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  1. 2004 Davis Cup Final

    Last tie was in Houston, 2002 Quarterfinal, US defeated Spain 3-1 on grass surface:
  2. 2004 Davis Cup Final

    That's true, Dan, but that's the rule, we can say the same for the Spanish team last year in Australia. I would like to emphasize the exquisite sportsmanship of the US team, with Roddick recognizing the superiority of the Spaniards and applauding his better points during the game.
  3. Free America

    Amazon France list the Alan Shorter:
  4. Sending a PM about Sam Rivers Mosaic.
  5. BN New Releases, from AAJ Board

    Seven, I think: Grant Green, Green Street Wayne Shorter, The all seeing eye Lee Morgan, Leeway Freddie Hubbard, Ready for Freddie Kenny Dorham, Whistle stop Clifford Jordan/John Gilmore, Blowin' in from Chicago Jackie McLean, Destination out! And five more in the next batch: Sonny Clark, Dial s for Sonny Johnny Coles, Litte Johnny C Ike Quebec, Heavy Soul Tina Brooks, True Blue Pete LaRoca, Basra
  6. Lonehill reissues

    How much music is there on the Slug's date? It's the only ESP I don't have in one or the other version. Only as much so it fits easy onto one CD? Or is there more? And who sends me a burn? ubu
  7. My ebay auctions

    up for new titles including the OOP Verve Elite Meade Lux Lewis.
  8. Look at:
  9. Warner Jazz France reissues

    The next lixt of reissues appears on Amazon UK May-03-2004: - CHARLES MINGUS, The Clown - CHARLES MINGUS, Oh, yeah - JOHN COLTRANE, Coltrane's sound - JOHN COLTRANE, Plays the blues - JOHN COLTRANE & DON CHERRY, The avant garde - ORNETTE COLEMAN, On Tenor - BILL EVANS & HERBIE MANN, Nirvana - MAX ROACH, Drums unlimited - MILES DAVIS, Tutu - KEITH JARRETT, Life between the exit sings - STEP AHEADS, Step Aheads - YUSEF LATEEF, Detroit - RAY CHARLES, The great Ray Charles - MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, Porgy & Bess - JOHN MCLAUGHLING, Belo Horizonte - SERGIO MENDES, Swinger from Rio - RENE BLOCH, Mr. Latin - RICHARD 'GROOVE' HOLMES, Book of the blues - LESS MCCANN & EDDIE HARRIS, Swiss Movement - NINA SIMONE, A single woman - HERMETO PASCOAL, Slaves Mass
  10. Warner Jazz France reissues

    The UK Warner jazz web list these series (but not yet the last batch): Go to the link and click on reissues:
  11. The two Vee-Jay Mosaic boxes are today in the RUNNING LOW.
  12. This is an anthology, I suppose, not the complete output for Vocalion, but do you know what's the total number of sides recorded for Vocalion? Document published the complete works in 6 CD's, but I suppose that also include recordings for other labels, I know at least for Bluebird.
  13. Look at this on the hat hut web:
  14. Roach - Braxton: One in Two, Two in One

    Well, today they update the list of upcoming releases and include this reissue.

    Well, this is inflation. When I include the link, the prize for the CD was 10.40 euros!
  16. Warner Jazz France reissues

    Amazon France:
  17. Roach - Braxton: One in Two, Two in One

    Maybe they include the link next week (May update), with these two new releases listed on Jazzmatazz: NEW Russ Lossing Trio - As It Grows (hatOLOGY 605) — with Ed Schuller and Paul Motian NEW Max Nagl/Otto Lechner/Bradley Jones - Flamingos (hatOLOGY 609) — with Ed Schuller and Paul Motian
  18. Nessa SPAM

    Got my replacement copy in perfect condition today. Thanks, Chuck.
  19. Nessa SPAM

    Mine has the last track problem. It has also the very small bubble at the outer edge.
  20. Hi, All used in mint/near mint condition: - Lee Morgan, Expoobident (Vee-Jay/Fresh Sound) $5 - Wayne Shorter, Introducing (Vee-Jay/Fresh Sound) $5 - Wayne Shorter, Wayning moments (Vee-Jay/Fresh Sound) $5 - Wayne Shorter, Second Genesis (Vee-Jay/Fresh Sound) $5 - Bud Shank, and Trombones Cool Fool (Fresh Sound/Pacific Jazz) $5 - Max Roach, Parisian sketches (Jazz in Paris/Universal) digipak $4 - Max Roach, The Max Roach 4 plays Charlie Parker (Verve/Mercury) $4--GONE - Hank Mobley, and his all stars (Blue Note) $4--GONE - Bob Brookmeyer, Traditionalism revisited (West Coast Classics/Pacific Jazz) $9--GONE - Bud Shank & Bob Cooper, Blowin' country (West Coast Classics/Pacific Jazz) $9--GONE PayPal or cash. Shipping cost (From Spain): Europe:1 CD $4 (digipak $3, mini-lp $2). more +$1.50 each one. USA and rest of the world: 1 CD $6 (digipak $4, mini-lp $3). more +$2 each one. Without jewel case: Europe:1 CD $2. more +$0.50 each one USA and rest of the world: 1 CD $3. more +$1 each one
  21. Tal Farlow, This is Tal Farlow (Verve Elite) OOP Graham Moncur III, Some other stuff (Blue Note Connoisseur) OOP Miles Davis, Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (Jazz in Paris Series)
  22. Also a 4 cd-set Chet Baker & Gerry Mulligan Quartet:
  23. Running low / Last chance

    The Mitchell is gone!
  24. No, 5 times! List edited.