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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    At this time this one
  2. Twilight Zone Jazz

    I did but the music doesnt fascinate me enough to pursue it. There might be more in the sound track department but I concentrate more on swinging jazz with a few "off road" samples here and then during the time.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Like No as far as I know as new member. Have added some David Stone Martin covers ----> cover art. I do remember that Pacific Jazz once had some domestic artists from the west coast on their LP covers in a short lived series.
  4. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Well opinions respected. I am not a connoisseur either of the species "what is Twilight music or sound". I do agree its a fine west coast music Lp as the 2 others you did mention (here too). So I have nothing more to offer in that context. ;-]]
  5. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Probably this one fits into that cathegory?
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Like that band very much. Here is more of that good stuff ;-]]
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Like it very much and have it as most stuff of the Contemporary label which is my favorite label for the west coast style as is Pacific Jazz
  8. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Well to spin the fathom a bit further - topic interests me - here is the content of the "Ultra Lounge" CD FYI I have thought about the theme of the topic. Probably we can find more in some sound tracks & compilations as these here: a) Lalo Schifrin has his own style of composing and arranging b) Pete Rugolo (know him mostly from my Kenton recordings) but he likes to experiment too: .... and this one
  9. Twilight Zone Jazz

    I am not certain if this collection meets your conditions: All here in collection
  10. Billy Harper

    Billy Harper is recently found with a group called " The Cookers" on several CD issues Have these on my wantlist: The Cookers - Warriors (Jazz Legacy Productions - JLP 1001009) 4 For Sale from €7.90 CD, Album, cla 2011 4 months ago Edit The Cookers - Time And Time Again (Motéma - MTA-CD-159) 2 For Sale from €9.00 CD, Album, dig 2014 4 months ago Edit The Cookers - The Call Of The Wild And Peaceful Heart (Smoke Sessions Records - SSR-1607) 5 For Sale from €10.57 CD 2016 4 months ago Edit The Cookers - Believe (Motéma - MTM-92) 2 For Sale from €17.90 CD, Album, Dig 2012 4 months ago Edit The Cookers - Cast The First Stone (Plus Loin Music - PL4536) CD, Album 2010
  11. David Stone Martin: A Tribute

    You can read it also on the front cover ---> see the Count Basie "Dance Session" above
  12. David Stone Martin: A Tribute

    Thanks for that link. Here are a few more of his album covers:
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    CTI CTX 6031/32 Don Sebesky " Giant Box" - Rec at Van Gelder Studios April / May 1973 with Don Sebesky (p/ep/organ/clavinet/accordion) / Bob James (p/organ) / Ron Carter (b/eb/ piccolo b) / Billy Cobham (dr) / Airto (perc) / George Benson (g) / Margaret Ross (harp) / Paul Desmons (as) / Joe Farrell (ss) / Groov er Washington jr. (as) / Milt Jackson (vibes) / Freddie Hubbard (tp & fh) / Hubert Laws (fl /ss) / Jakie Cain (voc) +horns, woodwind section, violins & cellos
  14. Tell Me About Roland Kovac

    This Youtube is about the best stereo reproduction I've heard so far. Most band members seem to come from the Kurt Edelhagen and /or Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland band except Pratt. The Saba label was known for its great recording technique. The album is still available at a moderate price (on CD). Have it now on my wantlist Reminds me to some sounds Eddie Sauter played with the former SWF big band at Radio Baden-Baden.
  15. David Stone Martin: A Tribute

    Yes have all the Tal Farlow + other Clefs, Norgrans, Verves vinyls posted allready on Steve Hoffrmans Forums Can copy them and post them here too. BTW on "Pinterest" the DSM covers are collected too. Pinterest <recommendations@explore.pinterest.com> https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/david-stone-martin-cover-design.823384/
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    DRAGON DRLP 44 - TOLVAB Big Band [Sweden] Split XII Vision" - rec. March 1982 - Engineer: Lars Finnström