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  1. BFT #158 discussion

    This Blindfold Test has a lot of excellent, enjoyable music, which I do not know. I cannot identify the musicians. But I enjoy listening to this Test.
  2. BFT #157--The Reveal

    I am sorry if I am posting this earlier than is usual. I have a situation with my extended family which means that I will have to fly out tonight, and may not be near a desktop computer for an unknown number of days. As I have saved the Reveal information on my desktop computer, I want to be sure that it gets posted before May 1. So I have to post it today. Otherwise it could be until May 5 or later when I could easily post it again. This Blindfold Test has the theme that all of the music was recorded and released in 2005 or later. Also, you will see that there is another theme. One artist composed all the music, but this artist plays on none of the music. He does not appear as a performer on a single track. He also did not arrange or produce several of the albums. Nova Express Quintet—“Yofiel,” from Andras: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 28 (2016) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged and produced by John Zorn. Kenny Wollesen-Vibraphone John Medeski—Piano Trevor Dunn—Bass Joey Baron—Drums Cyro Baptista—Congas, Percussion. Masada Quintet Featuring Joe Lovano—“Serakel,” from Stolas: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 12 (2009) Composed by John Zorn. Produced by John Zorn. Joe Lovano—Tenor Saxophone Dave Douglas—Trumpet Uri Caine—Piano Greg Cohen—Bass Joey Baron—Drums 3. Spike Orchestra—“Gehegial,” from Cerberus: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 26 (2015) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Sam Eastmond and Nikki Franklin. Produced by Ben Greenslade-Stanton Sam Eastmond—Trumpet (soloist) George Hogg, Karen Straw, Noel Langley—Trumpets Ben Greenslade-Stanton, Ashley Slater—Trombones Dave Powell—Tuba Mike Wilkins—Alto Saxophone, Clarinet Vasilis Xenopoulos—Alto Saxophone, Flute Paul Booth—Tenor Saxophone. Clarinet Stewart Curtis—Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet Erica Clarke—Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet Mike Guy—Accordian Moss Freed—Guitar Sam Leak—Piano, Keyboards Otto Wilberg—Bass Chris Nickolls—Drums 4 Jamie Saft Trio—“Aziel,” from Astaroth: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 1 (2005) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Jamie Saft. Produced by John Zorn. Jamie Saft—Piano Greg Cohen—Bass Ben Perowsky—Drums 5. Ben Goldberg Quartet—“Chachmiel,” from Baal: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 15 (2010) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by John Zorn. Produced by John Zorn. Ben Goldberg—Clarinet Jamie Saft—Piano Greg Cohen—Bass Kenny Wollesen—Drums 6. The Dreamers—“Oriel,” from Ipos: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 14 (2010) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by John Zorn. Produced by John Zorn. Jamie Saft—Keyboards Marc Ribot—Guitar Kenny Wollesen—Vibraphone Trevor Dunn—Bass Joey Baron—Drums Cyro Baptista—Percussion 7. Roberto Rodriguez—“Ophaniel,” from Aguares: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 23 (2014) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Roberto Rodriguez. Produced by Roberto Rodriguez. Jonathan Keren—Viola, Violin Salit Lahav—Accordian Gilad Harel—Clarinet Yaron Ouzana--Trombone Itay Abramovitz—Piano Omri Mor—Piano Assaf Hakimi—Bass Roberto Rodriguez—Drums, Percussion Cheri “Pepe” Meir—Congas, Chekere Amit Sharon—Frame Drum, Dohola, Doumbek, Darbuka 8. Craig Taborn—“Machnia,” from Flaga: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 27 (2016) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Tyshawn Sorey, Craig Taborn, Christian McBride, and John Zorn. Produced by John Zorn. Craig Taborn—Piano Christian McBride—Bass Tyshawn Sorey—Drums. 9. Masada String Trio—“Bethor,” from Azazel: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 2 (2005) Composed by John Zorn. Conducted by John Zorn. Produced by John Zorn. Mark Feldman—Violin Erik Friedlander---Cello Greg Cohen—Bass 10. Banquet of the Spirits—“Briel,” from Caym: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 17 (2011) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz. Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz. Cyro Baptista—Percussion, Vocals Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz—Oud, Bass, Guimbri, Vocals Brian Marsella—Piano, Harpsichord, Pump Organ, Vocals Tim Keiper—Drums, Percussion, Kamel Ngoni, Vocals 11. Zion 80—“Kenunit,” from Adramelech: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 22 (2014) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Jon Madof. Conducted by Jon Madof. Produced by Jon Madof. Frank London—Trumpet Matt Darriau—Alto Saxophone, Kaval, Clarinet Greg Wall—Tenor Saxophone Zach Mayer—Baritone Saxophone Jessica Lurie—Baritone Saxophone, Flute Jon Madof—Guitar Yoshie Fruchter—Guitar Brad Marsella--Keyboards Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz—Bass Yuval Lion—Drums Marlon Sobol—Percussion 12. Secret Chiefs 3—“Akramachamarei,” from Xaphan: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 9 (2008) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Trey Spruance. Produced by Trey Spruance. Trey Spruance—Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar, Autoharp, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion Jason Schimmel--Guitar Adam Stacey—Clavinet Rich Doucette—Sarangi Monica Schley--Harp Timb Harris—Violin, Trumpet Anonymous 13—Viola, Voice Tim Smolens—Cello, Bass Shahzad Ismaily—Bass Ches Smith—Drums, Congas 13. Eyvind Kang—“Variel,” from Alastor: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 21 (2014) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Eyvind Kang. Produced by Eyvind Kang, Randall Dunn. Cuong Vu—Trumpet Eyvind Kang—Piano, Electric Bass, Guitar, Janggu, Kacapi, Kamanchen, Korg Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer, Oud, Percussion, Setar, Sitar, Viola, Violin, Voice Randall Dunn—Moog Synthesizer, Voice Hans Teuber—Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute Skerik—Tenor Saxophone Emma Ashbrook—Bassoon Taina Karr-English Horn, Oboe Josiah Boothby— French Horn JungAh Song-Gayageum Soyeon Park—Geomungo Maria Scherer Wilson—Cello William Smith--Cello Jacob Yackshaw—Bass Moriah Neils—Bass Shahzad Ismaily—Bass Dave Abramson—Drums, Percussion Tor Dietrichson—Bongos, Congas, Clave, Guiro, Tabla, Triangle Hidayat Honari—Tar Hyeonhee Park—Janggu, Kkwaenggwari Jessika Kenney—Voice Maya Dunietz—Voice 14. Medeski Martin & Wood—“Asaliah,” from Zaebos: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Volume 11 (2008) Composed by John Zorn. Arranged by Medeski Martin & Wood. Produced by Medeski Martin & Wood. John Medeski—Keyboards Chris Wood—Bass Billy Martin--Drums
  3. BFT #157--The Reveal

