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  1. Well, I should have mine tomorrow. Really looking forward to finally hearing it and checking out the notes.
  2. I am so excited to get this set. I am still awaiting a notification that it is being shipped. Reading the great comments from Ghost of Miles above has me beyond excited. I am really looking forward to hearing the instrumentals from the Holiday sessions. Phil Schaap at WKCR awhile back (well before I knew this set was being released) spent a couple of his programs playing through the Wilson instrumentals that have been overlooked from those sessions. They were amazing! When I saw this set was coming I knew I had to have it for those alone. Keep the commentary coming as you explore! And thank you for the heads-up on the duplicate CD issue. I'll have to check for that when mine finally arrives.
  3. That is great news! I am still awaiting notice on my set. I look forward to your thoughts once you have it in hand.
  4. Has anybody received their set yet? I'm still waiting on notification that it has been sent. I'm thinking the big open house event Mosaic is having this weekend may slow things down potentially. Still, hoping some of you may have received your set provide some details on how it sounds, etc?
  5. Thank you for this update! I am very excited to finally hear this set in the next week or so.
  6. Just saw the Mosaic website is now showing a release date for this set in March now. Tried calling today but wasn't able tospeak with anyone. Does anyone here have info or heard from Scott about what the delay is about?