "Play some music!" toward the end of the show and was ushered out. But once I closed my eyes the music was just an overwhelming force that drifted, coalesced, broke apart, surged -- almost like a living organism. His own playing was simply amazing. I definitely want to catch Tolliver next time though.
  21. Jazz Auction in New York

    I decided at the last minute to drive up for this and man I am glad I went. Tons of great stuff that I hope ends up in a museum someday. Seeing Charlie Parker's alto and Coltrane's tenor, soprano and alto was amazing. I could go on and on. The program is worth picking up because it is really well done and has great descriptions of the items. I was thrilled to be able to win Coltrane's 1965 Downbeat award for "A Love Supreme." I assure you all it is going to a good home and will be well loved. I'll post a photo when i get my digital camera working (it crashes my far-too-old computer). I tried and lost on some of the lesser original sheet music items, which all went for significant amounts, and the important pieces went for tons. An original score for "A Love Supreme" in Coltrane's hand went for $110,000, and Monk's "Straight, No Chaser (titled "Can't Call It That") went for $23,000. Another neat item was a letter Coltrane sent to Alice containing the original handwritten version of the "A Love Supreme" poem. It went for $41,000. Many, many other cool items, like Monk's smioking jacket ($4,750), Coltrane's passport ($14,000) and odd things like Benny Goodman's fishing license ($600). The parker sax went for $225,000, Coltrane's soprano sax went for $60,000 and his tenor failed to get any bids when they wouldn't start below $500,000 so they passed on selling it. It felt strange to see all this stuff going for sale, and I admit to having mixed emotions about it. I do plan on giving my small piece of history to a museum or something when I die, and I hope others do the same. T.S. Monk spoke at the beginning of the auction on behalf of the families and said that they wanted this to fund their foundations and generate attention to this cultural heritage and art form. He said the Smithsonian will be contacting all the winners to urge them to donate their items in their wills, etc. I like that idea, except for the fact that the Smithsonian has so much stuff that just sits in their warehouses and never sees the light of day and that doesn't seem right either. In any case, I didn't buy the item I won for speculative/profit reasons. Like many other people, "A Love Supreme" occupies a special place for me, and I am honored to just have a small token of it that once was his and comes straight from his family.
  22. The NFL Season

    I had to revive this thread because of the playoffs. I'm hoping my Steelers continue their miraculous season on Saturday. I think they will be able to handle the Jets, but it's no gimme. What I really hope is for a rematch in the Championship between the Steelers and pats,b ut with the way the Colts are playing and the predicted nice weather for the upcoming game in New England I think the Colts are going tho give them a real serious game. Here are my fearless predictions of the winners for this weekend's games: Pittsburgh New England Atlanta Minnesota Then I think it's a Steelers/Falcons Super Bowl, with the Steelers winning that one. If it isn't the Steelers, it will be whatever AFC team makes it.
  23. Reading that Miles thread made me get out my Anaolgue Productions Prestige box. I'm playing Steamin' now.
  24. I bought the set on E-Bay about a year ago for about $100 if I remember correctly. Sound quality is fine to my ears. I can also recommend highly the Analogue Productions boxed set, but it isn't the complete Prestige recordings. It is limited to five Prestige albums: Relaxin', Workin', Steamin', Cookin', and The New Miles Davis Quintet. Sound quality on these is very nice.