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  1. Some good swinging sounds for the sunday here at home.
  2. I have Lee Katzman on Kenton and Holman albums and more on Holman/M.Lewis 5tet and Jimmy Rowles group. Probably also on a Terry Gibbs big band. Have to check that again. BTW MPS has issued the 2 vinyls later on a CD digitally remastered so I have "Dynamite" on vinyl and CD. Thats a good one here too with early Bill Evans Had recorded this one from Swiss radio Rete Due and found out later its exactly the same on this LP.
  3. Yes have that too - a superbe West Coast mixture Supersax Dynamite!! 1977 MPS 68210 CD Supersax Supersax chasing the bird / Dynamite 1977-79 MPS 2796773 Supersax & LA Voices-Vol 2 1984 Columbia FC 39925 Supersax & LA Voices-Vol. 3 [rec at Capitol Studio A] 1986 Columbia FC 40547 Supersax Stonebird 1988 Columbia /Sony 44436 A good Idea but not for me ;-]]
  4. IMO the vinyl has 2 or 3 more tracks than the CD which I have The Reissue has a different cover. Have both Lp's. Great cover art by David Stone Martin is a collectors Item for itself. Could also be a new thread.
  5. But between Oscar P and John L. there might be an audible difference ;-}}
  6. Thanks! Didnt know that. I s the MPS edition the same as mine or is it only with a different cover?
  7. Thats great. I think Armen Donelian is a great pianist for Billy. The group on Denon seems to me the best Billy had.
  8. There is another Lp with the same title and the same main actors
  9. There are some more on the DENON label I can recommend
  10. Thanks for that Info. I have a 4 LP JATP box by Speakers Corner. Its all original VERVE material but you cannot see neither a license credit nor another cretid. Eveen considering that these "reissues" are very well pressed its not in order. I wanted to discuss this Item in the Discogs forum but the iron was too hot. Noone would like to jump on that train. And the price is really a shame IMO.
  11. A "Speakers Corner" reissue. Did They license it from Mercury and have credited that?
  12. One of the rare SABA label - outside the MPS logo - inside the SABA label
  13. Sorry for that I did read the scan above as from a CD but you say now its a 2 LPset. thanks.
  14. Yes the original and the new enlarged edition - still in use here and then. These were the times (no Internet at all) but only snail mail. We did survive it. ..... and how about this
  15. That means the Columbia CD has nothing to do with the 2 RCA LP's? Can you list the tracks on that CD? Thanks
  16. Does this CD have the volumes I & II shown below as content? I have these 2 2 LPs but have to admit the playback sound is really worse. The recordings were made from Max' private tapes OTOH The GNP release is excellent.
  17. Well yes had about the same experience like you both and still have my first "The Jazzbook" and a later edition as guideline. He was voted for some time as CEO of the Berlin Jazz fFestival and introduced many (at that time far out and unknown artists). Produces also some albums whuch are really good. I do agree about his later work. Jazz wasnt enough anymore after he was voted as "professor" and did lectures. I have corresponded with him about leaving the road of jazz. At that time he way allready away in these strange philosopies and had left the radio station SWF after taking with him the complete collection he had buildt with the stations money. But somehow the judges gave him right. Now we should say De mortuis nihil nisi bene
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