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  1. 15 minutes to go on the auctions for the last of these box sets!
  2. Less than 24 hours to go on some great music and other goodies. Check it out!
  3. Hey everybody, I'm back with a new round of auctions. All the Mosaic and other jazz box sets I was selling privately, plus dozens of SACDs and other good stuff, have been listed on eBay. Check 'em out, and thanks:
  4. Thanks again to everyone who bought sets from me here. The sets that didn't sell by the deadline I set have now been listed on eBay, with reduced starting prices--could be a good chance to pick up a set or two on the cheap. Check it out: Good luck!
  5. The Stitt went for $21.28. Not huge, but not terrible, either. Might be slightly above what I originally paid for it. Even I missed that golden age. By the time I became aware of and interested in VEEs, they must have been long gone from retail. I had to buy them all online, through auctions, etc. It took me forever to find them all.
  6. And the Collector's Disc went way cheap! Oh, they all sold, including Billy Bauer. Someone's a lucky man--I listen to this one more than any of the other titles. I love the opening track.
  7. Many thanks to all who bid, and congratulations to all the winners! The highest bid was for the Bellson CD--I never would have expected that. Schifrin was a close second, which I think everyone would have expected to be first.
  8. Less than a day to go. Thanks for looking!
  9. Less than a day to go. Thanks for looking!
  10. Yes, I do combined shipping at actual cost. Can be a pretty significant savings if you buy a lot of stuff!
  11. I believe that's all of them. I worked long and hard to find all those CDs, and while this might possibly be my favorite reissue series ever done, it was time to let them go. Now someone else can enjoy them...particularly that Dickerson date. That's my favorite of the bunch, hence my "vibes" handle. I am actually in the process of clearing everything out, and the reasons why probably deserve their own post. One of these days I may write them all down.
  12. If you have good eBay feedback, I will ship outside the US. Thanks for asking.
  13. I've just listed dozens more SACDs and other cool items. Check it out, and thanks:
  14. From my own collection, every Verve Elite ever put out. Here's your chance to get 'em all or fill in a hole in your collection. Link: Thanks for looking!
  15. Last call before eBay!