    You will find many other worthy tracks, albums and artists if you investigate the Book of Angels series further. There are many other excellent tracks and albums in the Book of Angels series. I made tough choices to keep this Blindfold Test down to a reasonable length. It is true that I chose the least adventurous track on Astaroth. It was often difficult to decide which of several worthy tracks from an album to choose for the Blindfold Test. I also did not include several artists who recorded excellent albums in this Book of Angels series simply in order to keep the length of this Test from getting out of hand.
  4. BFT #157--The Reveal

    To me, Zorn's early works were often intense and harsh, compared to the more varied output of the last 12 years.
  5. BFT #157--The Reveal

    Thank you for your positive comments. I had hoped to present Zorn in a more varied context than many had known. I deliberately wanted to show the great variety in creative approaches to the same basic material. To me, it is much like listening to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, B.B.King, Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Son Seals, Albert Collins, Albert King, and Luther Allison all playing 12 bar electric blues. While the basic material is close to identical, the individual approaches of the artists shine through and are more obvious because they are basically playing the same thing. I knew that some people might not be open to it but thought I would take a chance. Thanks for your nice personal comments, I appreciate it.
  6. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I am presenting my first Blindfold Test. I have been listening to Blindfold Tests for some time without commenting very often. I hope that you will like this one. As soon as Thom Keith is ready to make the link active, we can begin. This is the link which Thom Keith sent to me. My Blindfold Test will show up as BFT # 157.
  7. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You have listened very closely. Your comments show that. You have guessed Dave Douglas correctly on Track 2. Donny McCaslin is not on this Track 2. It is not Rich Perry on Track 3. It is not Paquito D'Rivera on Track 7. It is not Turtle Island String Quartet on Track 9. It is not Marc Ribot on Track 12. It is not Eddie Moore on Track 14.
  8. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You have provided some interesting comments. Your guesses are not right.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Herbie Hancock: Speak Like a Child
  10. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You are correct. It is the Masada String Trio.
  11. BFT # 157 Discussion

    Very interesting comments. The music moved you at times which is good. Sorry but none of your guesses were right. For Track #9, you are right about Erik Friedlander. He is the cellist. You are not right about the other musicians.
  12. BFT # 157 Discussion

    It would be interesting to get your reactions to the music, even if you do not identify anyone.
  13. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I had more than one theme in mind. That is all I want to say about it now.
  14. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I like your comments. Track 1. I would not have thought of George Shearing with regard to this track, but it is an interesting comparison. Eddie Higgins is not on this track. It is from a later date than any of George Shearing's recordings. Track 2. I agree with the Blue Note feel. It is not Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter. Track 3. It is not Gerald Wilson. Track 4. It is not Jack Wilson, but I understand why you would say that. Track 5. Andrew Hill is an interesting comparison, but not correct. I like your comment about whole other level of intensity. I agree with that. Track 6. Insightful comments about the guitar. It is not a 1970s fusion date. Bill Frisell is a good guess, but it is not him. Track 7. You are making some excellent points. This is both authentically Latin and jazz aware. It is newer than any Herbie Mann. I think that Eddie Palmieri is still active, but it is not him. Track 8. I agree that this is very accomplished piano. Not Hilton Ruiz. Track 9..It is violin on top, not viola. Mat Maneri is a great guess, but it is not him. Track 10. You do not have the instrumentation quite correct. This is an unusual album though. It is not Richard Galliano. Track 11. That is an intriguing description of this track. It is not Gil Evans, but I can see why you would say that. Track 12. Not Dick Dale, no. Track 13. It is an exotica piece, and you have guessed right. It is a John Zorn project. Track 14. There is no guitar synthesizer on this album. It is not David Fiuczynski.
  15. An attempted commercial album is McCoy Tyler's 1982 album on Columbia, Looking Out. It has synthesizers, vocalist Phyllis Hyman, and musicians such as Carlos Santana and Stanley Clarke. It was not a commercial success.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Duke Ellington: The Ellington Suites
  17. *** SUN RA Corner***

    The Youngquist book sounds interesting.
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Duke Ellington: Far East Suite
  19. BFT156 Announcement and Discussion

    Sadly, Track 4 is now a tribute to a musician who has just passed away, Arthur Blythe.
  20. This sounds like an interesting book at the very least.