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  1. Been a long time

    I think it's been almost 10 years since I've posted on this forum.... I miss this place.... Hello to the guys from Organissimo, old friends, and new folks alike.
  2. Sorry for the late reply but I had an absolute BLAST at Chris' that night! Jim, Joe, Randy, it was great seeing and hearing you guys again. I can't get over how much fire and chemistry you guys generate when you play, it's awesome and the groove is just wonderfully infectious. It was a joy to see Ron S and JH Deeley/Chalupa again, as well at meeting Peter J for the first time! It's music like yours' guys that keeps me wanting to pick up my horn and create! Groovadelphia cooks. I've been busy working on some personal things aka looking for job, place to live, etc but I'm gonna try not to be a stranger here. I might even start taking some road trips, depending on where ya'll are at in the future. Later !
  3. RIP Harrison Ridley Jr.

    Someone I met at the Sonny Fortune show at Chris' Cafe this past Saturday night told me about this and it makes me sad for two reasons mostly. Firstly, I kick myself for slacking off in my listening to our local jazz station, just have been caught up in listening to the iPod in the car. Secondly, I don't recall reading anything in the local rags at all, which is quite disappointing. I first learned of this jazz "thing" when I was a sophomore in high school and fell in love w/ playing trumpet in the jazz band. Harrison Ridley Jr, through his show on Sunday nights, "Historical Approach to the Positive Music", succeeded in transforming my casual curiosity about jazz into a raging passion and hunger for more. The show lasted from 8pm-12midnight and each week was dedicated to different artists, periods in said artists' lives', groundbreaking groups, big bands, decades, you name it. I would often tune in while trudging through homework I procrastinated on earlier that weekend. Being a newbie to world of jazz, and a budding trumpet player, I had no idea who to listen to, but Harrison fixed that right away. He often focused on specific artists close to their respective birth dates. One that stands out in my mind is when I became aware of Blue Mitchell....it was a night dedicated to Horace Silver, and Harrison was playing Juicy Luicy. I thought, "Man this is great! I have to tape this and go back to it later, find out who these people are!" I did this over and over and over again. It was a John Coltrane feature when I first learned who the heck Lee Morgan was!! Harrison sucked me in from the moment the needle dropped to Sidney Bechet's 'Blue Horizon' (the show's opening theme) It was usually every other week or so after school when I walked to this little family-owned CD store in my hometown(which unfortunately is long gone, not my hometown , the store) and spent a couple hours looking through their catalog. They only had a few jazz titles in stock but could order just about everything and the prices were to die for so I could order two, three...six at a time and not put too much of a dent in my Wawa paycheck. You can imagine that within a school year my collection grew from about 5-6 CDs and audiotapes, to something closer to about 40-50 discs of pure musical gold with people I previously never heard of..Hank Mobley, Tony Williams, Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Burrell, The Brecker Brothers, Donald Byrd, Dave Holland, Cannonball Adderley, Jerome Richardson, Roy Hargrove, and so, so many more. Harrison's show seemed timeless and while driving last night I turned on 'RTI expecting to hear "Yes indeedy, now we're gonna hear a tune recorded..." For a split second I forgot and then realized he's no longer with us. It doesn't mean I can't look up though and thank him for the amazing world he opened up for me. Thank you Harrison, R.I.P
  4. 24 Season 7

    Thinking back, some of all of tonight's occurrences seem to be a bit far-fetched, but...meh......it's fun.
  5. 24 Season 7

    Thoughts so far? I have to say after a bit of a slow beginning I am enjoying this.....I had a feeling that when Jack dialed his cell phone after interrogating Tony that.... I did get the familiar 'edge-of-your-seat butterflies in my stomach '24' feeling. :rsmile: I'm quite annoyed, as I will be taking over some private students starting next Monday night ....no chance of moving all 7 to a different night so I will miss the regular broadcast of this from here in...No TivO here, I'll have to dust off the old VHS... And I'm sure this is the guy, but that is the Warden Samuel Norton from Shawshank Redemption on the President's staff? I can't remember if he was in the Sixth Season or not.......ok just checked and it is Bob Gunton who was the Warden and in fact the Chief of Staff this season... I think I got my dad into this, as he watched with me both last night and all of tonights episodes.....I gave him fair warning that this is addictive !!!!
  6. 24 Season 7

