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  1. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Yup. And some great vintage footage too,
  2. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Agree. Same here. I love Miles Smiles more than Kind of Blue; Ole Coltrane more than a Love Supreme. No Ayler, M. Brown, Shepp, Roach on that list lends credence to subjectivity. I like a lot of things too, hardly anything that will make any list: Just enjoy what hits the ears, lists won't matter afterwards.
  3. Stuff You've Found Inside of Used LPs

    Not an LP, but the cd reissue of Ornette's Crisis/a 12. I was at an Exchange location n was gonna buy it, but the cd was gone and in its place was this packet of fake nipples. I took it to the front desk and they laughed n I got to keep the empty case/inserts and the packet of fake nipples for free; my 20 yr old daughter who was with me at the time asked for the nips. Awkwardly, I gave them to her...weirdest experience ever!
  4. Lee Morgan: The Last Session

    Yup, would've made good sense for Lee to transition to these labels. They cater to artists that have the insight to transition, but on the artist's terms, at least from an outsider's point of view.
  5. Who's playing bass?

    Blue Mitchell on trumpet?
  6. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    Maybe some of the best and wildest playing I've ever heard from Burrell. Yeah, for me too. I don't play this one much either, but when I do, I forget how hypnotic it is. Paul and Willie Bobo especially make this record a total sonic trip for me.
  7. Alan Braufman "Valley of Search" Reissue

    There was a cd reissue program of some sort and I do have David Murray's Flowers for Albert on a 2cd set, but then later on I stupidly passed up the Pharoah disk a dozen years ago at an Exchange store in Pittsburgh because I thought it was too pricey for the condition it was in. Never saw it again.
  8. Cecil Taylor RIP

    This is a big one. I'm still just trying to understand the Candids, BN's and I have the FMP's ready, I'm just not ready for them and beyond. He takes decades for me to comprehend what he's doing. A remarkable career. RIP.
  9. Ornette Coleman -Something Else

    Interesting interview, thanks for posting. I don't know why, but Skies of America is one of the last Ornette albums I go to, gotta go back n listen to it again.
  10. Peter Brötzmann Corner

    Sounds right, it was a female and she was playing some weird form of a synthesizer or something. It was just him and her.
  11. Hank Mobley - Dippin' RVG

    Another go-to goodie!
  12. I'd buy this

    Fair enough, and I did read somewhere that Jackie said Norman Connors didn't work out, and probably should remain in the can for that reason, especially if he said so himself. Still can't get past the idea though of still wanting to hear it, warts and all.
  13. Peter Brötzmann Corner

    Yeah, I couldn't believe it either when a club here in Cleveland last year was only asking for $20. Albeit, it was a strange line up, I kinda was hoping for a "Die Like a Dog" line up, but regardless, it Brotz! Now that's a steal not a deal!
  14. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Upset, but he beat the odds. Good for him.
  15. I'd buy this

    Yeah I still drool over this session.