    I can't remember the exact details but it had something to do with Secretary of Defense Heller telling Jack he's cursed and everybody he touches either dies or disappears. He forbids Jack from ever coming into contact with Audrey Raines(Heller's daughter) Apparently she went to China to look for Jack when he was in prison over there, she was captured and some awful stuff happened and she's a complete space cadet. That's all I remember of the end of Season 6, and I don't really remember seeing any kind of teaser or setup for another season. It was kind of a lame ending......... THREE HOURS TO GO
  7. 24 Season 7

    The series has gotten a bit repetitive, but I love this show. Although I was a little underwhelmed at the Season 6 Finale, I've been drooling for this and the 24: Redemption movie a couple months back barely kept me sane for tomorrow night. It's funny because Jack will be sitting in front of the Senate committee, headed by......... I can hear it now.... "Jack Bauer, how would you like my foot in your ass?" Who else will be watching this? Speak up! Don't be shy!
  8. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    Celebrated an Eagles win by ordering the following from Amazon: Jack Wilson - Easterly Winds Horace Silver - Stylings of Silver Leo Parker - Let Me Tell You 'Bout It Donald Byrd/Doug Watkins - The Transition Sessions How did this just quadruple post?
  9. NFL chat thread

  10. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    Damn! This is the wrong time for me to be absolutely BROKE Some of RVGs like Dippin' and Tomcat I have in their original CD issue and I'd like to upgrade. Never got around to picking up the Herbie Nichols and should probably do that as soon as funds allow. For the record this kinda sucks and it does make me wonder what the next step for all this music will be. itunes? Emusic or whatever some of those other sites are? I do think though that some of these will continue to show up after the new year for a little while anyway, especially in Used CD stores.....I hope anyway. Oh yeah, my two cents on the Kenny Cox Conn........GET IT and get it NOW!! This is a very unique release and I really like to listen to it at least 2-3 times a week.
  11. Did anybody catch last night's episode on Fox? Brian catches new red headed love interest, Carolyn messing around in the back of her car with Cleveland Brian: Oh my God!! Carolyn?! Cleveland?!? Cleveland: Oh hey Brian....Hey close that window, you're letting all the stank out!! this show has some of the most disgustingly funny sequences, I swear!! another one that's funny and tasteless. Peter: Hey, check it out you guys. I got a new cell phone that takes pictures. Look, look, I took a picture of Lois' poo. (they all laugh) Quagmire: Oh, that's hilarious. You should email that to me. Joe: Hey did you guys see the game last night? Peter: Oh yeah! Cleveland: That offensive line is outstanding! Quagmire: Yeahh, you should email me that picture Sick bastard!!
  12. animated .gif files for avatars

    I like it.
  13. animated .gif files for avatars

    I don't have an editing program, and every time I've tried to download an animated GIF it becomes a non-animated GIF on my hard drive. Hi Tom. Here's what worked for me. I right-clicked the .gif file I had downloaded and selected 'open with....'. and picked Windows Picture & Fax Viewer, which if you have PC it should be on the list of programs to use(that is if you use Windows). From that same 'Open with' list, you can also select a web browser to open the .gif file. Both of these will open the .gif in its animated glory. You can also choose the program to always open that file type. On a side note, I got this info from Youtube.....I was amazed at how many 'how to's' are posted there. 'How to run itunes on a portable HD' 'How to play Bongos' 'How to convert ABC format to XYZ format' 'How to Milk a Cow' :rsmile: Fun Times.!
  14. That site is awesome! Thank you!
  15. animated .gif files for avatars

    hmm....upon further investigation, I found it all depends on what program is used to open the animated .gif once it is saved on the hard drive If an editing program like Paintbrush or Photoshop is used just the first frame will open. Uploading the file to the Forum though maintains the original animation Giggity Giggity........giggity gooooooooo